This is what we did in June 2021. Review the monthly module updates.

This is what we did in June 2021. Review the monthly module updates.

At the beginning of July, we want to sum up what we’ve done in the previous month. Our team has been working on designing new features to improve a checkout page. We simplified customization for custom Argento-based themes. We upgraded 13 Magento 2 modules.

So, let's talk about new opportunities that make your website a competitive advantage for your business.

Argento theme updates

Our Argento template for Magento 2 has got plenty of improvements in June. We are glad to announce we’ve added the possibility to use Theme Editor for custom themes. It simplifies customization, and we know how you’ve been waiting for this.    

Here is a full description of the features of the Argento 1.23 release. Read the post to see more.

Magento 2 modules updates

Breeze 1.3.0 has Magento_GoogleTagManager integration.

Firecheckout 1.26.0, 1.26.2 updates:

  • Magento_InventoryInStorePickup integration added.
  • Magento_PurchaseOrder integration added (B2B commerce).
  • Added ability to move email and password fields to the separate checkout step.

  • Decreased checkout page load time for first-time visitors. Prefetch is used to gain more performance. View config
  • Improved loader when waiting for email address validation and decreased timeout to wait before email validation.
  • Fixed possible missing agreements above the place order button when the button is moved below the payment section in 1-column layout.
  • Fixed missing place order button below payment section on small tablet devices.
  • Small CSS fixes.

Address autocomplete 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.6.1 updates:

  • Improve autocompletion when the city field is used as the main field.
  • Do not fill country/region dropdowns with non-existing autodetected values. (This may happen when the allowed countries option is used.)
  • Added ability to initialize autocompletion on a city field.
  • Fixed region autocompletion for Spanish addresses.
  • Added ability to initialize autocompletion on a postcode or street address fields. (When using postcode autocompletion will search for an address by postcode)
  • Added geolocation detection feature. (When enabled, the module will ask permission to access browser location API, and fill the form with the detected address)

Email templates 1.1.2 updates:

  • Improve module stability. Compatibility with Yireo_EmailTester2.
  • Added ACL.
  • Fixed conflict with Lof_RequestForQuote (… must be an instance of Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Item, instance of Magento\Quote\Model\Quote\Item\Intercepter given …).
  • Pass flag ‘rendering_email’ to render product image block.This can be useful for third-party themes where lazy-loading for images is implemented.

AMP 1.4.10 updates:

  • Added amp=1 param to urls in menu when Varnish used
  • Added correct sizes for slider and catalog images.
  • Added prefetch for Font Awesome CDN.
  • Fixed error caused by text nodes inside audio/video tags

Testimonials 1.2.18 updates:

  • Fixed incorrect date on non-US locale.
  • Updated get identities code.
  • Controllers code refactored.

Prolabels 1.6.4 got the improved compatibility with the Multi Source Inventory module.

Easy slider 1.6.15 got the Breeze integration.

Easy catalog images 1.4.15 module now prevents image duplicates in srcset attribute.

In GDPR 1.4.5 we replaced the “Accept All” button with “Accept All & Save” in the cookie bar component.

Easy banners 1.7.1 updates:

  • New animations for popup banners.
  • Added ability to disable/enable statistics for each banner.
  • Added ability to remove all statistics from banners grid page, or per banner statistics from the banner edit page.
  • Added ability to change cookie name.
  • Mass actions added to banners grid.
  • Fixed missing “Delete” button at the top of the Edit banner page.
  • Added cron job to cleanup old statistics (older than 6 months).
  • Small improvements in JS code.

The following modules have got some minor improvements and fixes: Easy tabs 1.9.11, Highlight 1.7.11, 1.7.12, Attributes and Brands pages 1.4.1.

Well, we’ ve informed you about the latest features and improvements in our Magento 2 themes and modules. It would be nice to try the new functionality in your stores. Waiting for comments.

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