September 2016 updates, that are proven to bring results

September 2016 updates, that are proven to bring results

In the end of September we want to sum up what we’ve done in order to support you in expanding your business. Our team has been working on developing new design for Argento theme, new extensions, checkout enhancements. We believe our modules are worth to upgrade. Therefore you can see bug fixes, added features and other improvements.

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” ― Peter.F.Drucker

Let’s look how you can keep the customers in your store using our monthly update rollup.

Advanced Checkout Success for Magento 1

Hot spice in September report is a new extension - Magento Advanced Checkout Success page.

Now you can replace the standard Magento order confirmation page with more inviting and informative template. Our module comes with extensive functionality, that allows you design a Thank-you page according to your own requirements.

Via extension configuration you can manage each of 10 predefined blocks in order to display the following information:

  • Customer account registration form
  • Appealing video
  • Striking banner
  • Any kind of promotional content

Furthermore, you are allowed to add custom javascript code and other custom styles. Well, you have a good chance to hold the users' attention and keep them engaged on your site longer.

What else can be doing for involving customers to a website?

There is an answer - Argento theme. Our best Magento responsive template has been upgraded to the latest version of Magento and Magento 2 with many advances.

Argento 1.8.2 for Magento 1

With Argento 1.8.2 version you’ve got new homepage and footer markup in Argento Flat design built with Bootstrap grid system. Among improvements you can see 20 overridden templates removed from Flat theme and 9 modules were updated:

  • Fixed catalog configurable swatches output in layered navigation
  • Ajax Pro: fixed styles for cart popup after buying product; using core magento translations for login form
  • Ajax Search: unified templates; improved suggestions popup rendering
  • Easy Tabs: fixed scroll to review bug; fixed disabling extension from magento backend
  • Easy Slide: fixed slides overlay (slides stacked one on other during loading than first slide jumps on top); fixed slider rendering when slider name starts with digit
  • Lightbox Pro: fixed incorrect initial position of thumbnails in Firefox; fixed JS error when JS merge enabled
  • Prolabels: JS file loads and executes with defer attribute; no inline javascript; significantly reduced html content generated by extension
  • Rich Snippets: correct names in breadcrumbs
  • Sold Together: integration with Checkout Success 2.x extension from our team; hide already ordered products as recommendation in mail locks

Argento 0.9.3 for Magento 2

Argento for Magento 2 is expected to have major update this September. Take a look at new design and a dozen enhancements.

The best Magento theme has got a new Argento Flat design. Thus you can use the following variables that will help you to change a design according to your needs: product listing variables, additional product tabs variables, additional navigation variables and cross-sell, upsell, related products variables.

There are also many improvements in an overall theme performance.

  • Product questions' count was added to the tab title
  • Improved product listing styles stability in various browsers
  • Improved Reviews Tab styles for large screens
  • Added ability to include custom.js file

What’s new in Argento for Magento 2 built-in modules?

  • Ajax Search 1.2.0 version comes with added Folded Design feature, that hides an input field and shows it in fullscreen mode with nice effect.
  • Askit 1.2.0 gives you the ability to show questions’ count in a tab title. You can also see improved questions styles as well as the styles rewritten in less with bunch of new variables which allow you to change a design with ease.
  • Easybanner comes with fixed empty spacing under the banner and fixed banner url to the product and category pages.
  • Easy Catalog Images 1.1.1 version has got fixed issue in automatic category thumbnails assignment. The thumbnails are now assigned to the default store id.
  • Easyslide 1.1.0 module has additional slider themes: Dark, White, Default (Blue).
  • Highlight 1.1.0 version brings the product listing styles rewritten in order to allow using a gutter between the products.
  • Sold Together 1.1.6 version comes with small CSS improvements. You can also see a fixed “Add all to cart” button alignment in amazon style mode.

Is checkout affecting conversion rate in your store?

If Yes, please check a full list of the FireCheckout updates below. You will see new options, numerous improvements, new included modules, etc. both for Magento and Magento 2 extension versions.

Fire Checkout 3.7.0 for Magento 1

Meet two new checkout page layouts at once. One column Expanded layout makes the checkout flow more intuitive. You will surely enjoy it.

Alternative 2 column layout would be appropriate in the store with the same size of shipping and payment method blocks.

Talking about new option, we’d like to share with you Form Fill watcher. It will help you to mark completed sections with filled class name. This has positive impact on overall checkout and form filling process.

Following the undeniable fact that FireCheckout is a leader in third-party module compatibility, this extension version comes with 3 modules added:

  • Adyen_Payment integration added
  • Ophirah_Qquoteadv (Cart2Quote) integration added
  • WebshopApps_ProductMatrix

Fire Checkout 1.1.0 for Magento 2

Magento 2 One step checkout extension has also got new friendly layout. One column Expanded template was designed to appeal your customers aware in latest trends in design. Hope, you’ll like it.

Next updates make you say Wow…

FireCheckout 1.1.0 version includes 4 new modules. All of them are aiming to improve the user checkout experience, and especially to speed up the total checkout process.

  • GeoIP functionality helps you to detect the user location based on his IP address. Basing on Maxmind database, the module will show to a customer Country, Region, City and zip code values right after he started a checkout.
  • The Checkout VAT module enables VAT number validation through VIES service directly on the checkout page. If you are dealing with EU customers, the module is must-have for your website.
  • Order Attachments extension allows your customers upload files to the order directly on the checkout page. Via the module configuration you can set up a number, a size and a type of allowed attachments. Moreover you can include generated attachment links to email template. All files are protected from public access.
  • Using Google maps API features, Address Autocomplete module will suggest users a drop down with available addresses as soon as a customer starts typing his in address field.

Last day of September has brought a Magento FireCheckout 1.2.0 version. Now the module is compatible with Magento 2.0.9. In addition, you’re allowed to add either custom css styles or custom javascript to the checkout page template.

Are you using other Magento modules developed by our team?

We have done numerous improvements and bug fixes for the following modules as well. Have a look.

Prolabels 2.7.4 fixes and improvements:

  • JS file loads and executes with defer attribute, so it does not block page rendering
  • no more inline javascript in templates
  • significantly reduced html content generated by extension
  • minor style improvements for content labels
  • refactored and unified template for content labels
  • fixed notices in Magento log about tooltips for content labels
  • fixed notices in Magento log for bundle and grouped products with "on sale" labels

Rich Snippets 2.0.3 changes:

  • fixed incorrect logo URL for multi store magento instances
  • remove notices from magento log
  • improved JSON

Page speed 1.2.1 now support Magento deffer Javascript feature!

“Defer Javascript” feature was added to help you get high test scores with a fast website. It does not block the rendering of the page to load js-files.

Ajax Layered navigation 2.5.6 minor improvements:

  • fixed Easy Catalog Images conflict
  • fixed AjaxPro conflict on search result page

That’s it for today.

We’ll be sure to release more features, enhancements and extensions to the next month. By staying tuned in, you will get to know first.

We wish we knew what you are thinking about September updates. Let us know in the comments.

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