Watch the latest updates to Magento extensions, made in June 2020

Watch June updates in Magento 2 modules. They all work well in your successful E-Commerce website.

In this post, we shared with you the latest updates to our software. We did do good work in June 2020.

You will see major improvements made to Magento and Magento 2 extensions. Pay attention to changes in your favorite tools. Now they work even better on a successful E-Commerce website.

Let’s explore the updates for Magento 2 modules first. Implementing them you will create a better user experience in your store.

The latest releases for Magento 2 extensions

Firecheckout 1.24.0 brings big improvements to the Magento 2 Address Autocomplete module that comes in the package.

Thus you can see:

Within the 1.24.0 release we also added Order Number to the OrderAttachments grid.

In case you’re using our M2 Address Autocomplete module separately, please check the 1.4 release to access the latest updates.

Since 1.5.4 release the M2 Ajax Pro extension has Quick View feature. You can enable/disable the option in configuration.

With Cache warmer 1.0.4 you’ve got the possibility to warm specific pages only.

In Easy tabs 1.8.11 release you receive the config to enable/disable product tabs. Now you have the opportunity to replace the default Magento 2 tabs if necessary.

Askit 1.8.0 updates are:

  • New mass actions in Questions grid - “Assign to…”.
  • Added few spaces in customer notification email for better look.
  • Fixed error when post answer from Admin grid with questions.
  • Improvements and fixes to admin interfaces of edit questions/answers.

The following Magento 2 extensions received some fixes and minor improvements: GDPR 1.3.3, Ajax search 1.9.3, Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.22, Page speed 1.4.3, Recaptcha 1.3.9,

Product Labels 1.5.4-1.5.5.

The latest releases for Magento extensions

Despite Magento 1 EOL we still add some improvements to Magento extensions. In June we released updates in AMP 1.7.4, Newsletterbooster 1.5.7, Easy tabs 3.2.3, Quick Shopping 1.3.2.

We also added a few third-party module integrations to Firecheckout 4.4.3:

  • Ebizmarts_MailChimp integration.
  • Chandan_Storepickup integration.
  • Bankpayment integration.
  • Updated Stripe integration.

In sum

We hope you update your favorite tools as soon as possible. So you will receive all recent features and fixes for your site.

Keep informing us in case you have questions. We appreciate your comments relating to new features or improvements. Stay in touch.

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