Secret tips for high converting landing pages affecting sales

Secret tips for high converting landing pages affecting sales

Running an ecommerce business is hard work with many steps and decisions that need to come together. If you are dreaming about generated leads and sales you would probably looking for effective conversion solutions to make sales perform as well as you expected.

We keep providing you with tips which will help you to increase the overall conversion. You might have seen our posts about best checkout solutions, tips for abandoned cart recovery and many other helpful articles.

Today we’re going to talk to you about landing page creation. You will see bright landing page samples in our blog post. There will be recommendations for better landing page conversion. Furthermore we will show you different tools for landing page optimization.

What is the basis of a landing page solution?

Landing page is a single page with a target of prefered audience. You can design a few pages to accomplish different goals. The main task is to encourage visitors click through call-to-actions elements shown on a landing page. No complicated navigation, flashing banners, extra menu. Everything around should create the only background for the clickable content. The challenge will be designing something to cause a stir in this page.

Here are the four most common reasons for creating a landing page:

  • To push a user to register or subscribe to your newsletter
  • To sell a product in a particular situation, e.g., promote event, give coupon, provide a seasonal service
  • To run a contest and sweepstakes
  • To suggest a user to download or install software

Nowadays there are many ways how to create magic landing pages which will truly impact your website efficiency.

Let’s look what principles you have to adhere...

Let your audience’s interests guide your landing page content strategy.

Discovering the interests of your target audience is nice opportunity to write a content that will capture users attention and consequently give you a feedback.

First do some market research. Try to determine motivations of the customers who will be landing at your landing pages. Stay up to date with the latest mobile trends. Your target audience is using devices with different technical limitations. So, you have to fit the page design either to IOS users and to Android. Make sure your landing page will be startling in all major web browsers. Taking care about all web users will lead to customer loyalty growth.

Follow the content relevance

While understanding what your customer are committed to, start create a relevant content for your landing page. Actually you have to capture the basic moments of who is looking for your landing page offerings, and why they’re doing that.

If you mention something in advertisement and use a banner that leads to the landing page, you should check if the page is conveying the same information. It would be great to place similar design elements both on the banner and landing page. In case your goal is to boost sales within the next few days - just show countdown timer or the product availability in stock. Aiming to improve credibility to your website you can show user testimonials. This is undoubtedly great tool to get a feedback.

Creating the content you can find the following tips helpful. The key message is not stick to keywords for SEO rankings, but to find out what users are looking for.

Offer one landing page for one service

What you should focus on is to send customers to a relevant page with one call to action. Try to outline the only one goal - to like smth, to register, to make an appointment, watch video, etc. Stop offering too much choice. This can overwhelm users and make them stop take steps ahead.

Use sensational headline and informative subhead

As usual, people click on a headline because a single word strikes them. Create a good first impression with attention grabbing headline. It’d better to use simple, rather short, placed at visible place title. Find more headline tips. Don't forget the rule - the headline gets across the benefits of your offer.

Apart from the title you have to focus on a subhead to give visitors a reason to keep browsing your landing page and press the button for a particular action. Try to use plain text with relevant words. Your goal is to focus customers attention on the benefits of your call to action (CTA) element.

Make call-to-action button standout

As we mentioned above, your landing page content elements should leave enough space to highlight the main CTA element. Don’t make visitors search. In case you place too much important information, please add the button twice or more. You can use recognizable signs to attract attention to the call-to-action button. Just play with colors in order to make a contrast between the button and surrounding elements. What color you choose is actually really makes a difference. You can follow colors recommendations to make your CTA memorable.

Showcase the benefit you’re offering with impressive images, video

Spruce up your landing page with eye-catching images. You can create unique images or use featured-image collections prepared by professionals.

You can easily make your landing page awesome by including video. It comes with a lot of advantages: keeps user stay longer on the page, builds trust to your service, etc. Please create the short video. And don’t forget about pitfall -video has a big impact on the page load time. Text-based landing page is in pocket.

Drive traffic to your landing page

Once you've decided to deal with landing pages, you start thinking about….How to get customers to visit them? One of possible ways is to register a whole new domain for your landing page, and consequently get more traffic because of keywords in the URL. In everyday life movie companies build alternative domains to attract targeted users to the movie website.

However there are a lot of other ways to drive traffic to your landing page. One is social media that offers nice opportunity to engage new customers. Another way is to create email campaigns and add a link to desired pages. You can also use ways mentioned in this article. Focus on using trustful elements such as brand logos or other bright spots whilst following different techniques. This will improve the visual experience of your potential visitors.

Well, now you know what may inspire you to succeed with a landing page…

Find out apparent benefits of landing page creation…

  • Targeting a specific audience. You offer unique solution for the issue users are looking for.
  • High rank. Using landing pages for promotion improves the conversion of 10-15%. More landing pages means much conversion.
  • Landing page contains all the necessary information about the product or service that triggers the interest the user on a single page. No additional links.
  • Landing page will help you to collect the visitors contacts. Adding potential customers to your database is going to be easier.

Still hesitant about making the first move when it comes to landing page designing? It is a good idea to check out some tools for landing page optimization.

Look at landing page optimization tools…

Get better sales conversion with following tools. These services will help you to build landing page that will improve both the website online presence and the profits of your store.

In general they are web-based services which are using HTML editor or drag-and-drop functionality for creating awesome landing pages. Some of tools provide you with a basic editor with different landing page themes to select from. You are enabled to add your content, create your own forms, etc.

Landing page builders

  • Wordstream - in order to use this landing page tool, you have to be a part of Wordstream’s PPC Advisor.
  • Unbounce - allows you to use split tests to create testing of landing page strategy.
  • PopUpDomination - works for good both for beginners and experts.
  • Getresponse - if you’re Getresponse subscribers, the using of their landing page creator will be relatively cheap.
  • KickoffLabs - provides you with 60 conversion optimized landing page themes. This service comes with advanced analytics.

What else can be extremely helpful in landing page creation...

You can start with the next professional modules which were developed for Magento platform in order to help you boost the conversion with multi-purpose landing pages. These extensions allow you to customize the page and link it with other site blocks.

Do you know what the best part is? Using the following modules you can create a landing page with a single click.

With Highlight module you invite your visitors to follow featured offerings at your website. Therefore they can be forwarded to separate pages with best selling products, new or on sale items.

People used to look for discounted products. Increase your sales with Daily Deals tool. Let users navigate to the landing page with a list of all products in active deals at this moment. You can show a countdown timer there. This effective call to action will motivate clients make a purchase faster.

Another landing pages module will help you to create pages based on categories and product attributes. You’ll be allowed to specify meta tags for each landing page.

If you’re going to boost credibility to your store, step ahead with landing page with testimonials' list. With Testimonials extension you will complete a task with gathering customer reviews and lift a conversion rate.

Products Landing pages enables you to create landing pages based on different parameters. The module comes with clear interface. Drive your sales by creating engaging pages with brands or attributes list. You can try out Attributes and Brands pages module. This way you will easily get your customers to shop by brand on separate landing pages in your store.

Got interested? Now you know more about landing page design and marketing than your rivals. Why not get high rankings before everybody else. Let the conversion be with you!

Tell us what you think. We value your feedback.

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