68+ Free Magento 2 extensions that enable the highest converting website

68+ Free Magento 2 extensions that enable the highest converting website

Are you looking for must-haves for your Magento 2 site that will ensure your visitors have a positive user experience in your store? Why not start with free, then?

Here you can find 60+ free Magento 2 modules that help you to:

  • continuously improve the built-in website functionality
  • provide much more usability focus points for your customers
  • build a professional-looking Magento 2 store

It's time to replace the default Magento 2 process with the advanced features. Here's a checklist of Free Magento 2 extensions available in 2020. Discover more about!

Find right free extension for you

In order to make it easier to find right free Magento extension for you we divided extension in groups. Please use short links to quickly navigate to right group of extensions.

Free Magento 2 social share extensions

The following modules give you an opportunity to increase your audience via social media integration. You can use the tools to help your customers faster login with widely used social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Other modules provide improved Magento 2 social media buttons functionality. Allow users to comment and share your site products with ease.

#01 Facebook Like Button by SwissUpLabs

The module enables Facebook Like button on the product and catalog pages as well as enables the Share button. Supports Facebook Open Graph.

#02 Social Share by Emipro

The module helps to share your store content via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn by enabling social share button on the product page.

#03 Whatsapp by Meetanshi

The module helps users to share product name, description, price, discounts, URL in WhatsApp. Provides the simpler way to share short product URLs using Bitly URL Shortener.

Another module by this provider - Facebook Chat, integrates Facebook messenger to help you build live chat with customers.

#03 Pinterest by Cadence Labs

The module is about quick implementing Pinterest tracking code. Supports AddToCart tracking and Checkout tracking events.

#05 Social Login by BssCommerce

The module allows users to log in on-site through Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Window, Yahoo. Enables AJAX pop-up for quick login and sign-up.

#06 Facebook Comments by Amasty

The module allows customers to leave comments on product pages without registration by only using a Facebook login. Helps you to customize and embed Facebook comments into any store page.

#07 Twitter and Facebook Login by Plumrocket

The module enables Twitter and Facebook login on customer login, registration form, and checkout page.

#08 Social Login by Magetop

The module provides the popover form for quick login via the following social networks: Facebook, FourSquare, GitHub, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live, Twitter, Vkontakte, Yahoo.

Free Magento 2 speed extensions

With these extensions, you get the opportunity to increase Magento 2 speed. Some additional features allow offloading for a server, and other ones reduce the website loading time via lazy load component.

#09 Defer Parsing of Javascript by Meetanshi

The module speeds up the Magento 2 store's page load time by automatic defer parsing of Javascript.


#10 Lazy Load by Land of Coder

The module helps you to enable or disable lazy load for different pages. It allows saving web server resources as well as reducing your website loading time.

#11 Performance Dashboard by MageHost BV

The module improves the speed of the frontend, backend, and cron jobs. It also reduces CPU usage. You can use an additional dashboard page for the Magento 2 backend that adds a small functionality to the inner workings of the frontend to register cache misses on catalog pages.

Free modules for managing unused orders and images

Use the modules to simplify managing the Magento 2 back-end. You will be able to delete unused product images from a database. The other modules will help you to remove test orders, or any other records as Shipments, Credit Memos, and invoices. Some extensions support deleting orders in bulk. The main goal of all of them is to make your Magento 2 store cleaner.

#12 Delete Order by SwissUpLabs

The module provides removing unnecessary Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos and other records which have been stored during testing your site. Supports mass action to delete bulk orders.

#13 Image Clean by Magetop

The module allows deleting unused product images from a database of your stores. Includes the option to select all images together from the list and perform the mass deletion.

Free Magento 2 tabs extensions

The extensions will improve the default Magento 2 system tabs with more informative and helpful ones. You get the tools for adding an unlimited number of custom product tabs and for putting in the dynamic content taken from static blocks, CMS pages, etc. The modules provide the advanced widget functionality for showing tabs at any store page.

#14 Product Tabs by SwissUpLabs

The module allows adding any number of dynamic tabs based on the content of CMS blocks, products attributes or HTML content. Enables setting amp-accordion to show tabbed UI with AMP components. Includes 9 ready-to-use product tab types.

#15 Tabs Pro by Magezone

The module helps you to create the unlimited tab items as well as easily arrange via dynamic and drag & drop interface. Support Color Swatches. Allows you to display tabs in multiple product rows.

Here are 18 awesome samples of product tabs design which would inspire you.

