Learn about ways to extend the life of your Magento 1 store. Magento 1 EOL is not the end of support.

Learn about ways to extend the life of your Magento 1 store. Magento 1 EOL is not the end of support.

Magento 1 EOL is gonna happen in a month. It means from June 30, 2020 Magento officially will stop supporting websites based on Magento 1 Community or Magento 1 Enterprise. No security patches. No features upgrades.

However, a very large number of stores worldwide are still running on Magento 1 at the moment. Here is why we've created the current post. To show you ways of professional and cost-effective help with security patches and updates for your eCommerce.

If you're doing well with your Magento 1 store, read the article. You will learn more about SwissUpLabs support as well as support within Nexcess Magento 1 Safe Harbor, Open Mage project and Mage-One service.

Security patches and updates

Having in mind that Magento won’t be creating security patches for Magento 1 since June 30, 2020, we focus your attention on still buying patches. It is gonna help you to:

  • secure outdated software vulnerable to threats
  • avoid the hack attacks on your site
  • protect your customers from a breach when their data is stolen

New life of your Magento 1 store

OpenMage project is free and a live fork of Magento 1.  The team will continue support and updates even after the official end of support by Magento in June 2020. The project is mostly for companies that are not ready yet to Magento 2 or still satisfied with their Magento 1 store. For them, the OpenMage is the more cost-efficient solution.  OpenMage is fully compatible with the recent Magento 1.x version and migration process is really easy.


  • Easy migration
  • Compatible with the future PHP8 and solve security-related issues of unmaintained modules.
  • A readiness to work together with existing extension providers to make sure a further major release of OpenMage will not cause major breaks.


  • We have not found any.

Paid updates by Mage-One

To optimize your Magento 1 website security, you can try using Mage-One paid service. They provide Magento 1 security patches for M1 Community version. Mage One team says they would release patches regularly to ensure your site is supported by security updates on time.

You can sign up to receive ongoing security patches after Magento 1’s end of life as part of a paid subscription. Find out here.

Hosting infrastructure upgrade

The next possible challenge after EOL is optimizing your hosting environment. Without Magento support in tuning PHP, cache, etc. you do need a good hosting partner who can manage everything fast.

Nexcess Safe Harbor solution, in our opinion, is the most inexpensive way to stay on Magento 1 safely and steadily.

Nexcess Magento 1 Safe Harbor is a paid service provided by hosting company Nexcess. They will provide security and technology upgrades through the end of 2021. You can receive it within their hosting subscription for an additional fee.

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of having a Nexcess service.


  • Control over the PHP version of your website.
  • Regular scanning for malware and other potential problems.
  • Access to security patches.
  • Reports and proactive protection for common modules.


  • Upgrades are available only for Nexcess clients.
  • Customer obligation to pay an additional fee to your hosting cost.
  • No capacity to use another hosting.

In fact, the solutions mentioned above were designed to give you some extra time while you make a decision to switch to Magento 2, for example. Let us remind you that we are happy to help you with migration support, technical issues, etc. Please contact the SwissUpLabs team to learn more.

1 year of support by SwissUpLabs

Now we’re talking about minimum 1-year support and updates for Magento 1 extensions and templates by SwissUpLabs. Till June 2021 we offer you our guaranteed support that covers bug fixes and security issues. 

This is one more way to extend the life of your successful Magento 1 store.

Now we encourage you to consider different solutions described in our article. Feel free to explore all possible sources in order to strategize all things for your e-commerce.

Please share your comments and experience with us. 

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