Use Argento 1.22.6 updates to speed up your Magento 2 store pages

Use Argento 1.22.6 updates to speed up your Magento 2 store pages.

As you know we've focused on using the Core Web Vitals test as the guide to improve your website score. We believe that its passing brings your store closer to the highest score in Google search.

Last Argento releases demonstrate numerous advantages for websites, and we keep creating new ones. So, today we'd like to share with you the Argento 1.22.6 updates.

Start using them as a guide to improving your Magento 2 site performance and efficiency.

Key improvements in the Argento 1.22.6 release

The following updates are mostly about speeding up Magento 2 sites. Our last enhancements allow for reduced loading speed and average conversion increase.

  • We added the footer bottom toolbar layout configuration in all Argento editors. Now you can hide copyright and footer link blocks and display selected static blocks in the footer bottom toolbar.
  • When preparing your store to pass the Core Web Vitals test we fixed the layout shift caused by breadcrumbs.
  • We fixed the ‘jumping’ header panel when the store/currency switchers were unavailable.
  • We reduced JS resources initial loading by adding lazy init for x-magento-init scripts, add to cart at product listing, mini cart, and auth popup templates.

Improvements in 14 modules of the Argento package

With Argento modules, we keep extending the functionality of Magento 2. These are proven ways to increase traffic and user engagement. With the extensions, we also improve the loading speed that results in faster user interactions and thus a better store position in search results.

Recently we published a post title “Well Done. Get Magento 2 Alternative JS Frontend With The Breeze Module!”. Generally, the new Breeze module is an answer to how to score a perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights. Read the article to see how important it is for the successful future of your online business.

And here, in the Argento 1.22.6 release, you can see, there's the Breeze module integration with 4 Argento modules.

Let’s talk about each separate extension update.

Ajax Search — 1.11.6 (was 1.11.5)

  • Initialize category dropdown only on the desktop to reduce JS for mobile.
  • Style fixes.
  • Swissup Breeze integration.

Ajax Pro — 1.5.21 (was 1.5.19)

  • Fixed SKU. replace is not a function error.
  • Added scripts lazy initialization. It helps to deliver pages to users much faster.
  • Add to cart animation fixes.

Askit — 1.9.5 (was 1.9.4)

  • Added answer in the admin notification email.

Attribute Pages — 1.3.9 (was 1.3.7)

  • Fixed error when trying to open a page with an invalid URL.
  • Added attribute pages to XML Sitemap.
  • Don’t include option pages in HTML Sitemap when the parent attribute page is disabled.
  • Fixed 404 error on attribute pages.

Easytabs — 1.9.9 (was 1.9.6)

  • Fixed layout shift when using accordion tabs on the desktop.
  • Compatibility with MSP_ReCaptcha for product review form.
  • Swissup Breeze integration.
  • Removed easy tabs from the product review list page.
  • Prevent JS error at a product page when the anchor in the URL is the invalid CSS selector.

EasySlide — 1.6.13 (was 1.6.12)

  • Swissup Breeze frontend integration

GDPR - 1.4.2 (was 1.4.1)

  • Better compatibility with the Athlete theme.
  • Store accepted cookie group names instead of codes.
  • Fixed invalid updated_at date in client consents.
  • Fixed newsletter block styles on the Luma theme.

Highlight — 1.7.8 (was 1.7.6)

  • Using Argento lazy init for x-magento-init script.
  • Fixed invalid product URLs at highlight pages.
  • Added highlight pages into the XML sitemap.
  • Fixed not-working widget conditions.
  • Fixed not-working category filter when using ajax pagination.

Hover Gallery — 1.3.9 (was 1.3.8)

  • Fixed MySQL error on B2B and Enterprise Magento editions.

Navigation Pro — 1.15.4 (was 1.15.3)

  • Initialize top navigation on mobile devices only after the hamburger icon clicked.
  • Swissup Breeze integration.
  • PWA integration: added GraphQl schema.

Pagespeed — 1.4.16 (was 1.4.14)

  • Fixed invalid font URL when deploying theme from a terminal.
  • Added configuration checks before image: resize command executing.
  • Enable CSS defer and critical CSS only on CMS and catalog pages.
  • Disable build-in Magento critical CSS on disallowed pages.

ProLabels — 1.5.19 (was 1.5.18)

  • Added category_name and category_url string variables.

Now you know the details, benefits, and all the updates of the Argento 1.22.6 version. Activate them to boost the performance of Magento 2 store pages. You have time until mid-June 2021 when Google starts using Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal.

We are open to your questions and suggestions. Please leave your comments below.

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