28+ Magento One Step Checkout modules, including free ones. Full list for October 2018.

28+ Magento One Step Checkout modules, including free ones. Full list for October 2018.

Online sales are expected to grow. If you want to keep your business thriving you have to improve a user experience first. The fact is that 86 percent of shoppers will pay more for a better customer experience. Exactly this benchmark is going to be a key basis for competition. In order to stay ahead of your rivals, you have 2 ways:

  • Come onto the market with low-priced products. In our opinion, it doesn't lead anywhere.
  • Provide excellent customer experience. Understanding user behavior, you would easily find solutions to achieve desired results in trading.

Today we are going to talk to you about Magento checkout page as a tool to improve the overall user experience. You will see the ideas as well as ready-to-use custom Magento checkout modules that will help you to compete for the customers.

Do you agree that the checkout page drives user experience? If you do, let’s discuss together and decide what is exactly effective in producing best checkout process.

To help you find the best Magento checkout solution, we will showcase the modules in separate blocks. You will see the extensions with average price 100-199$, 50-100$, 50$ and lower. We will also show free Magento checkout modules available on the market in 2018. If you're interested in M2 checkout extensions, read to the end to see the information, too.

We believe the checkout step pulls to trigger the final decision about the purchase. When you build the perfectly optimized checkout page you let your customers move along all checkout steps with ease. By simplifying the checkout page design you will get an uptick in completed purchases. The less annoying questions and boring reload- the better the user experience. As they say, it is everything.

How to make sure every checkout step is under control?

Well-known e-Commerce retailers seem to understand the significance of the checkout page in the user’s decision-making process. Considering that lots of online sellers are running the websites using a Magento platform, they get professional modules that help to improve the store performance, in particular, a checkout page. Therefore the popularity of Magento checkout extensions keeps growing every day. The default Magento multi-step checkout seems to vanish into sin air. Nowadays there are many solutions that bring the flawless checkout experience for your customers.

What the modern checkout modules have in common…

  • One page checkout layout. When a user sees what’s coming next he's closer to tune to placing an order.
  • No page reloads. The customer receives updated payment/shipping methods block, coupon code or order totals via Ajax.
  • Responsive design. In Smart Insights report you can track the conversion rate for desktop and mobile devices separately. You can see that the number of consumers, who use smartphone or tablet to purchase, keeps growing. Adapting checkout pages for mobile visitors you win much more sales for sure.

Fortunately, developers are getting better at establishing best practices around the checkout process. Continue to read to see other enhancements which might help you do most of the customer experience.

When it comes to optimizing checkout process at your website, you have to use whatever leverage you can gain. The following extra features will help you to minimize the bounce rate on the checkout page and boost the conversion.

Look at 8 tactics you can use to improve your checkout page:

1. Guest/registered checkout is the first option we recommend to enable. As usual, visitors don’t remember the password and have no wish to create an account. Allowing them to check out without registration you increase a chance of getting the repeated purchase of these customers.

2. Available in multiple languages checkout page is the surely amazing idea. Providing multilingual checkout translation you will reach more customers worldwide.

3. The delivery date and time option is another guideline for better customer experience. Providing the user with a date/time selector in order to help him choose the most convenient date, you build customer loyalty. You can also exclude days off in order to not to confuse your visitors later.

4. Integrated GeoIp feature is an additional usability bonus for your customers. The option enables determining country by IP address, thereby shows to the appropriate visitor a pre-selected shipping method based on auto-detected country, city or a zip code.

5. VAT number VIES validation is an important point for B2B customer experience in the European Union. Providing customers with VAT number checker on the checkout page you help them verify the validity of VAT number.

6. The order Success Page improved with CMS blocks. You can top off your “ Thank you” with useful information: cross-sells, survey tab or even amazing video.

7. Address validation and autocomplete is one of the ways to improve the user experience on the checkout page. The feature is using geolocation from Google Maps API. Learn more about advantages of using this option.

