Here is our new release for the Argento theme. Read to see new features you've waited for

Here is our new release for the Argento theme. Read to see new features you've waited for.

After a bit more than a month of updating Argento theme, we are ready to introduce the new release again. We added the possibility to apply theme editor customizations for custom themes. We improved 17 Argento extensions, including five new features for the Easy Banners module. New styles were added to make the template even more appealing.

Discover what else features bring the advantages to your Magento 2 website. Welcome to read the post about Argento 1.23 version enhancements.

Full control over customizations for custom theme

Since the 1.23 release, you can use the Theme Editor with Argento child themes. It means you get full control over the back-end that brings more flexibility and customizations.

When applying theme editor modifications for custom themes, you create brand identity design for your online store. Read how to enable Theme Editor to keep customizing your Magento 2 theme.

More integrations for faster load time

As you might remember we boosted the performance of Argento-based websites by removing unnecessary JavaScript. This is accomplished by integration with the Breeze module. With every next release, we add new options compatible with the Breeze module.

In the 1.23 release, we integrated the Argento Tabs script with Breeze.

Argento tabs - is a script wrapper around mage/tabs that allows you easily transform any custom content into tabs. Learn more at Argento docs.    

Before we go to the updates in Argento extensions, please look at additional enhancements of the 1.23 release:

  • Improved script lazy loading: fixed double add to cart issue.
  • Fixed error when top links block does not exist.
  • Product gallery RTL styles improved.
  • Magento_StorePickup styles added.
  • Argento Luxury: fixed missing title on option pages of the Attribute Pages module.

Updates for 17 Argento modules

Easybanners — 1.7.1 (was 1.6.3)

  • Set banners cookie lifetime to 1 year.
  • JS refactoring: do not create observers without the need.
  • Added config to change the cookie name.
  • Added missing delete banner button.
  • Added clear statistics button.
  • Added ability to disable statistics.
  • Added mass actions in banners grid
  • Added new lightbox banners’ appearance effects.
  • Remove statistics older than 6 months by cron.

Ajax Pro — 1.5.23 (was 1.5.22). We removed the message about options from the popup when adding to cart.

Ajax Search — 1.11.9 (was 1.11.8) has got a prevented JS error at checkout page when category filter is enabled.

AMP — 1.4.10 (was 1.4.9):

  • Added correct sizes for slider and catalog images.
  • Prefetch Font Awesome CDN.
  • Fixed error caused by text nodes inside audio/video tags.

Askit — 1.10.1 (was 1.10.0):

  • Added “Plain text only” notice under question form on the frontend.
  • Fixed js error “Unable to process binding” for answer form.
  • Disallow HTML in question and answer to avoid any security risks.
  • Fixed error at answers grid in Admin when filtering items by the question.
  • Fixed hidden answers are visible at the storefront.

Attribute Pages — 1.4.1 (was 1.4.0) includes fixed incorrect URLs in sitemap when some pages are not assigned to the current store view.

EasySlide — 1.6.15 (was 1.6.14) was updated with the code refactoring.

Easy Catalog Images — 1.4.15 (was 1.4.14):

  • Added data-mode and data-cols attributes for PWA integration.
  • Fixed missing “use category image” config in the widget.
  • Prevent image duplicates in srcset attribute.

GDPR - 1.4.5 (was 1.4.3). We replaced the “Accept All” button with the “Accept All & Save” in the cookie bar component.

Pagespeed — 1.4.21 (was 1.4.18):

  • Added generation of advanced JS bundles during “setup:static-content: deploy” execution.
  • Decreased default image resize limit to 100.
  • Added new commands:





SEO Suite:

Canonical URLs— 1.11.3 (was 1.11.2)

  • Fixed error at the homepage.
  • Fixed incorrect canonical Url at the homepage.

Cross-links — 1.1.0 (was 1.0.5)

  • Fixed ACL for the module menu item.
  • Strip slash at the end of the URL.
  • Ability to use cross links for extra product attributes.
  • Added HTML target attribute into cross-links.

HTML Sitemap— 1.1.10 (was 1.1.9)

  • Fixed warning: count parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable.

SEO URLs— 1.5.25 (was 1.5.27)

  • Fixed error - Call to a member function getLabel() on null.
  • Fixed “Notice: Undefined variable: seoFilter”.

XML Sitemap — 1.1.10 (was 1.1.9)

  • Fixed issue when CMS page used for homepage still appears in XML Sitemap.

Testimonials — 1.2.18 (was 1.2.17):

  • Refactored old controllers' code.
  • Updated get identities code.
  • Fixed incorrect date after testimonial saves on non-US locale.

The following modules have some minor fixes: Highlight — 1.7.12 (was 1.7.10), Navigation Pro — 1.15.11 (was 1.15.10), Easytabs — 1.9.11 (was 1.9.10), ProLabels — 1.6.4 (was 1.6.3), QuantitySwitcher — 1.1.9 (was 1.1.8)  

All things considered, we want to ask you to start using the updates as soon as possible. As a result, you will get a simplified admin panel editing experience. You will be able to add new powerful customizations for your store, and plenty more besides.

Ultimately, our Argento theme becomes more powerful in the eCommerce templates market. Use it to make your website stay on top of traffic, sales, and revenue.

Share your new experience in the comments below.

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