Free Magento 2 language & currency switchers

The main goal of the extensions is to improve your store usability. They help you to enable a well-designed language selector as well as show the appropriate currency in switcher by detecting the users' location. The modules will ensure your customers all over the world get an excellent user experience in your store.

#16 Currency Switcher by Meetanshi

The module provides the auto switches currency based on customer geolocation. The module uses the Maxmind database to detect users' location.

#17 Easy Flags by SwissUpLabs

The module helps you to convert a Magento store switcher into a friendly language selector. The module includes a fieldset that allows deleting the existing image and/or uploads a new one.

Free Magento 2 banners extensions

The following modules are about easy managing banners and sliders at your website. You really need it if you want to highlight your featured products and sales. The extensions will help you to improve the default banner slider functionality without custom options. You are offered the opportunity to show images in attractive sliders, add banners to any store page, set the custom titles, and the sort order of banners.

#18 Image slider by Land of Coder

The module enables the slider display via widget anywhere in your store. Includes the editor that helps you to easily insert various types of content such as image, video, text.

#19 Banners by Magesolution

The module allows adding content text to the banner as well as edit the content position. With the module, you can choose up to 11 effects on mouse-over on a banner.

#20 Promotional Banner by BeIVG

The module includes 15 different themes for almost every popular holiday, which could be used as a banner that hovers over your site on that holiday. The module enables easily adding up to 3 promoted products.

#21 Banner Slider by Magestore

The module allows adding banners with the URL or banner images as well as choosing up to 36 options of banner positions. Supports creating sliders with different effects and showing time. You are able to view reports on clicks and impressions of banners.

#22 Price Slider by Prashant Blog

The module helps your customers to filter products by a certain price range. Supports a price slider on category and search pages. Mobile-friendly design.

Meanwhile, in case you'd like to just edit banners in Magento, please use The most informative guide to manage banners in Magento and Magento 2.

Free Magento 2 brand modules

With the following brand extensions, you get better navigation around your store as well as an improved user experience. The modules are about creating custom brands pages, the display brand logo in a

carousel, the adding brand image anywhere on your site.

#23 Shop By Brand by Magetop

The module enables Shop By brand link in the top navigation. Allows creating shop by brand detail page as well as showing a brand logo on the product page. Supports responsive design.


#24 Brand extension by Land of Coder

The module helps you to display brand image block anywhere on your site as well as show the brand logo with owl carousel. Enables adding a brand page with multiple layouts. You can optimize it for SEO with custom meta tags.

Free Magento 2 SMTP modules

Magento 2 SMTP extensions ensure you set up flexible, secure and more efficient email sending settings. With the reliable SMTP servers, you get full control over sending emails within Magento 2 functionality as well as receive a guarantee that all recipients will see all emails you sent.

#25 SMTP Email by SwissUpLabs

The module ensures you send the emails properly along with the reliable email providers. You can use SMTP pre-configuration settings for Amazon SES, Gmail, Mandrill, Sendmail. Provides custom email sending options to help you to handle sending emails easily.

#26 SMTP extension by Magetop

The module gives you complete control of custom SMTP server settings such as hostname, port, username, password. Includes Self-test option, which lets you verify if your email credentials are correct before saving. You can use secure SMTP servers as TLS / SSL, Plain-text, username/password, CRAM-MD5.

Free Magento 2 Admin action extensions

All mentioned modules have the same goal - to simplify managing admin panel. One of them works in a way that every minute an Ajax request is sent to a server to keep your PHP session and browser cookies active. Another one improves the speed of the frontend, backend, and cron jobs, as well as reduces CPU usage. You can use the tools to clean the cache for your Magento 2 store, reindex data from a backend, and make the most of the set of data related to a current page request.

#27 Reindex from backend by BSSComerce

The module allows reindexing data from backend at any time without the help of a developer. Enables the notification about the details of rebuilt indexers. The ultimate goal is to help the massive data of Magento 2 run smoothly.

#28 Keep Admin Authorized by Mageside

The module keeps admin session alive for cases when the page is not reloaded for a long time. So, every minute an Ajax request is sent to a server to keep your PHP session and browser cookies active.

#29 Easy Cache Cleaner by iFlair web technologies

The module provides a flexible and easy way to clean the cache for your store in a single click. Allows cleaning cache from anywhere in the admin. Helps you to avoid selecting all caches.

#30 Developer Debug tool by Cedcommerce

The module simplifies the developers work by fetching vital information for a current page load. Provides a complete set of data related to a current page request, collections, and models called during a page load.

