Faster, more accessible site with Turbo mode. Check out the new 1.5.0 release of Breeze module

Faster, more accessible site with Turbo mode. Check out the new 1.5.0 release of Breeze module.

Our Breeze module proves to be the easiest way to improve page load time, and thereby the user experience in your store. Yet we keep adding functionality to help you get the performance benefits.

In the recent 1.5 module version we added Single-page application support. What could you possibly gain? Let’s talk.

What’s the SPA option?

SPA is literally one page that constantly interacts with the user. Rather than loading whole new pages from the server, a single-page application responds with a full HTML page without reloading. So, in other words, the option transforms your store into a site that doesn’t reload the page during its use.

Based on real-life usage, the option allows for reducing the number of requests to the server from 250-300 with the default Magento frontend to just 5-15 with the Breeze Turbo mode enabled. You get the new mode from the 1.5.0 release. See how it reflects in real action at

It results in:

  • Much better customer experience and faster browsing as there is no need to wait to reload the page.
  • Increased response rate and increased productivity.
  • Better accessibility and site speed as it takes less to reload the data.

What’s the 1.5 release update?

Since the 1.5 version, our Breeze module supports single-page web application.

We added the new configuration field. Now you can enable Turbo feature to add a js library of SPA for your store. Turbolinks.js docs will help you to understand how it works.

The enabled Turbo mode could have an impressive impact on your store. Please check our demo store to see it in real action. Here's what that numbers look like:

Default Luma frontend

  • Number of requests: 209
  • Page size: 1.68 MB
  • Finish: 5.82 s
  • Site navigation: Loads the entire page and send all requests again while navigating via site links.

Breeze frontend with Turbo mode enabled

  • Number of requests:30
  • Page size: 1.11 MB
  • Finish: 2.58 s
  • Sends just a few additional requests while navigating via site links.

Well, you may see that the new added option fastens page load time to 2 times when browsing. Just turn on turbo mode at your Magento 2 store.

With the new options for Breeze module, we show you why else partnering with us is beneficial. We do offer the best solutions for ecommerce sites. Partner with us and help your visitors successful.

In case you have questions, you may leave comments here.

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