See the monthly report with module updates released in June-July 2022

See the monthly report with module updates released in June-July 2022

What is the best Wi-Fi name you have seen in your entire life? For instance, once we’ve seen “Breeze office” hot spot. This pleased our Breeze products’ developer as well as we are always glad to read good reviews for our products.

And it makes us even more motivated to improve Magento 2 modules and themes. See our monthly report with updates made in June-July 2022.

Uh, here Argento Breeze Stripes has come

What kind of template was created? Argento Breeze Stripes isn't just a theme. We released Magento 2 frontend for fast eCommerce sites.

Built on top of Breeze Blank, the new frontend is about:

  • Modern contrast design
  • Built-in speed technologies
  • Responsive images
  • Advanced options set by Magento 2 modules.

The new lightning-fast template will help you to create a high-performing Magento 2 store and convert traffic into sales. Go through the post  to see why the Argento Breeze Stripes theme can be useful when building a successful online business in 2022.

Keep improving Magento 2 store with June-July updates. Now let’s see what has been done in Magento 2 extensions.

And that’s actually updates for Magento 2 modules

Firecheckout 1.28.16 , Firecheckout 1.28.3:

  • MageWorx_MultiFees integration (reload totals after fee update).

Address Fields Manager module brings fixed possible error “Call to a member function getData() on null” when virtual product is used.

Checkout Fields module updates are:

  • Fixed undefined array key warning when editing additional fields via order grid.
  • Fixed saving checkbox field in backend order management.
  • PHP 8.1 fixes.

Checkout Registration includes fixed compatibility with VRPay payment method.

Checkout Success module updates are:

  • Fix PHP error when the order has no shipping address and directive `` is used on the success page.
  • Paypal Express in-context improvement: Validate shipping information when clicking “Place Order”
  • Few more PHP 8.1 fixes

Breeze 1.3.2, Breeze 1.12.1:

  • Argento Stripes theme created.
  • Mirasvit_GoogleTagManager integration added.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party modules that use plain javascript in the HTML body tag.
  • Zoom feature was added to the product gallery.
  • Improved styles of opened product gallery.
  • Double tap dbltap event support added.
  • Removed superagent library dependency — minus 10 kB of javascript.
  • Fixed notice about empty _email.less file during static content deploymen
  • Added ability to add slides programmatically to pagebuilderSlider.
  • Added new breeze_theme layout handle when Breeze theme is used.
  • Cash.js library updated with a fix for form.serialize method.
  • Small CSS fixes and improvements for HTML carousel, multi-select fields, lists, headers, and submit button.
  • Magefan’s blog module integrarion added.

Breeze Blank 1.1.1 and Breeze Evolution 1.1.0 themes come with improved default styles for contact, login, create account, advanced search pages.

You can also see more LESS variables for product items on the category page:

  • Reveal information on hover.
  • Truncate product name to fit into X lines.
  • Columns count per different screen sizes.

Plus more LESS variables to change mini cart view in header:

  • Fixed layout shift caused by slider initialization.
  • Remember recently viewed products for 1 day instead of 15 minutes.

The last released of the following modules Address fields manager 1.2.13, Checkout Success 1.4.16, Checkout fields 1.6.4, Ajax Pro 1.6.7 contain minor fixes.

What do you think will our last words be for today? We&rsquo'd like to thank you for using our products at your Magento stores. You inspire us to develop the new fast frontends and power the existing Magento 2 modules.

Keep coming into contact with our team. We drafted a new set of plans for easier and better websites.

Please feel free to leave any comments here.

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