Just published - May updates for modules and Argento: your website gets a good result just in a few steps

Just published - May updates for modules and Argento: your website gets a good result just in a few steps.

Modules updates. You hear the phrase every month. But what does it really mean for your business? Let's see.

To get your e-commerce business on coming out as successful, you must explore new ways and means to build a website that converts. How can we help? We develop some of those ways. We design solutions to help you build a highly-functional and user-friendly website, and, in turn, help you get more customers interacting with your store.

Today we’d like to share with you the list of the updates for Magento and Magento 2 solutions. They provide many enhancements for your website. Keep reading to learn more.  

Argento M2 1.10.0

Magento 2 Argento theme brings new ways to improve a checkout page, as well as to show a piece of relevant information to the logged in user. You can also see many other improvements and fixes.

  • Clean configurable checkout styles — This improvement will increase conversion rate and overall customer experience when browsing your store.
  • Refined compare toolbar — Now it doesn’t take a space in the header and remains visible on mobile devices.
  • Conditional tabs in EasyTabs module.
  • Refined ‘Scroll to Top’ button styles.
  • Small CSS fixes and improvements.
  • RTL style fixes.

The improvements for Argento designs

  • Fixed ability to change columns count in EasyCatalogImages widget on the homepage for ArgentoEssence.
  • Alternative logo option of Argento Luxury theme moved to the default Magento logo option page: Content > Design > Configuration.
  • Added ability to show quantity field at the product page of Argento Stripes design.

  • The improvements for Argento Stripes styles of the contacts page.
  • Fixed missing “Recently Viewed” block in Argento Stripes.
  • Fixed CSS and alternative logo issues in custom themes that are inherited from the Luxury theme.

M2 Argento extensions updates

Argento M1 1.14.0

Magento Argento theme brings new updates that will result in better website usability.

  • Fixed ghost scrolling to the top when sticky header is used.
  • Prevent horizontal scrollbar when resizing the window with a sticky header.
  • RTL styles improved.
  • Minor improvements for AskIt and Testimonials.

M1 Argento extensions updates

Magento 2 updates

Your favorite Magento 2 checkout module Firecheckout 1.19.0 has got the new additional content type: Intro Popup See Intro Popup use-cases for more information.

Among other updates you can see the improvements for FireCheckout built-in modules such as Address Autocomplete, Geoip, and VAT number validation.

The Navigation Pro 1.10.0 extension provides the improved backend dropdown layout builder. Now it shows a preview of what customer will see on the frontend when changing children settings or HTML content.

Among other enhancements you can see:

  • Improved cache cleanup when editing menu settings or create a new menu. No more manual cache update after each operation!
  • New categories are now automatically synced into appropriate menu’s. You don’t need to manually import new categories into the tree!
  • Improved default values for built-in menu types.
  • The ability to limit the number of categories to display in the dropdown. When using this option, a ‘Shop All’ link will be displayed if children count exceed the limit.

SEO Suite 1.0.5 release brings the updates for Metadata templates (1.4.0) and Rich Snippets (1.4.2) modules.

Recaptcha 1.2.0 release comes with newsletter form protection added. Learn more about new feature by reading the post.

A lot was done for M2 Product Questions extension. You can see the improved collection status filter function, added abstract save message action as well as an explained error message(s) in save question action. We also added the ‘review_product_list’ use case.

This month we also released the updates for Easy catalog images 1.4.2, Helpdesk 1.0.5, Ajax Pro 1.4.5, Ajax Search 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, Image Slider 1.3.1, 1.3.3, Lightbox Pro 1.2.3, Highlight 1.5.3, AMP 1.3.2, Testimonials 1.2.5, Ajax layered navigation 1.3.4, Product Labels 1.3.1, Delete Order 1.0.1, 1.0.2, Page Speed 1.2.2, 1.2.3, Maintenance 2.0.1, Tax Vat 1.2.2, Google address autocomplete 1.2.1, GDPR 1.1.2, 1.1.4, Order attachment 1.3.2 modules.

Magento 1 updates

Check the updates for the following modules Page speed 1.3.6, Helpdesk 1.7.12, Ajax Layered navigation 2.6.5, Askit 2.3.17, AMP 1.7.1, SEO Suite 0.7.2, and Abandoned cart 1.2.8


We hope the new updates add value to your website. And how would you be using them? Just need some words from you.

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