8. Magento Enterprise edition support provides you with a bug-free code, full-page caching and undoubtedly faster checkout process. The key difference between Community and Enterprise Magento versions is shown very well in this research article. Mainly you have to pay extra for Enterprise edition support, but some Magento providers make an exception.

So, how you can actually use this?

Search results offer a wide range of checkout solutions. Some of the extensions include the features described above, some of them don’t. The pricing is also different. You will search, compare prices, read reviews…

Stop doing research. We did it for you.

We prepared for your lists of Magento one page checkout modules. There will be a difference in prices as well as in options. Thinking about built-in features to be reported, we decided to list the main benefits only. That way you will see:

  • the module price
  • free or paid installation
  • free or paid Magento Enterprise support
  • ability to use a module on multiple domains or on single one
  • the latest supported version of Magento.

You could also check if there are included options, that we’ve discussed above. We keep updating the modules information every month, so in case you don't find the info you need, please tell us in comments.

Let’s start with Magento One Page Checkout modules with average cost 100-199$

FireCheckout by Templates-Master costs 189$. The price includes both installation fee and Enterprise support.

The module includes numerous built-in options such as GeoIp detection, delivery date/time selector, VAT verification, USPS verification, address autocomplete, ability to add custom checkout fields. Six amazing checkout page layouts are available.

FireCheckout extension provides 4 registration modes, in particular, guest checkout option. It also comes with great Magento 1 click checkout feature for registered customers. All payments methods are pulled up automatically and no additional input is required. That definitely makes a checkout process faster.

This one page checkout extension also cracks record in payment providers compatibility. It supports over 90 payment/shipping methods and third-party modules.

All-in-One Checkout by Aitoc costs 147$. The installation costs 59$. If you want to make the module compatible with Enterprise edition you have to pay 399$. Magento compatibility up to 1.9.3. Through the extension you may add extra fields to the checkout page. Supports 16+ third party modules.

One Step Checkout by AheadWorks costs 159$. You have to pay 55$ for the installation. Enterprise compatibility is available for 899$. Among extra features you can see guest checkout and adding custom fields.

One Step Checkout by Iksanika is available for 149$ for the specified date. The original price is 199$. The installation costs 45$. You have to pay plus 150$ for Enterprise support. Magento compatibility up to 1.9. GeoIp detection and UPS/Fedex zip code validation are the important options included.

One Step Checkout by Plumrocket is available for 129$. The installation costs 59$. You have to pay plus 150$ for Enterprise support. Among features you can see guest checkout module, custom checkout page design, integration with Social login module, and Google reCaptcha form.

One Step Checkout by CMS Mart is available for 138.95$ under subscription plan. The checkout page includes the following features: the autocomplete feature via email and telephone, the delivery date selector, guest checkout, order comments features and GeoIp option.

Now let's consider the checkout modules within lower price range. You have a reason to stay on the page.

Look at Magento One Page Checkout modules with average cost 50-100$

One Step Checkout by Peexl is available for 59$. You have to pay for the installation.

Quick One Page Checkout by Itoris costs 99$ with single domain license. You get paid Installation as well as Enterprise support. Guest checkout is available.

One Step Checkout by Global eCommerce services and solutions. is available for 89$ with a single domain license. Free installation. The extension supports multi languages.

One Step Checkout by MageWorld is provided for 89$ for the specified date. The original price 149$. Free installation and paid Enterprise support. Among features you can see the order delivery date option, GeoIp detection, VAT number validation and multilingual support.

Advanced One Page Checkout by oCodewire is available for 99$. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.2. Guest checkout mode is available.

Quick Checkout by FME is valid for 85$ with a single domain license. You have to pay more both for installation and Enterprise support. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.2.

One Step Checkout by OnlineBiz is valid for 89$ with a single domain license. You have to pay for installation and Enterprise support.

One Step Checkout by Magebay costs 95$. Paid installation. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.2. The extension supports 30+ payment methods. Among options you can see order comment feature, newsletter subscription checkbox, auto fill address by geo locator, guest checkout mode.