Free Magento 2 modules for improved navigation

To improve or edit the navigation structure of Magento 2 website, focus on the custom modules. They will help you to create a more organized menu with a lot of products, allow customers to apply multiple options of the same attribute when searching the desired product, show all available subcategories next to product categories in attractive blocks right on the home page, create sub-menu levels,  configure the navigation menu items, etc.

#31 Easy Catalog Images by SwissUpLabs

The module improves the website navigation as well as simplifies the website browsing experience for your visitors. It allows adding the block with all available categories along with attractive images. You can use a widget in order to add category/subcategory listing block at any page of your store.

#32 Easy Mega Menu by Ibnab

The module helps you to create an organized horizontal menu that will look well on any screen resolution. You can add, delete and edit menu items as well as use custom category label. Enables the display of navigation items by hovering over.

#33 Multiple Select Layered Navigation (Filters) by Manadev

The module improves the functionality to Magento 2 layered navigation. Helps store customers to apply as many options of the same filter as they need. The module allows using any attribute filter including a price filter.

#34 Mega menu by BSSCommerce

The module supports 3 types of sub-menu: classic, category listing, and content. Allows adding labels such as Hot, New, Sale in order to highlight menu items. You can customize Menu URL, insert static blocks into the menu and arrange them in 5 positions under the sub-level.


In case you wonder how to create other amazing navigation menus, please pay attention to the collection of the best Magento 2 navigation menu extensions available in 2019.

Attract clients with gifts, reward points

#35 Gift Wrap by Imagination Media LLC

The module allows you to display the gift wrap block in the cart, specify whom the gift is being sent to as well as sent from. Your customers can purchase gift wrap for their order as well as submit a custom gift message.

#36 Reward Points by BrainActs

The module provides the ability for customers to use points at Shopping cart or Checkout page as a discount. Points will be automatically applied to the customer's account for the different valuable store actions. You can monitor all transactions at the history table and add or remove points manually.

Free Magento 2 modules for easier product management

The following set of modules will help you to improve product management for the store, edit thousands of items at once, save time when adding or removing items of the sale category. You will also see a solution that helps you to perform the complex task of changing attribute sets easily.

#37 Category Product link by TechDivision GmbH

The module provides better usability while editing categories as well as significantly saves your time. It allows using a direct "Edit" link between categories and products in the backend. So you can easily access products from the category edit page.

#38 Custom Product Attribute Export by BSSCommerce

The module helps to sort custom attributes in separate columns in the CSV file while exporting. You can choose specific custom attributes and auto update new custom attributes in module configuration.

#39 Product List by Land Of Coder

The module simplifies creating product list in Magento 2. You can use 9 rule types to show the product list as well as use widget to place a product list on any page. You can also display content with slider in Owl carousel and Bootstrap Carousel. Supports ajax load. Placing product list at multiple positions is available.

#40 Sale Category by Mageside

The Sale Category module¬†will help you to add/remove products with a currently active ‚Äúspecial price‚ÄĚ automatically.

#41 Change Attribute Set by MageAnts

The goal of the module is to make the listing and categorizing of your products easier. The extension enables alteration of the attribute sets. You get full access to attributes and attributes list, and you can easily change the attributes set of products then.

Free Magento 2 ajax cart modules

The modules are not only about enabling Ajax for the 'Add to Cart' button, but they will also help you to save a lot of time from setting up popup, show well-designed quick view window. With the modules, you will be able to improve user experience with Ajax Login, Ajax Wishlist, and Ajax Compare functionality.

#42 Ajax Cart and Quick View by Weltpixel

The module adds quick view functionality to any button, image, or product from a category listing page, product widget, recommended products or upsell. It allows embedding your products on CMS pages or creating lookbook hotspots. Product zoom is available on product page.

#43 Ajax Suite by Tigren

In fact, the module is a set of powerful Ajax functions such as ajax Login, Ajax Add to Cart, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Compare. Within the extension functionality, you can show time countdown on the popup, display related products, help users to log in to their account quickly without reloading the page, let customers add the product to a wishlist, etc.

By the way, we suggest you review the collection of the best Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart modules.

Free Magento 2 modules keeping the website protected

There is still room for improvement when it comes to keeping your e-commerce website secure. The next module will help you to detect any possible brute force attack targeting your Magento 2 website.

#44 Watchlog by Wyomind

The module brings the opportunity to check is any possible threat for your Magento 2 back end. In fact, you will be able to track all the IPs that try to access the backend. There will be daily and monthly charts and tables, as well as a detailed table of the login attempts.

