How to recover abandoned carts. Discover 11 awesome abandoned cart emails examples.

How to recover abandoned carts. Discover 11 awesome abandoned cart emails examples.

What makes users abandon a shopping cart when they’ re close to completing the purchase process? We know this question is the most common in the e-commerce network. The vast amount of information in a web brings digitals, reasons, and tips about…

What still to do to recover abandoned shopping carts...

Following our previous post about "How to improve Magento checkout" we keep research efficient solutions. Today we are going to discuss with you what you can do when the shopping cart abandonment rate continues to grow.

So what to start from…

Let discover the reasons why your customers abandon their carts. But first we’d like to share with some of the latest news about cart abandonment.

Interesting facts about shopping cart abandonment stats

  • According to Q1 2016 research, the shopping cart abandonment rate is about 74.3%.
  • The average month cart abandonment rate is 68,63%
  • According to HookLogic research during 2015 the shopping cart abandonment happens more often with clients for home goods. A smaller index varies among customers who buy healthy care products (24,9%) and users of electronics store(22,9%).
  • The highest abandonment rate is accounted for travelling line of activity
  • Users are 87% more likely to abandon cart on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Most cart abandonment occurs between 8-9pm

Do you know that the average rate of documented online shopping cart abandonment calculated by Baymard is 69.23%?

Shopping cart abandonment is not that we can put a spell on. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize this pain issue. Let's speak about the reasons for abandonment. This will help you to identify the root of the problem and fix potential issues that lead visitors to abandon their baskets.

"Forewarned is forearmed" or 7 different reasons of shopping cart abandonment.

Forced account creation before or during the checkout

Hurrah...the user is on the checkout page and is going to complete a purchase in a few clicks. And what does he guest checkout option? In our experience, it works against conversion. The conclusion is - Don’t force customers to create an account.

Boring checkout steps

When your future customer keeps navigating multiple steps he is going to be tired. What you can do to help. Focus on using one-page checkout. The overall information including the bright image of the chosen item will look like a lure. Make the checkout process easier and suitable both for desktop and mobile users. The responsive design is always winning a point.

Unexpected shipping cost

If the shipping cost has been stated accurately on the product page, so as not to worry. However, sometimes customers meet “hidden” costs on the checkout page. Oops..the checkout is going to be broken because the final price looks more than users expected. Offering free shipping is proved to be beneficial. If you are a small store and can’t provide clients with free shipping you have to be honest initially.

Too much Captcha request

Another cause of cart abandonment is CAPTCHA verification. Once the shoppers can’t solve it, they get frustrated. Don’t let users go away. There are a lot of other solutions for secure checkout.

Payment processing issues

Not suitable payment method is one of the main reasons for online shopping cart abandonment. Assuming that your store comes with a big list of popular payment providers, often happens the visitors don’t see trustful icons. Thus, your task makes them clear, visible and recognizable.

Website speed

As normal, people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds. If they stumble upon more time -they drop out of the purchase process. So you see the page loading speed is a crucial element of website usability. Give users what they want and they will never leave.

Human factor

Such reasons for cart abandonment as the overall price of items, the returns policy, the products out of stock, etc. are quite clear. Consumers can even go without completing a purchase because they found a new trailer for a favorite movie. Sounds funny...but this is a kind of human factor.

You should remember a sale is never lost! Since time is running out it’s high time you to develop a recovery strategy and bring clients back.

Well, what do you say we zoom in on one of the most effective strategy- Shopping cart abandonment email.

Listrak found that more top 1,000 retailers have sent a shopping cart abandonment message in 2015 compared to prior years. The email recovery campaign becomes more and more popular. This simple strategy doubles your chances of getting customers back.

Let&rsquo's take a look at what famous online stores are doing to convert shopping cart abandonment into new sales.

Having been researching we’ ve got nice visual experience. We appreciate the companies which will be presented, for smoothing out our browsing experience.

Amazing fashion online retailer Boohoo makes us excited with a way they’ re suggesting to pay attention to the abandoned products. The nice colorful template, the repeating buttons with an invitation to have a glance at the shopping cart, the encouraging phrases, etc. Boohoo is also inviting us by offering a discount code for a limited time. As you know, a discount is always triggered by the action. Isn’t it?

Much enjoyable greeting we see in Modcloth email reminder. “ Hi, mod lover” sounds positive. It looks like we are going to fall in love with those products. Besides, they start offering something unique with a phrase in a subject ” Unattended items in your bag may be eaten by gnomes. Humor is always relevant. Free shipping reminder at the top is a powerful element in sales. What we also like is a focus on the product chosen before, not on other store offerings. This doesn’t distract our attention from the main probable purchase.

Home goods retailer Overstock comes with a lot of information in abandoned cart email. The email template looks like a website. You can navigate to the store using multiple self-titled links. The company shows what’s on sale, suggests to try out a store credit card, and check out abandoned products now. At the top of the page, they welcome us with “ Hi valued customer”. We appreciate.

