Partner with us and make a profit! We explain what to do and how

Partner with us and make a profit! We explain what to do and how.

So, what do the affiliates lead the way to?

To the increased profits. To the improved credibility of your personal brand. To the opportunity of referring more customers to your store as they appreciate you for services you provide.

We've been excited about providing our great Magento 2 modules and extensions for years. It's time to offer to partner with us!

We are ready to share with you our skills, knowledge, and experience in Magento 2 development. The primary goal is to help you and your clients in accelerating online business. With our products, you reduce costs to the site development and the project launch time.

And today we are offering you the opportunity to earn with us. You don’t need to invest much time and effort. You only have to join our Partnership program. Let’s start talking about.

Who is SwissUpLabs?

You have known us for a long time. For those of you who are unfamiliar, we should briefly introduce ourselves.

Since January 2016 we give you access to 90+ extensions at the SwissUpLabs store. And 8 years at Templates-Master website before that, we started as a team of experienced Magento developers. For so many years we got a large number of happy clients around the globe. Lot of them use our site as a one stop shop for the valuable Magento modules and themes.

Besides, we provide 2 amazing solutions - and 

Argento is a powerful template for Magento 2 stores. It has 7 unique designs and 24 modules in the package. Our theme includes Page Builder, Theme Editor, and Elements Page to simplify customizations. We consider Argento the fastest Magento 2 theme. It has been also optimised to help stores pass Google Web Core Vital test that impacts website performance in Google search results.

The FireCheckout extension aims to improve conversion on the checkout page. The module is on the list of the best Magento 2 checkout solutions. Our clients love it for 5 checkout page layouts, 4 amazing themes, 12 built-in modules, 16 supported languages. The included set of features streamlines user experience at checkout, lowers the page abandonment rate, and helps clients successfully complete a purchase.

We also suggest you have to look at the new Breeze module. It creates the fastest frontend for Magento 2. The module removes heavy javascript and replaces scripts with simplified versions. That makes pages load faster. At the same time, Breeze supports primary Magento 2 pages and features. It makes the module a perfect alternative frontend for every Luma-based store. An essential difference lies in the fact that the Breeze-friendly site provenly gets the perfect PageSpeed score.

What does partnering with us give you?

Partnering with us can lead to long-term profits.

When we mention our projects, you have to bear in mind that:

  • Our modules and themes help your clients build websites that look great on all devices.
  • Our features help your clients create a nice customer experience at their stores. All products are well-documented, so users can easily figure out how to use them.
  • We regularly update our products due to the latest requirements in Magento 2. We also follow the trends in eCommerce to help users boost their revenue. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.
  • We provide timely support, so you be sure we will take care of your clients.

We are confident in our ability to help other businesses grow. That's why we offer to join our new Partnership program and make a profit.

Get a 20% commission for all orders placed by your clients who bought with referral code!

Besides, we guarantee the showcase of your best project using our products on our blog. We also show our partners on our sites.

Partner with us and keep your clients happy. The more opportunity you have to help your clients, the more trust you build. Please leave comments or Contact Us.

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