Check September updates for 16 Magento 2 modules, and the Argento theme

Check September updates for 16 Magento 2 modules, and the Argento theme

We want to show you everything we released in September 2020.

Our monthly report will introduce the new fantastic Argento design. You’ll learn more about changes in 16 Magento 2 modules.

Keep up to date with all the new releases we create. It is gonna help you enhance the functionality of your store and improve the customer experience.

Argento news that encourage users

We released Argento 1.20.0 in September. This release focuses on adding a new fantastic theme - Argento Home.

New Magento 2 furniture theme

The new theme comes with advanced features, so you can control the look, content, and functionality of your Magento 2 site. The template suits best stores selling furniture, Furnishings, decorating pieces, lighting.

Well, some would say that Argento Home is about a nice color scheme and mild fonts. Other consumers note that the new Elements Page substantially simplified creating blocks in store. You will obviously see the improved look of your site blog, the new Contact Us block, new layered navigation position, and on, and on.  

To learn more about the new amazing template, please go over the How to build a great store with the Argento Home theme article.  

A summary of Argento 1.20.0 release features

  • Small on-image reload button instead of an ugly big button for Magento Captcha.
  • Magento Commerce compatibility (TargetRule module).
  • Prevent content jumping when modal popup is shown.
  • Minor improvements to critical CSS.
  • Reorganized themes editor section of Configuration in Magento Admin. No “Swissup Themes Editor” section. New item “Themes Editor” in the “Swissup” section where you select the theme you need.
  • New option for slider - “Thumbnails” in the Image Slider module.
  • New configuration option to disable reminders for guest customers in Review Reminder module.
  • New option for category page builder - “Layered Navigation position” in Themes editor.
  • Updates for the following built-in modules: Ajax Pro, Ajax Search, AMP, Askit, Easytabs, GDPR, NavigationPro, Pagespeed, ProLabels, Sold Together, Testimonials, SEO Suite.

Now let’s discover what's new we added to the latest versions of our Magento 2 extensions.

Updates for Magento 2 modules

Knowledge Base 1.0.5 release brings changed full FAQ content background on search input focus.

Easy Slide 1.6.0 version received a new option for slider - “Thumbnails”. You can set their sizes and positions.

Helpdesk 1.2.1 improvements:

  • Change ticket edit interface layout (2column-right).
  • Add store encrypted data in DB.
  • Add ticket archive/restore action and interfaces.
  • Add etc/db_schema.xml.
  • Smaller icon and match other icons color.
  • Do not show notification count when empty.

Review reminder 1.1.8 version received the new configuration option to disable reminders for guest customers.

Page speed 1.4.11 the module received the added preloading for custom resources. It works like specifying resources that your page will need very soon. The option will tell the browser the resources, which you want to start loading early in the page lifecycle, before the browsers' main rendering machinery kicks in.

Delivery Date 1.5.3 has got the ability to get delivery information via orders API.

We updated the following modules with minor improvements and fixes:

AMP 1.4.5, Ajax 1.5.12, Ajax Search 1.9.9, Product Labels 1.5.10, Easy Tabs 1.9.2, Delete Orders 1.0.5, Testimonials 1.2.12, Navigation Pro 1.14.9 -1.14.10, Ask It 1.8.4, Sold together 1.6.13.

Updates for Magento module

We still provide support for the previous Magento version. In September we added the improvement to Ajax Layered Navigation 2.6.7 extension. Now it shows inactive categories as well.

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