Help customers pay easier

The modules are mostly about secure payments. The main purpose is to help your customers seamlessly register and log in using popular payment systems accounts. That will help you to build customer engagement and loyalty.

#45 Amazon payments

The module simplifies adding Amazon Pay to your Magento 2 site. As a result, you will help your customers to easier register and log in using their Amazon account, as well as complete checkout using already stored payment methods.

#46 Mastercard Payment Gateway Services by On Tap Networks Limited

The module adds a Mastercard payment method to the Magento 2 checkout via enabling credit and debit card payments. They are gonna be accepted securely, that will minimize PCI exposure. The extension provides the ability to authenticate cardholders using 3-D Secure, the address and security code check, and other features.

#47 PayPal Plus by i-ways sales solutions GmbH

The module provides PayPal offers PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit (ELV) and Pay Upon Invoice (Kauf auf Rechnung) as individual payment options on the payment selection page. Developed mostly for Germany. The extension requires a fully verified PayPal merchant account.

#48 myPOS Checkout by myPOS Europe LTD

The module allows accepting card payments in-store, online and over the phone. It also provides the entire checkout process is hosted on myPOS' servers, completely shielding the merchant from any cardholder data.


#49 Authorize.Net by Authorize.Net

The module allows users to store their payment method for checkout. They will be able to view and modify their stored payment methods. The extension also allows you to control orders, refunds, and the checkout process through the Magento 2 platform, by using Authorize.Net payment gateway.

#50 X-Payments by Qualiteam Software Ltd

The module helps customers process and store credit cards right on their websites. It also helps you to accept recurring payments, take phone orders from returning customers and handle reorders. The extension connects Magento 2 shopping cart with payment gateways and 3D-Secure systems.

Free Magento 2 modules to build customer trust and loyalty

The following extensions will help you to get a fresh stream of user-generated reviews and hence improve user trust. You will be able to keep customer loyalty by placing product questions block on the page. As a result, you will get a lift in user engagement and boost conversions.

#51 Testimonials by SwissUpLabs

The module includes well-arranged testimonials submission form, modern designed testimonials listing page, and a set of custom widgets. Allows using AggregateRating snippet to display a store rating in search results. Provides an email notification after a new customer posts a review.

#52 Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo

The module integrates the Yotpo free reviews solution for eCommerce sites based on Magento 2. Its goal to help you easily collect user-generated content that might result in increased review-recommended product sales. Via dashboards you will get access to feedback data, that will help you to provide the most value to customers later on.


#53 Feefo Ratings & Reviews by Feefo

The module gives you the tool to gather genuine reviews from your customers. You will be able to send an invitation to leave reviews. The extension provides 50 feedback request emails per month, your own Feefo Reviews page, and integrated link from your website to that page.

#54 Product Questions by Magenest

The module¬†is about letting customers to make questions about the products as well as responding to others. The ‚Äúprivate question‚ÄĚ option is available, too. Through the backend, you can customize the interface of the product question, and change the number of questions to display.

Free Magento 2 blog extensions

Use the modules to add a blog for your e-commerce store.  It will help you to share great content with your visitors, and significantly improve your search engine rankings.

#55 Wordpress blog in Magento 2 by Fishpig

The module is about fully integrating a WordPress blog into your Magento 2 eCommerce site. It allows you to generate a custom list of posts, customize your integrated blog design, integrate WordPress menu's into your Magento site, etc.

#56 Blog extension by Magebest

The module is adding a user-friendly blog for your website with a lot of features: GDPR compliant, media gallery and video, meta tags configuration, recent and featured post widgets, and much more.

#57 Better Blog by Mageplaza

The module enables the blog posts creating without using the 3rd-party framework. Responsive design will make them easily readable on PC, tablets, and mobiles. Includes blog widgets to help you add recent posts in a specific category on the homepage. Supports 2 types of comments: Disqus comment, and Facebook comment.

#58 Free Blog by Magefan

The module allows creating new posts by using the WYSIWYG editor, and easily customize them by attaching images and adding YouTube videos. Includes implemented best SEO practices, comments integrated feature, and 6 blog widgets. Multil anguage and multiple websites support.

Magento 2 Free order tracking modules

The extensions are aiming to help you improve the post-purchase process, simplify the package tracking experience for your customers and boost repeat visits. By providing online information regarding order tracking, you can reduce calling bills and save your time on phones.

