Protect Magento newsletter subscription form from SPAM with ReCaptcha

Protect newsletter subscription form from SPAM with ReCaptcha

We are continuing to introduce the best practices to protect your website from security issues. Today we’ll talk about ReCaptcha for newsletter form. Many users have been asked us for the ability to have ReCaptcha validation during the subscription. So, the new feature is available in Magento 2 ReCaptcha 1.2.0 version.

Let’s see why it is important to have this type of verification. We’ ll deal with the module functionality to help you keep your customers subscribed and avoid the negative impacts for your website.

How do spam subscribers impact your website?

We used to think that most people signed up for newsletters because they actually intend to receive helpful emails from your store. But that's not always the case.

Some subscribers, in fact, create a huge list of emails that are not actually about your products. You see numerous newsletter subscriptions from bots and crawlers. Put simply, they are fake signups. The worst thing that they use email addresses that do not belong to actual subscribers who are interested in your store's service.

As a result, the database is filled with subscribers who have not actually subscribed. And many more negative effects like:

  • damaged reputation as a sender
  • issues with email deliverability that results in reduced delivery rates
  • increased in spam complaints, unsubscribes
  • higher bounce rate from actual subscribers
  • increased risk of acquiring spam trap email addresses

Now you see all possible issues which can happen due to the number of fake signups. That is why we recommend using the ReCaptcha module at your Magento 2 website.

It’s time to stop all fake subscribers

You know that with M2 ReCaptcha extension you are able to integrate ReCaptcha in multiple areas of your store. Since 1.2.0 release you’ve got the new feature “Protect Subscribe to newsletter form”.


By enabling the option you’ll add ReCaptcha to be located next to newsletter field. Initially, the ReCaptcha is hidden. It appears when the user starts to type his email address.

We have to know what else you'd want to see in the modules

The ReCaptcha is yet another need to ensure a secure and user-friendly experience in your store. We are also ready to consider your ideas on other implemented features which are important for you as a store owner.

Mention them in comments, please. We appreciate your feedback.

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