One Step Checkout by Magehit is available for 99$. You get free installation, but you have to pay for Enterprise support 119$. The module provides a wide range of nice features. Thus you can see the order delivery date selector, GeoIp detection, VAT verification, order comments feature, editable address fields and much more.

Quick Checkout by Mango IT solutions costs 90$. You have to pay for the installation 100$. Among features you can see checkbox for newsletter subscription, gift wrap option, different messages for ajax loader.

One Step Checkout by Extension Hut is valid for 79$ with a single domain license. You have to pay both for installation and Enterprise support. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.2. Developers say the provide all payment methods support. You can also see order comments feature and newsletter subscription checkbox.

One Step Checkout by Advanced checkout is available for 99$. You have to pay 50$ for the installation. The module developers do offer nice checkout features: address autofill by Google Maps suggestion, checkout fields management, abandoned cart reminder, social login integration, etc.

One Step Checkout by Mage-Sales is available for 59$. You have to pay more for the installation and Enterprise support. The module supports most popular payment gateways and payment methods. It also includes 2 types of checkout page layouts, precise ajax settings, GeoIp feature, editable address fields, VAT validation, guest checkout mode.

Magento One Page Checkout modules with average cost 50$ and lower. Have a look!

One Step Checkout by Mage Solution costs 39$. You have to pay more for Enterprise support. The installation, as we see it, is not available. However you get multilingual checkout.

OneCheckout by J2T costs 36.99$ and can be used on a single domain. In case you need using a module on multiple domains, you can get this opportunity for the additional fee. The company offers 4 types of license. You have also to pay 90$ for the installation. The module provides guest checkout feature, order comments, and coupon code fields, and ability to set poll within a checkout.

One Step Checkout by Apptha costs 99$. The module can be used in a single domain. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9. Apart from free installation, you get GeoIP option, multilingual support, and guest checkout.

Dealing with Magento you can also find a lot of free checkout solutions. Free one step checkout modules don’t usually provide a quite plain checkout functionality. But some of these tools are enhanced with useful features. Let's review and see whether free checkout extensions are worth to be used on your Magento website.

Free Magento One Page Checkout modules.

Klarna checkout. Klarna account is required in order to use that extension. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.3. The module supports Guest and Logged in user checkout flows.

Checkout Suite by IWD starts from 0$. However, if you want to get more really helpful features, you could use the module Pro version for 25$ per month. Then you will get a checkout module with address validation feature and payment method support.

One Step Checkout by MageGaga provides you with multilingual checkout, GeoIp detection, guest checkout and free installation. The module provides clear and flexible configuration.

Direct Checkout module by Sinabs is available on third-party provider website. But you can easily download this extension there and get future support. The extension comes with Google address autocomplete feature and ajax settings.

Advanced Checkout by OYE network is available for a single domain license. You have to pay 49$ for the installation. The module offers 3 types of checkout page layout.

One Step Checkout by Elitech Systems. The latest Magento supported version is 1.9.2. offers to use guest checkout option and multiple payment methods.

One Step Checkout by AddWeb solution comes with guest checkout option and opportunity to change a checkout layout. Magento compatibility is up to 1.9.

Magento 2 one step checkout extensions

Now, as promised, we suggest you explore 10+ best Magento 2 checkout modules available in 2018. To learn more, please follow the blog article.


We hope in this article you have seen the main checkout points important for creating the awesome customer experience. Before you start implementing new checkout ideas you would likely analyze all the modules mentioned in the post. So, you would see that extra features so essential for the checkout process are mostly available for an additional fee only.

We strongly believe that is always worth to use the versatile functionality. And, especially, at a reasonable cost. We bet your customers will definitely thank you for choosing the most friendly checkout page. Free installation and free Enterprise support, unlimited domains is a kind of bonus for you. Why not focus on the modules that offer a bonus.

If you have any questions, post them in comments. If you see we have missed a checkout module you are well experienced with, please tell in comments.

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