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M2 Breeze Blank theme

Version 2.0.0 Release notes

This extension is completely free to use. To install it please place free order on this module by clicking the download button and following the order process. After that please check the installation instructions given to you on the right side of the page. In case you want to download the manual package please log in to your account after placing the order and go to the ”Free products” menu. You can find installation and documentation instructions on our site. In case you have a problem or found a bug please open a ticket on our contacts page.

Free Breeze Blank theme is a standalone theme and it doesn’t use the Luma or Blank theme as its parent theme. The first version of our template is all set to improve page loading time in your Magento 2 store. It is to your advantage to have a high-performing website.

The optimized website speed, the users' engagement, the purchase decision-making, it's all connected. The faster your website works, the higher the sales conversion rate is.

Breeze theme is a balanced mix of speed and design. The fast page loads were done by making CSS and JS as light as possible. Our template uses a different approach with critical CSS than a Luma-based theme. Theme CSS is written from scratch using LESS and automatically compiled by Magento. A simple, still feature-rich design is adjusted for different screen resolutions. Choose it to win both mobile and desktop customers and outrank competitors.

Breeze Blank theme demo:

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