Advance the high-performing Magento2 store with a premium theme built on top of Breeze Blank

Advance the high-performing Magento2 store with a premium theme built on top of Breeze Blank.

Exciting news for the whole Magento 2 community has arrived this week. We released Argento Breeze Stripes template.

‎Welcome to the new era for Magento 2 templates! Breeze-powered themes will help you to create fast e-commerce storefronts. With the new template, we offer a cost-effective and engaging multi-device shopping experience for your customers.

The new Magento 2.0 lightning-fast frontend features a modern contrast design, a built-in speed technologies, responsive images, and supreme options set by Magento 2 modules. Get more info in the post.

Planned with the best Magento 2 theme design in mind

The design of the new template is based on the design idea of the highly popular Argento Stripes theme. It's been one of the best Magento 2 themes for all businesses. One reason for Stripes to be picked out by hundreds of users is its unique contrast design.

Here are some stores that reached a new era for creating business websites with Argento Stripes.

Their choice is understandable. The design uses a small palette of contrasting colors. That positions elements in the UI as easier to see and improves the text readability. Big call-to-action buttons with different colors make the template easy to interact with and proceed to purchase actions.

Except for a vibrant design, the Argento Stripes theme is packed with lots of customization options and Magento 2 modules. And it's absolutely clear why this is one of our best premium eCommerce themes.

On top of all this, we had decided to create the fastest eCommerce frontend for Magento 2 stores. Here we demonstrated why it is important to enhance the Magento performance and described the opportunities to do that with a template.

And we came up with the Breeze Blank template. What’s the theme about?

Released as the Magento 2 frontend for fast eCommerce sites  

All this talk about slow Luma triggered the development of a more effective alternative - Breeze.

Breeze is our replacement for the classic Luma frontend. It consists of two parts:

  • Breeze Module — a drop-in replacement of Magento js stack.
  • Breeze Blank Theme — minimalistic starter theme with built-in critical and deferred CSS splitting, sharp and crystal clear images for all devices, RTL direction support, keyboard navigation friendly.

By releasing the Breeze template we have given a second life to the Magento 2 frontend. We have given many clients a chance to speed up their stores. And they are truly happy with Google Page Speed Score 90+ scores for the product page on mobile devices.

Premium theme built on top of Breeze Blank

Introducing Argento Breeze Stripes!

The new template release provides a way for us to offer Argento users a  Breeze Blank modern technology and a pack of powerful Magento 2 modules.

Read up on what you receive with the theme:

  • Critical CSS, CSS and JS bundling, SPA experience
  • Easier developer experience
  • Excellent performance across all devices

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” - John Wooden.

We built the best of the Argento theme. You’ve got the top-notch Argento theme functionality the customers value. You’ve got cool speed technologies that create the fastest pages. And we included a trendy design that means user engagement to convert traffic into sales.

So many great features are powered by extensions from the Argento theme package: Accelerated Mobile Pages, AjaxPro, AjaxSearch, AskIt, Attribute based pages, Breeze, EasyBanners, Easy Catalog Images, EasySlider, EasyTabs, Facebook Like Button, Featured Attributes, GDPR, Hover Gallery, Highlight, Navigation Pro, Page Speed, Prolabels, Quantity Switcher, Review Reminder, Sold Together, SEO Suite, Testimonials. Visit the modules’ pages to see what a scalable the new theme is.

Fontawesome SVG icons, easily configurable banner and slider, smooth navigation including mega menu with hover effect, newsletter popup banner, floating cart panel, cross-sell blocks on the product page, brands page, featured products block on the homepage, product labels. We listed only a small part of the options important for flawless user experience on your site pages.

And all of this is about the new Argento Breeze Stripes theme.

Would you like to share any thoughts about the news today? We don’t have to say more to inspire you with the new template. Feel persuaded when exploring the Argento Breeze demo.  

Look forward to hearing from you.

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