Finding new modules and ideas everywhere. Start with January monthly updates report.

Finding new modules and ideas everywhere. Start with January monthly updates report.

Don't wait for opportunity. Create it! Why do we say this? Once you start doing business, you keep creating opportunities for it. You launch a website, you develop your marketing model, and so on.

This entails, in addition to your will, the existence of third-party tools. Talking about a website, we are about the availability of helpful software. Think of them as add-ons to create new opportunities for your site growth strategy.

This post is about improvements in the templates and extensions for Magento 2. It is about new valuable modules released in January. Keep reading to ensure you took advantage of all chances.

New modules for Magento 2

January introduced some new modules that will definitely help you when doing your online business.

The first one is incredibly important for improving communication between you and your customers. The second one simplifies managing the backend of a website.

Well, let us tell this in order.

Magento 2 help desk extension

The help desk can significantly impact the business as a whole.

It is one more opportunity to increase the numbers of new and returning customers.

With the M2 Helpdesk extension, you get control over each step of the user ticket management process. The module includes simple interfaces separately for tickets, departments and email storages.

All these sections allow your admins to set a convenient way to resolve customer issues in time. More information you'll find on the module page.

With the M2 Helpdesk extension functionality, you will build smooth customer support process. Start doing that today.  

Delete order Magento 2 extension

New M2 Delete Orders module is about removing test orders, closed as well as all unwanted orders just in one click. The extension provides a fast way to delete multiple orders at the same time.

Using the module you will:

  • save your time
  • make easy a store management process
  • get rid of the useless database

The module is Free. Learn more on the M2 Delete Orders page.

1.8 release for Magento 2 Argento theme

The information with new tools for Magento 2 Argento theme we posted in a separate blog article - Successful e-commerce: new ideas and tools from Argento theme. 1.8 release is on. 

Why not mention the latest Argento news again:

  • improvements for Magento 2 AMP extension
  • mobile-view styles improvements for the Argento Stripes theme homepage
  • 2 new SEO tools - Canonical URL and CrossLinks modules

Where to see more about Argento updates? Please read the article.

New updates for Magento 2 modules

How to create the best customer experience at checkout? FireCheckout module is what you need. The extension gets new options every month. In January FireCheckout 1.17 release you can see:

  • GiftMessages support for Magento Community and Magento Commerce editions. Now you can edit messages directly from the checkout page.

MagentoCommerce features integration:

  • GiftWrapping, GiftRegistry, GiftReceipt, and PrintedCards support.
  • Fixed missing billing address when GiftRegistry address is used
  • Improved styles of StoreCredit and RewardPoints blocks
  • Collapsible.js utility added

Fixed and Improvements

  • FireCheckout fixes are:
  • Fixed possible issue with invalid billing address selected
  • Fixed wrong step numbers alignment on some third-party themes
  • Fixed invisible “Subscribe to Newsletter” checkbox when shipping address is hidden by a third-party module
  • Small CSS and JS fixes

FireCheckout modules updates for:

  • swissup/module-address-autocomplete — 1.2.0 (was 1.1.1)
  • swissup/module-checkout-cart — 1.4.1 (was 1.4.0) with added ability to place house number into a custom address field.
  • Fixed missing shipping rates when GiftRegistry address is used.
  • Fixed js error when grouped product added to cart. It happened when simple products were not visible in a catalog.
  • swissup/module-subscribe-at-checkout — 1.2.1 (was 1.2.0) release moves the checkbox out of shipping section. This improves compatibility with third-party store-pickup modules that hide shipping section.

AMP 1.2.0 updates are:

  • Product formatted price Magento 2.1 compatibility
  • Add to cart support for configurable products added
  • Fixed language switcher in Magento 2.2.6+
  • Set toolbar arguments globally
  • Fixed URL to cookie restriction cms page
  • Cookie restriction mode added

Attributes Pages 1.2.0 module has got AMP pages integration.

Easy Catalog Images 1.4.1 includes fixed possible PHP warning on PHP 7.2.

Easy Flags 1.2.0 improvements are:

  • Modal popup mode for language switcher
  • Drop-down and inline modes for a switcher
  • Remove image upload from config
  • Rework front-end template and CSS
  • Fix front-end template to work with latest changes
  • Add uploaded images to stores grid
  • Remove Magento comment from the XML layout
  • Rework UI Component initialization
  • Remove customer field-set render. Move all JavaScript init logic to a phtml template.
  • Up required module-core version
  • Since 1.8.0 module-core has Model/Media/FileInfo. Module uses it in di.xml.
  • Save and change flag image
  • Magic and workarounds to make UI Component work at edit store form
  • Added image uploader UI component at edit store form

Navigation Pro 1.9.1 release includes fixed issues when search and store views dropdowns covered by sticky navigation.

Product Labels 1.2.4-1.2.6 brings new presets with Font Awesome icons. Search for “hexagon” in presets. You may need a Font Awesome module to get full advantage of new presets. You can also see small source code improvements and optimizations. The latest release allows using predefined variables in the style attribute of tags in label text.

Ajax Search and Autocomplete 1.4.2 has got an HTML markup cleanup in the header block

Highlight 1.5.0 updates are:

  • Fixed block overlapping when a block with carousel is placed before non-carousel
  • Improve 'magazine' styles on the phones when the carousel is not used
  • Disable carousel on mobile devices when 'magazine' layout is used
  • AMP integration added
  • Set route name to detect highlight pages in amp


Product Questions 1.3.1 has got fixed form visibility at the homepage.

All news today was about Magento 2 theme and modules. You could see what we' 've been working hard on in January.

We don't wait for the right opportunity to develop new solutions. We keep creating them in order to help your site do a better job.

So there are more ideas to come. Stay in touch.

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