April updates for your Magento 2 website. Start using them to be friendly with Google rank.

April updates for your Magento 2 website.  Start using them to be friendly with Google rank.

Do you think all websites in 2 years will be visible in search like now? Let's see how it goes.

Yet for now, we offer you a list of updates for your Magento 2 website to make it Google's favorite.

In our regular monthly report, you will see the new module for the fastest Magento 2 frontend and the new features that make your store closer to passing the Core Web Vitals test. We've done a lot in April 2021. Check it out!

Breeze-friendly site

The Breeze-friendly website has fast loading pages and delivers a great customer experience.

To make it possible we offer you to use the Breeze module initially released last month. Generally, the module creates an alternative JS frontend for any Luma-based store. Breeze removes all scripts, which makes pages lighter and load very fast. As a result, you will see better Page Speed Insights values. We tested the module on our Magento 2 projects, thereby we state the Breeze module shows a significantly improved score.

We integrated the extension with the default Magento 2 functionality, so it supports the main pages and features. Read more about in the post on Get Magento 2 Alternative JS Frontend with the Breeze module! .

Argento speed improvements

In April we dedicated most updates to improving Argento-based sites’ performance.

The updates of the 1.22.6 release will result in reduced loading speed and average conversion increase. See more about the ways on how to Use Argento 1.22.6 updates to speed up your Magento 2 store pages.

Updates for Magento 2 extensions

Page speed 1.4.15,1.4.16:

  • Enable defer/critical CSS only on CMS, catalog pages.
  • Disable build-in Magento asyncCss on not allowed pages.
  • Added checking if image optimization was already enabled before CLI command run..
  • Fixed invalid font URL when deploying theme from terminal.

Navigation Pro 1.15.4:

  • Breeze integration added.
  • PWA integration added.
  • Optimized menu initialization on mobile devices.

Seo Suite 1.11.1:

  • Rich-snippets — 1.4.13 (was 1.4.12) version comes with fixes for each warning when a configurable product has no children.
  • Seo-canonical — 1.11.0 (was 1.0.9) version got 2 configuration options. The first allows for using a specific store view for canonical URLs. In other words, you can change the base URL of canonical by selecting the store view. The second config will replace the base of canonical. Use it when you need to link canonical to another domain and if it's not in your Magento instance.
  • Seo-core — 1.3.1 (was 1.3.0) version comes with fixed missing module icons when merge enabled.
  • Seo-HTML-sitemap — 1.1.9 (was 1.1.8) version brings minor template refactoring. Plus a sitemap page doesn't show a section where there are no items.
  • Seo-images — 1.3.11 (was 1.3.9) version has a solved “Unique constraint violation found” exception during catalog image resizes at non-English stores.
  • Seo-templates — 1.5.19 (was 1.5.18) version comes with fixed “products” directive for category template. Before this directive didn’t respect categories and collected data for the root category.
  • Seo-XML-sitemap — 1.1.9 (was 1.1.8) version has got the improved data sorting in the XML file. First items with higher priority. Then it sorts by the latest update date and URL when priority is equal.

Product Tabs 1.9.8, 1.9.9:

  • Removed easy tabs from the product review list page.
  • Breeze integration.

Product Highlight 1.7.7:

  • Add highlight pages into XML sitemap.
  • Fixed invalid product URLs at highlight pages.
  • Code refactoring and improvements.
  • Add graphql.

Attribute and Brand pages 1.3.8:

  • Added ability to hide attributes from layered navigation across all Magento pages. We added the feature because the last Attribute Pages versions required you to use only filterable attributes for the Attribute-based page.
  • Added Attribute Page into XML Sitemap.
  • Doesn't include option pages into HTML Sitemap when the parent attribute page is disabled.
  • Fixed error when trying to open the page with an invalid URL.

Ajax Search and Autocomplete 1.1.16

  • Breeze integration added.
  • Optimized initialization on mobile devices.

Easy Slider 1.6.13 has added Breeze integration.

SMTP 0.3.19:

  • Added 2.3 backward compatibility.
  • Added Mailhog usage example.

Askit 1.9.5:

  • Ability to add answers in admin notification email.
  • Fixed JS error related to questions form component. It doesn’t occur in dev environments. But often appears when JS bundling enabled.
  • Disable cache at customer questions page. This fixes PHP errors with Mageplaza_Blog module.
  • Doesn't hide the ‘Ask Your Question’ button on click.

Ajax Pro 1.5.21, Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.34 and Prolables 1.5.19 modules got minor fixes and improvements.

Well, now may we ask you a question?  Is your Magento 2 frontend still slow?

If your answer is Yes, here was the information on how to make it fast. In April we released for you great solutions that help to improve a speed score and thus a Google rank.

By using our Magento 2 modules and themes, you make your site a step closer to be Google's favorite. Stay tuned for more updates.

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