A Case Study: Steve Berrill. His solutions contribute to customer success.

A Case Study: Steve Berrill. His solutions contribute to customer success.

What do you enjoy about helping customers? The opportunity to positively interact with customers? Satisfaction of users being grateful?  

We feel good if we manage to solve users' challenges every single day. Website tasks or solutions related to the eCommerce business, make us able to communicate with people around the world. And most of all, we enjoy hearing about customer success.

We made a research and asked our faithful customer about his experience. About the tasks, he faces, about the solutions and results. Introducing today a case study on Steve Berrill. Read for motivation!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Our client

Our client Steve Berrill is specializing in the Magento platform. He can provide web design/development services for e-commerce businesses. With the different tools, Steve Berrill helps his customers to be more successful with their site.

Okay, we'll review the tools a bit later. Our participant in the case study uses them to produce outcomes that favor customers. That consequently, will lead to business success.

And now we're going to go through 10 of the questions and answers. We hope it will shed some light on how to make life easier when managing Magento sites.

Steve Berrill's thoughts, decisions, solutions

How you started working in Magento web development?

I started working with Magento as I was eager to use open source software for eCommerce, I tried other platforms but even though they were much easier to use they seemed much more limited so I decided to continue my focus on the Magento platform.

What services do you provide to your clients? Do you offer web design solutions, support, marketing services?

I provide Web Design Solutions, Support, Development and On-Page SEO Support.

Do you work with platforms you use for your client's business growth?

I tend to just focus on the Magento platform and e-commerce as it continues to grow.

How long have you been working with the Magento platform?

I have been working with Magento for 10 years now.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced while working with Magento 2 platform on a daily basis?

Magento 2 was a very big leap from Magento 1 as the infrastructure completely changed and I was forced to use (and learn) command line overnight.

What is the most exciting project you are proud of?

I have currently just finished a website that was based on the new Argento Home theme and I like to say I have turned it into my own design.

Here we offer you the websites that choose the Argento theme for their customer success:

Algon Organic store is using Argento Home design.

Phonostage Audio store is using Argento Force design.

Fireworks Shop is using Argento Stripes design.

Siroccofires website is using Argento Flat

Moving on now to the next questions.

What SwissUpLabs products do you use? Would you tell us about the user experience you received by using our modules and templates?

I use all of Swissuplabs Products as they are my arsenal when creating a Magento website, they are my first choice as I am confident that they are developed to Magento best practices.

Are there any products you may need, but we don't offer them in terms of SwissUpLabs subscription?

Products that are usually not available are admin-based modules, .i.e. mass product actions, mass order actions, product feeds, product grid editor, etc.

What strategies would you recommend to follow store owners in 2021?  What trends are gonna be popular?

  • We are moving away from solid/flat design now and because of CSS capabilities we are moving back to gradient, shiny designs but much more clear and visual to the retina.
  • Users don’t like to log in much these days so guest checkout is recommended.
  • Subscriptions are very popular at the moment.

How would you describe the future of your business?

I will be focusing on Magento 2 design and development for the foreseeable future.


With the answers given by Steve Berrill, we can see the approach on how to solve users' challenges.

Our team appreciates Steve Berrill for collaborating with us for 8 years. His amazing projects demonstrate that with SwissUpLabs products arsenal, it is possible to make website development relatively easy and quickly.

Our tools help web studios to reduce the cost of Magento 2 ownership. And we are very glad to see how so many consumers benefited from working with our clients.

Customer success is an ongoing project. And depending on how you create the process of helping your clients to grow, your cooperation will continue in the future. Let's stay in contact.

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