Abandoned cart email is totally brand-focused. All pictures in the reminder display what the store is about. The image of the abandoned product is promoting the same brand as the product we’ ve was chosen. Maybe it was not planned but it seems like it is. The email reminder starts with an advertising banner about flat rate shipping. You can also follow three catchy buttons to keep shopping in this store. There are also social icons and an invitation to subscribe. Bright matching colors look elegant.

One Kings Lane email reminder looks not annoying. One remarkable button calling to buy and the display of other picks available in the store create a nice first impression. The questions “ Still interested?” in a subject and “ Still love it?” in the main text-sound affirmatively. This makes us feel desire for shopping in this store.

When you forgot something in River Island shopping cart, they will remind you about that for sure. One of the most popular British fashion stores is sending an abandoned cart reminder with offering get a discount immediately. Apart from this honey trap they suggest looking at just arrived clothing. You can also see highly visual social icons and links to account information, contact form, and River Island store locator.

Awesome Poppin shopping cart is calling us with the attractive email reminder. It is pleasingly simple and informative. Nice colors and different matching fonts grab our attention at first sight. Apart from the review rating display the Poppin team offers to explore best selling products by using active links. Furthermore, they know that words are the best tools to make users feel satisfied. The word Happy is mentioned a few times. It really works.

Woodchuck makes communication more personal. The shopping cart reminder says Hey, Walter. We like it. We' 've also noticed that the text in the subject line contains the word accordant to the company name. This seems different and fun's worth trying. Woodchuck tries to come back to the customer with a discount. Talking about the email template we’d like to highlight visible attractive button calling to continue shopping, highlighting the phone number and social media icons. But the product image might be bigger actually.

Offering multi-brand clothing and accessories the Yoox company has chosen the shopping cart abandonment email as a part of a recovery strategy. The email was created with a sense of urgency. You can see phrases “Shop this now before they’re gone” and “but so do other shoppers”. Another strong trigger to action is “ Complete NOW!” The reminder also includes social icons, highly remarkable image of the chosen product and invitation to buy SALE products.

Zappos challenge is to provide you with a vast amount of information directly in the email reminder. It looks like the homepage - with logo, top links, recommended products, full company information in the footer and subscription invitation. Highly visible buttons with an invitation to proceed to the cart are shown twice. You can also see a text with the main message - HURRY! Zappos reminder is very informative email with a lot of active links. If you like it you can it for a model.

Zooshoo reminder email completes the list for today. This website comes with many options worth looking at. We stuck with shopping cart reminders. It stands out in the crowded box. Look at the way the company has chosen to emphasize a suggestion to keep shopping in the store. The use of capital letters in a title is enhanced by the showing screaming girl. It looks Zooshoo shouts till we are heard. You can also see the personal greeting, free shipping promotions, and very big attention-grabbing checkout button.

All mentioned reminders were designed with soul. The reminder can be extremely helpful if you are using the most imaginative ways possible. Actually, the shopping cart abandonment email represents your company.

If you want to create stunning email reminder which is composed of both originality and efficiency, there are some great tips to follow:

  • Rewarding system such as discount code or free shipping could inspire your customers to finish the purchase. It will be an incentive for users who abandoned their carts due to unexpected costs.
  • Adding enticing images always pays off. It can be either a brand logo, the related products or the abandoned product only. Wonderful images encourage customers to buy more. Include pictures, show you have something temptatious in your store. Create the unique design worth user's time.
  • Choose a strong call to action to get visitors back to your site You can start from a funny phrase in the email subject field and keep on with a catchy appealing headline. Add calling text on checkout buttons. You can even show the product availability in stock directly in a reminder. It creates a sense of urgency and triggers users to quickly make the purchase.
  • While retargeting clients via email, focus on usability. If you add helpful links or buttons in the reminder email, please make them highly visible. The most important is providing users with an easy way to get back to the shopping cart. Let customers do it with one click of a button.
  • In order to boost credibility to your website you can place reviews or testimonials from other clients in the shopping cart abandonment email. Real stories of people dealing with your store will help you to convince hesitant users to come back and buy.
  • Try to be personal when greeting. What do people think when they hear their name...they feel care. It will play into your hands.
  • Timing is important too. Sending multiple emails is standard practice. The first email would be better sent after four hours. It delivers the highest sales. To achieve the good open rate of the second email you can send it within 24 hours. The optimal time for the third email is not defined. It's up to you.

Do you want to win customers back? What the next step...

Make the recovery process easier with ready to use abandoned cart solution. The Magento Abandoned Cart extension and Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension will help you to back the ones you've lost. The modules come with three email reminder templates that can be easily rewritten. You will be able to send scheduled emails both to registered customers and guests. In order to track the efficiency of your retargeting strategy, you can filter reminders by status, date, user name and email address.

What exactly impacts the email opening? What makes users anchor? You can always play with the subject line, headline, pictures, etc., by following samples in our post. One thing we know for sure is the sending abandoned cart emails provides real benefits to recovering sales. Choose your approach to succeed. We’ll appreciate you for new ideas.

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