See May updates for our modules. And learn how Argento theme improves Magento 2 stores' performance

See May updates for our modules. And learn how Argento theme improves Magento 2 stores' performance.

Today we want to sum up what has been done in May 2021. The new Breeze features for better customer experience when shopping online, a higher score on Google PageSpeed Insights for Argento theme, 20 updates for 15 Magento 2 modules.  

We'll be putting this in our monthly report here. Therefore you can see added features and improvements, and start using them right now.

Argento theme updates

Day by day Argento becomes the fastest Magento 2 theme. The integration with the new module helps you receive better mobile performance and a higher score on Google PageSpeed Insights for your Argento-based store.

Starting with the 1.22.8 version, Argento has the Breeze module in the package. That means that our Breeze-friendly template was updated for better page load time. And we’ve already got first results:

  • Fully Loaded Time 1.2s
  • Total Page Size - 980KB
  • JS 126KB
  • Total Page Requests - 38

These results are for Argento Force theme configured with Breeze and Page Speed modules.

Please read more on how we could improve Magento 2 mobile website performance with Breeze and Argento updates.

We didn't stop, so then in the 1.22.10 release, we added Breeze support to all Argento themes and other bundled modules. Within the Breeze integration, we added configurable products support and photo in description integration.

The 1.22.10 version also includes:

  • Improved image dimensions settings for the demo data such as Easyslider, Easybanner, EasyCatalogImages.
  • Responsive images support for Easy Catalog Images module.
  • Integration with Attribute Pages within a Regional URLs module.
  • Minor fixes.

Magento 2 extension updates

Breeze 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2.1

Yes, we keep updating our new revolutionary module with new features. Since the Breeze 1.2.0 release, you have support for configurable products and color swatches. In a separate article, you can see why these improvements make the Breeze module a must-have for your eCommerce.

To see other fixes and improvements, please check out the latest Breeze release notes.

Last month we talked a lot about the improvements towards better website performance. You already understand that the fast website is the leader of tomorrow. Thus, together with designing Magento 2 features, we make our extensions Breeze-compatible. So you can use them to speed up your store frontend.

We added Breeze integration to the following module versions: Sold together 1.7.12, 1.7.13, Easy banner 1.6.3, GDPR 1.4.3, Askit 1.9.6.

Keep reading to see what other Magento 2 modules we improved in May.

Besides Breeze support, the 1.10.0 version of the Magento 2 Product Questions module was updated with:

  • Escape question text inside MessageAssignDataProvider to prevent XSS.
  • Fix ‘Removing answers leads to removing questions’.
  • Remove not exists grid mass action ‘Edit’.

The latest 1.6.1-1.6.3 versions of the Prolabels module include the improved compatibility with the Multi-Source Inventory module.


Recaptcha 1.3.16 updates:

  • Newsletter ReCaptcha - lazy init. Initialize it on click at newsletter form.
  • Prevent JS error “Cannot read property ‘method’ of undefined” at checkout with Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite payment.
  • Compatibility with Mageants_FrontOrderComment and VLCSolutions_OrderComments modules.

In Product tabs 1.9.10, we removed easy tabs from the product reviews list page and added minor bug fixes.

Easy catalog images  1.4.14 updates:

  • Improved image resizer. It allows for defining width only. The feature is useful when images have different heights.
  • Responsive images support added. Now the various devices will receive images resized according to their screen size.

In Ajax Pro 1.5.22 we removed messages about required product options from the ajax pro popup when adding product to the cart.

SEO Suite 1.12 updates:

  • SEO Templates — 1.6.0 (was 1.5.19) got the long-awaited feature. You can use a template for “H1 Tag” on product and category pages.
  • In SEO Canonical — 1.11.2 (was 1.11.1) we moved domain update options in module config to the “Category” and “Product” sections. It gives store admin more flexibility in setting us canonical URLs behavior.

Some minor bug fixes were added to Highlight 1.7.10, Navigation Pro 1.15.8, 1.15.9, 1.15.10, Page speed 1.4.17, 1.4.18, Ajax Search 1.1.17, 1.1.18.

After the brief summary of our work during May 2021, we'd like to appreciate you for your collaboration.

By staying tuned in, you help us to develop the software that improves your Magento 2 sites. We will release even more enhancements the next month for sure. Yet for now, please let us know what you are thinking about May updates.

Thank you for your comments.

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