15 Magento 2 extensions are now part of Swissuplabs collection

15 Magento 2 extensions are now part of Swissuplabs collection

In January 2016 we have started SwissUpLabs as a brand new way of providing Magento extensions for store owners and developers. In the beginning, some said we are crazy offering our products at such price and terms.

Since our team worked hard in order to maximize value for our clients and help them to succeed. Positive feedback from our clients really helped us to understand that we are on right track.

Just 2 weeks ago we increased our Magento 1 modules collection to 36 modules and today we are proud to tell that we are also adding 15 Magento 2 extensions to our offer.

So let’s check how we can help you to improve your Magento 2 store not paying hundreds of dollars.

First, let’s start with the sweetest part and let’s name all our Free Magento 2 modules that can be installed right away.

  • Product tabs - One of the most popular our free extensions for Magento 1. According to our estimates it was installed more than 40 000 times… This module will help you to add tabs at your store products page. Comes with 9 ready-to-use tab types right out of the box.
  • Easy Catalog Images - Another hot free extension with more than 20 000 installations. This extensions allows to improve your categories navigation of blocks with categories.
  • Testimonials - Allows customers to leave reviews about your store. Provided with easy to use testimonials listing and form widgets.
  • Facebook Like Button - Greatly improve Facebook Like and Share buttons integration.
  • Easy Flags - This small extensions will replace the default magento switcher with nice flag icons.

One can ask - And what about support for that modules?

We are happy to tell that even if you are not using our support subscription you still can place your problem at our forum and our developers will do everything possible to help you. And of course every extension is constantly updated and new features added so you have nothing to lose.

Recent extension pack also contains 10 paid Magento 2 modules that will help to improve your store usability and design. Here you can find more detailed information:

  • Ajax Pro - One of the most powerful Magento Ajax extensions. Enables adding a product to the shopping cart without page reload. Current release is still missing Ajax compare and wishlist features but we are working on it!
  • Sold Together - This addon will help you to improve cross sell strategy of your store. Sold Together will help you to add Customer who bought also bought and Frequently bought together blocks to your site.
  • Rich Snippets - Another extension that will Improves default Magento 2 Rich snippets integration. With that module you have more control and additional features over your store snippets content.
  • Review Reminder - Products reviews helps to increase your sales. This modules helps to get more reviews for your products by Sending email reminders to customers after the order was placed.
  • Product Labels - Prolabels takes full contol over your store labels and supports On Sale, New, In stock and Out of stock labels. Provide support for any type of custom labels.
  • Product Highlight - Adding a custom products listing blocks never was such easy. You can create custom listings based on any attribute and as a bonus you have custom products landing pages!
  • Image slider - Responsive image slider extension based on new javascript library. It’s fast and attractive!
  • Banners and Custom Blocks - One of the most powerfull our extensions. Allows to create unlimited number banners and get detailed statistic about it’s performance.
  • Attributes and Brands pages - The easy way to create brand page or attractive landing page with specific products listing. Provided with easy to use brand logos slider.
  • Ajax Search And Autocomplete - This small extension was very popular for Magento 1 and we really hope that it will also be hot for Magento 2 market. Ajax Search allows to greatly improve default Magento search suggestion usability and efficiency.

If this is too much and you are frightened about the installation process for all 15 modules then you can consider using our Argento theme. Recent Magento 2 Argento release is provided with all this modules tightly integrated and installation process will take just few clicks.

Still interested in what will be next?

Here is great news.

We had a long discussion about either to publish or not Fire Checkout as part of our Swissuplabs extension collection. This discussion is still ongoing for Magento 1 as custom payment and shipping modules usually require a lot of support.

The good news is that our one step checkout extension will be released on Magento 2 on Swissuplabs!

The initial release will be available in 2-3 weeks and will come with all additional features such as custom checkout page, delivery date, order attachment and custom checkout fields modules. The only one downside is that only one from 3 layouts will be migrated. You can ask which one? It really depends on you.

Please share your opinion at our forum and most popular layout will be available first.

The second exciting news is upcoming Absolute template release. It will be bundled with Magento Theme editor and our brand new Theme installer so installation will take just a few clicks.

Still, have an idea or suggestion for our next product? Share it with us and let’s start discussing our next step together.

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