SwissUpLabs offers 36 modules for Magento 1!

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Dear Magento User,

What experience have you had of marketing your business last time? Have you tried out all possible ways of leveraging your magento store?

Have a look at what else can help you to get outstanding website and increase user flows.

We have a story about 36 Fantastic Modules

Sounds awesome don’t you think?

SwissUpLabs is coming up with 36 modules for Magento 1 that will help you to engage existing customers and gain new ones. Fantastic collection is available on our website now.

Get 5 tremendous results by using our modules:

  • Sticky website creation
  • Traffic growth
  • Built-in security features
  • Page loading speed improvements
  • Higher search engine rankings


We have a bargain for you

You can get 36 Modules at once for the price of one! Shh....our accountant doesn't really like this, but we think you and we do.

We like helping people, thereby much more powerful extensions will be around in the near future:

  • Free smtp email module
  • Attributes and Brands pages, CDN modules
  • 15 Magento 2 modules

We have Everything you may ever want to improve your customer experience. However we are still waiting for your brainstorming ideas.

Discover it now...

Your Magento Maniak Team ;-)

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