40+ updates for Magento modules and themes. Review the June monthly report.

40+ updates for Magento modules and themes. Review the June monthly report.

How to show cross-sell suggestions based on shopping cart items on the checkout page? How to show an accordion menu in a sidebar on the category pages?

Responses to those and other inquiries will be provided by the new modules' releases made in June.

There is always more room left for improvement of your website. To help you level-up your online store we keep developing now solutions. Today we will talk about them. Continue to read.

PDF invoice to your customers

First of all, we introduce one of the most excellent modules for your store. Magento 2 PDF Invoices module is about attaching important billing documents such as PDF invoice.

Our extension supports 4 types of PDF documents: Invoice, Order, Shipment, Credit Memo. In addition, it provides you with an opportunity to edit  PDF templates easily with the support of HTML and CSS.

In fact, the M2 PDF Invoices module is a must-have tool that helps to improve the customers shopping experience. Learn more about getting a completely versatile PDF template.

Argento 1.11.0 for Magento 2

The last release includes some style fixes in Argento themes as well as plenty of updates for modules from the template package. Among updated extensions you can see: Ajaxpro — 1.4.7, AMP — 1.3.3, Image Slider — 1.3.3, Easy Catalog Images — 1.4.3, Product Tabs  — 1.5.2, Facebook Like Button — 1.3.2, Hover Gallery — 1.2.0, Hreflang — 1.2.3, Review Reminder — 1.1.1, Rich Snippets — 1.4.2, Seo Canonical — 1.0.3, Seo Urls — 1.5.3, Seo Pager — 1.2.0 , Product Labels — 1.3.2, GDPR — 1.2.0, Product Questions — 1.5.0.  

We wish to address some other Argento modules separately. June updates bring new methods, features, and so on.

  • Ajax Search and Autocomplete 1.7.0 release comes with the new alternative search method for MySQL Search Engine - “LIKE”. It allow searching for strings with dash (-), one-two-character substrings and has other algorithm for relevance. The method can be enabled in module configuration under “MySQL Search Engine” section.
  • Navigation Pro 1.11.1 release brings so many improvements as:
  • Accordion menu added.
  • Nowrap feature improved.
  • Improved backend dropdown layout builder. Now it shows a preview of what customer will see on the frontend when changing children settings or HTML content.
  • Added ability to limit the number of categories to display in the dropdown. When using this option, a ‘Shop All’ link will be displayed if children count exceed the limit. View Megamenu Example.

  • Improved cache cleanup when editing menu settings or create a new menu. No more manual cache update after each operation!
  • New categories are now automatically synced into appropriate menu’s. You don’t need to manually import new categories into the tree!
  • SeoTemplates 1.4.0 updates are:
  • New option for ‘attribute’ directive - max_length (set max allowed length for output). It can be useful for attributes with long content.
  • HTML tags removed from output of ‘attribute’ directive when respective attribute has marked as “html allowed”.
  • New config section “Optimize metadata” where you can set optimal length for metadata.
  • Sold Together 1.6.2 release includes the ability to show suggestions based on shopping cart items.

Magento 2 updates

Absolute theme 1.3.0

Free Magento 2 Absolute theme stays an absolute e-commerce site leader. The latest release includes Magento 2.3 compatibility as well as a huge amount of CSS improvements for:

  • Checkout page
  • Account page
  • Main menu
  • Dropdown styles
  • Search autocomplete
  • Compare toolbar
  • And many-many small fixes

Ajax Search 1.7.0 provides the new alternative search method for MySQL Search Engine - “LIKE”. It allows searching for strings with dash (-), one-two-character substrings and has other algorithm for relevance. You can easily enable the method in module configuration under “MySQL Search Engine” section.

SEO Suite 1.6.0 release brings the updates for the following modules:

  • Regional URLs (hreflang) 1.2.3 provides improved integration with pages for third-party modules - Swissup AskIt, Swissup Highlight and Swissup EasyCatalogImg (departments page).
  • SEO Pagination 1.2.0 includes the new feature that allows adding page number to title of the page where paginated content presented. You’ve also received the improved integration with Catalog Search pages.
  • SEO URLs 1.5.2 includes fixed compatibility with latest Swissup Ajax Search module. “Nothing found” message appeared for any instant search request.

Geoip 1.3.0 module has got 2 new providers: MaxMind Service, IpStack Service

Askit 1.5.0, 1.6.0:

  • Improved storefront styles.
  • Integration with Swissup AMP module that works for both for tabbed Askit blocks and questions pages.
  • Button “Ask Your Question” to show ask question form. Form initially hidden.
  • Fixed error ‘The element with “left” id was not found’ in admin at some Magento instances.

Navigation Pro 1.11.0, 1.11.1 was updated with the following improvements:  

  • Nowrap feature improved. It’s much easier to get it to work with various header types.
  • Fixed invalid order of menu items when nowrap is used.
  • Fixed possible horizontal scrollbar when ‘nowrap’ is used.
  • Fixed invalid custom URL in the menu item, when ‘/’ count is more than 3.

Some other modules were also updated in June. Visit the modules pages to learn more:

Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.5, Easy catalog images 1.4.3, Order attachment 1.3.3, Delivery date 1.4.2, Review reminder 1.1.1, Maintenance 2.0.2, Easy tabs 1.5.2, 1.6.0, Pagespeed 1.2.4, 1.2.5, Helpdesk 1.1.0, Facebook like button 1.3.2, SMTP email 0.2.5, Sold together 1.6.2, reCatpcha 1.2.1, AMP 1.3.3, Ajax Pro 1.4.7, Prolabels 1.3.2.  

Magento updates

Review the recent releases of Page speed 1.3.7, Ajax Layered Navigation 2.6.6, Askit 2.3.18. Keep using them on the way to improving your Magento store usability.

We encourage you not only to look through the new modules and features above but also start testing them. We know the value of every update made in June. Start using today.

Please share your experience with us.

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