Review 10 top Magento 2 checkout modules you wish you knew when you started

Review 10 top Magento 2 checkout modules you wish you knew when you started.

The e-commerce checkout page optimization is a hot topic of a discussion. We mentioned the increased popularity of the article about the best 45 Magento one step checkout modules for your store. That is why we have another nice surprise for you.

Today we will talk about Magento 2 checkout optimization. We created a list of the top M2 checkout modules you wish you knew when you started an e-commerce business. You will review the solutions with the best checkout UX, various checkout page layouts, built-in modules.  

Discover the options available for 10 checkout Magento 2 extensions from trustful providers.

Fire Checkout by Templates-Masters

The FireCheckout module by Templates-Master is what sets your company apart from your competitors. The extension provides 5 well-designed layouts and 4 catchy checkout page skins to improve a visual perception of every user. To bring your checkout page to the top of usability, you can use 11 powerful Magento 2 modules that come in a package with FireCheckout. They are about address autofill, accurate delivery options, adding checkout custom fields, Tax Vat validation, custom order confirmation page and so on.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 189$. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

One Step Checkout Magento 2 by Mage World

The One Step Checkout module by Mage-World has a plenty of features useful for the easy checkout process. The features like address suggestion, optional delivery date and time, responsive design, configurable checkout page layout will help your customers complete the checkout faster. What we like is that a module is available for different payment methods. The willingness to always listen to your customers' demands will build a positive user experience that leads to a higher conversion rate.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 149$. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

One Step Checkout by Amasty

The One Step Checkout by Amasty offers to choose between 2 and 3 column checkout layouts. The module includes many features to improve a checkout such as integrated Google address suggestions, GeoIp, delivery date option, compatibility with Amazon Pay. The customers also will be able to edit the product options directly on the checkout. The extension supports Magento 2 checkout customization. It allows customizing checkout page layout elements: checkout background, heading text, order summary block, 'Place Order' button.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 249$. Installation fee 59$. 3-months free updates.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mage-Sales

The One Step Checkout by Mage-Sales provides only one checkout page layout with responsive design. Nevertheless, the module includes multiple features that will help you to create an efficient checkout page. Among them, you can see order comment feature, GeoIp, delivery date picker, gift wrap/ gift message, guest checkout, and address autocomplete options. You will also get a control over the address fields positions. Another, equally important, the option is an order attachments option that provides the ability to attach files to order.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 119$ - it’s offered at a discount. Installation fee 39$. Free lifetime updates.

One Step Checkout extension by BSS Commerce

With One Step Checkout extension by BSS Commerce you will get the advanced delivery date functionality, order comment feature, a discount code box, gift message options and newsletter subscription box on the checkout page. The module also supports address autocomplete feature and editable cart at checkout. A responsive design makes the checkout page highly usable on all devices.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 99$ - it’s offered at a discount. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

Before we get into the second part of the list, let us focus on some really important features for checkout page usability. We are not about basic options like GeoIp, address autocomplete, guest checkout mode or order comments. We will briefly cover some of the special features which you have not to ignore in case you want to create the best checkout experience possible.

Important details about checkout page

Checkout custom fields

Adding custom fields to Magento 2 checkout is useful for gathering information about the meaningful data of your customers or about possible solutions for improved service at your website. In case you're planning to consolidate your database or enable the nice practices to serve your customers better, you could show extra checkout custom fields. Besides a checkout page, the additional fields may be displayed on the order view page as well as in order email templates.

Tax Vat validation.

This is a very crucial part for checkout page when you set up your e-commerce business in EU countries. You can help the customers to validate VAT field right in checkout shipping and billing address. Otherwise, an invalid vat number restricts the users to submit an appropriate checkout field. There are Magento 2 custom modules that allow validating the VAT number by using online VIES validation. This option could also be found in checkout modules.

Custom checkout success page

Quite often, we see that store owner unfairly ignore the order confirmation page. Actually, it is playing a key role in driving traffic to your website. Building an effective order success page is easy if you know how to customize that. If you want your Magento 2 website to become more fully inclusive, you could also use a module that provides the best functionality to create custom checkout success page.

Well, let’s get back to the point.

One Step Checkout by OneStepCheckout

The One Step Checkout module by OneStepCheckout is a time-tested solution built with checkout page improvements in mind. The module provides a country auto fill with GeoIP, responsive design, full control over address fields managing. It was also configured to automatically update the prices and totals, the available shipping and payment methods as soon as the customer makes any changes in those blocks on the checkout page. This extension supports Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce versions.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 245 EUR. Installation fee 70 EUR. Updates 15 EUR per month.

Smart One Step Checkout by AheadWorks

The Smart One Step Checkout by AheadWorks is one of the really nice modules you could use if you want to track a checkout page conversion. The module comes with advanced built-in analytics. It allows analyzing the checkout conversion and abandonment metrics, abandoned revenues lost on checkouts, total revenue values from orders placed. There are also a few features for checkout page usability like GeoIp, address autocomplete, configurable delivery date option, the editable sort order of address fields.

And what's the price on that? 

The module costs 299$. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

Checkout Suite by IWD

The Checkout Suite by IWD is a well-known Magento 2 free one step checkout extension. In the free package, you will get a support of PayPal, Authorize.Net & Braintree, and the default checkout functionality. Luckily, a module also provides a Pro version with nice features like Google autocomplete, USPS address validation, comment field, guest checkout mode, and custom checkout success page.

And what's the price on that?

The module’s Pro version is available at 25$ monthly plan. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mage Plaza

The One Step Checkout by Mage Plaza includes a lot of elements to a successful checkout page. You can use the address autocomplete, GeoIp, delivery date, order comments features. The extension also adding the additional checkout blocks to help show any kind of helpful content there as well as a custom checkout success page. With flexible customization options provided by the module, you will easily create a checkout page that will suit your website design.

And what's the price on that? 

The module costs 199$. Installation fee 50$. Free lifetime updates.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Landofcoder

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Landofcoder shows that a relatively young company offers a very nice choice of features for improving a checkout page. Besides some basic options, you can also see the ability to show additional custom fields. The module allows skipping a shopping cart page. It also a very user-friendly to style from the admin panel. With the extension, you get a full control over checkout fields management.

And what's the price on that?

The module costs 89$. Free installation. Free lifetime updates.

Feature comparison table

Now we suggest viewing a comparison table featuring all the mentioned checkout modules options. Hope, it will help you to choose the best Magento 2 checkout extension with a valuable range of features.

  Fire Checkout One Step Checkout Amasty Mage Plaza IWD Bss Commerce Ahead Works Mage sales Land of coder Mage world
Checkout layouts 6 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 3 1
Checkout page skins 4 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1
Additional address fields
Checkout custom fields
Additional checkout content blocks
Field management
EU Tax Vat validation
Order comments
Delivery date
Allow to skip shopping cart
Custom success page
Order attachment
Address Autocomplete
USPS verification coming soon
Ability to edit a product quantity
Guest checkout mode
Easy to style from admin panel
Number of allowed Magento installation 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Price $189 €245 $245 $199 $25/mo $99 $299 $119 $89 $149
Support period free 1 year 15€ per month free 3 month free 1 year free free 1 year free 3 month free 1 year free 1 year free life time

This post walked you through the best Magento 2 checkout module available in 2018. In case you're experienced in using the checkout extension that's not on the list, please write down comments.

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