#59 Order tracking and SMS notification by WeltPixel

The module will help your customers to control the order shipping via easy to understand tracking page. It includes features that will definitely improve the customer tracking experience. You can suggest users choose between both email and SMS notifications and use a self-service tracking page.

#60 Order Status & Shipping Tracking by PlumRocket

The module allows both guests and registered users to check their order status by entering their order number and email or phone. Due to Magento UPS integration, Magento FedEx and Magento USPS tracking, the information as UPS, FedEx, USPS will be shown right from your Magento store.

Track Order by M-Connect Solutions, Inc.

#61 Track Order by M-Connect Solutions, Inc.

The module¬†allows your customers to check the orders and shipment details like the date and time of order, order value, shipping charge. They can use 2 ways to do that: through registered email address link or through widget ‚ÄúTrack Your Order‚ÄĚ link of on homepage and sidebar of other pages.

Free Magento 2 search extensions

The following free modules were designed to make searching simple and intuitive. Using them you will deliver quick and precise product results to your visitors. You will also see a tool to engage users with the interactive functionality of voice search.

#62 Searchanise Smart Autocomplete Search by Searchanise LLC

The module will replace your default search with advanced relevant autocomplete search by products, categories, and content pages. Your customers will see instant search suggestions as-you-type. The extension includes advanced filters for the search results page. All search results are mobile-friendly.

#63 Search Autocomplete by Mageworx

The module provides so many useful features in order to simplify searching in your store. So, you can improve the search results pop-up with various product details as image, price, reviews, etc., set the search delay period, sort instant search results by relevance, price or name, and add the 'Add to Cart' button to each search result.

#64 Voice Search by Emipro

By the module, you will easily enable voice search on your website. It works as if the user clicks on a mic icon in the search box, search through a mic and get the results displayed. The extension provides a voice search with multiple languages based on the current language of the store-view.

Free Magento 2 modules to improve user experience with product images

The goal of the following extensions is to simplify the managing image gallery, to allow customers to use zoom instead of controls, and view quickly another product image on mouse hover over the product image.

#65 Masonry Responsive Image Gallery by Vsourz Digital

With the module, you will create a wonderful image gallery with Masonry effect, Magnific pop-up, and responsive layout. The extension allows adding and managing images in the gallery area, easily customizing the layout and theme of the page within a separate template and CSS file for it. You can also show category banner and description along with image gallery.

#66 Quick Cloud Zoom Extension by Ibnab

The module will replace the Magento 2 image gallery by the cloudZoom widget. Then your customers will be able to hover over product images and watch a zoomed view at once, without using controls.

#67 Catalog Hover Image by Mageside

The module is about the output of an alternative image for a product on category pages when the user hovers over the product image. You can upload an image for a product and mark it as its "hover" image in the extension configuration.

Images and videos are a significant part of how customers experience your website. There are many optimization tricks in order to get the most out of using them. We suggest you review the most efficient ones.

Free Magento 2 helpdesk modules

Customer support is the basis of a strong business-customer relationship. In order to provide better service and support, you can use the helpdesk ticket system as well as a dedicated FAQ page. Both solutions are suggested for free.

#68 UVdesk Helpdesk by Webkul

The module integrates the UVdesk system with your Magento 2 website. Your registered customers will be allowed to create tickets regarding their queries from your store. Admins will be able to manage all the tickets either from Magento backend or from UVdesk Dashboard.

#69 FAQ by Prince Patel

The module allows adding FAQ page to help your customers view relevant topics quickly without browsing other pages. Through the extension, you can add images, static blocks, and widgets as faq answer. There is also an ability to filter, inline edit, column management, mass-delete, pagination in faq grid, as well as upload jpg or png image as a group icon

Free Magento 2 modules for Instagram integration

#70 Instagram Widget by Solwin Infotech

Instagram is the most popular online photo sharing and social networking platform. It currently has 100 million active users. So, why don't you take advantage of this growing network? Try Instagram Widget - Magento 2 Extension on your website. It helps you to show Instagram feed on your Magento website free of cost. When you install it on your website, It looks like a block that can be inserted anywhere with the store to showcase like a gallery. You can manage the number of photos that showcase on the front side.

In summary

Well, now you’ve got a brilliant collection of free Magento 2 extensions available in 2019. We hope it will help you make the most of your website to get repeat customers and increased profits.  

In case you know or use other free solutions, please share your experience in comments. It will help other people to find the best possible module among free ones.

Free Magento 2 Extensions

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