Successful e-commerce: new ideas and tools from Argento theme. 1.8 release is on.

Successful e-commerce: new ideas and tools from Argento theme. 1.8 release is on.

How to make your visitors choose you? It would probably depend on what they feel when they reach your site first.

When using Argento theme, your visitors see a professionally looking store with versatile functionality. Users feel like they could browse and purchase very easily.

With new 1.8 release, you get new ways to strengthen your web presence. You get more tools to improve site's ranking, optimize your store for mobile devices, and to keep ahead of the competition. That is what we'll talk about.

Why Argento looks like the best template for mobile

To maximize mobile search presence, traffic, and conversions of your Magento 2 website, you simply need to choose Argento as a template. It is the best in page loading speed and mobile-friendly design.

You may remember that with Argento you automatically receive added Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP module). With 1.8 release you get many improvements for Magento 2 AMP extension:

  • “Add to cart” support for configurable products
  • Rich snippets support
  • Attribute pages support
  • Highlight pages support
  • Cookie restriction mode
  • Magento 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility fixes

Additionally, in the new release, you can see the mobile-view styles improvements for the homepage in Argento Stripes theme. There are also a lot of tiny mobile-view improvements in the header for all themes like icons alignment, border and background color fixes, and logo alignment.

What new tools to overcome SEO issues

In fact, the Argento theme includes 9 tools that SEO experts will actually use in 2019. We talk about SEO Suite toolkit with nine modules in a package: HTML Sitemap, Regional URLs (hreflang),  Metadata Templates, Rich Snippets, SEO Pagination, SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap, SEO Canonical URL, SEO CrossLinks.

The last two - indeed, those new tools included to Argento theme in 1.8 release.

  • Canonical URL module is about adding canonical URLs to products, categories, and CMS pages.
  • CrossLinks module helps to create the internal crosslinks to any product, category or CMS page.

In the latest Argento version you can also see many required fixes and improvements.

What else strengthens your website’s competitive advantage

Argento theme is available for selling a variety of products and services. It offers 6 awesome designs to help you stand apart from your competition. Of particular importance are 22 Magento 2 modules as a part of Argento template.

New 1.8 release brings the updates to almost all modules. Here are some highlighted changes:

Many small fixes into a variety of modules:

  • Better Magento 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility
  • CSS fixes and code cleanup

Bug fixes:

  • Askit (Askit form on the homepage)
  • Easy Banners (Broken backend charts on slow networks)
  • Highlight (Mobile style fixes)
  • Prolabels (Improved labels calculation for the children of the configurable product, Fixed label reindex in Magento Commerce version)
  • Sold Together (Fixed DB error during reindexing, Magento 2.3 fixes, carousel styles fixes)

Among major fixes and improvements for the Argento theme itself, you can see the following changes:

  • Fixed ‘Phantom Scrolling’ bug in Chrome, when using a sticky menu
  • Fixed empty sidebar menu in Safari browser in Argento Flat and Argento Pure2 themes
  • Fixed missing product image at the shopping cart page
  • Fixed scroll to the footer on page resize
  • Fixed scroll to product list in Argento Stripes and Argento Luxury themes at the category pages, when layered navigation is enabled

Do you want to find other ways to improve your e-commerce with Argento theme? Join a discussion. Time to plan progress together.

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