Optimize the possibilities of Magento 2 with Breeze frontend. Let's collaborate!

Optimize the possibilities of Magento 2 with Breeze frontend. Let's collaborate!

It's better to be in control of many things. When managing an eCommerce site, you deliver a range of services to improve your online sales. And a good partner will help you to go ahead. Let’s be partners. We invite Magento extension developers and web studios to the Breeze partnership.

Our goal is to attract small business owners to the Magento 2 ecosystem. Build and boost! This moto makes us move forward and keep the platform attractive for e-commerce stores. Would you like to surround yourself with people who are more intent on growing the Magento 2 community? See what you’ll gain from collaboration.

Well, Breeze frontend and Magento 2. And why are they so valued for your online presence in 2022 and 2023?

Growing online business with Magento 2

Magento agencies and third-party extension providers work together to build solutions that further mutual success. The community grows up. This is the answer to why it is rational to grow the online business with Magento 2.

If you want your website to bring you more customers, then you need to focus on plenty of things:

  • Improvement of your website's speed and performance
  • The setting of communication with customers channels
  • Choosing the template and extensions to personalize your store
  • Choosing the tools to connect the website to third-party systems

And not only that but luckily Magento online community includes forums, question-answer sites, and blogs. You can go there to get access to people interested in topics associated with your inquiry. Very soon we’ll share with you the one-stop place to help you maximize the potential that eCommerce platforms offer. This is a talk for another article. Anyway, we’ve already created a solution to grow your business on a shoestring budget. More than that, it is 100% free.

Empowering the community to stay competitive

As we have said, we attract small business owners to the Magento 2 ecosystem. To stay competitive and relevant, we all need to rebuild and improve relationships with various partners to become highly functional for clients. Our mindset starts with understanding the importance of optimizing the possibilities the platform offers. We’d like to empower Magento 2 to make it more valued and engaged. From planning to testing. And in the intermediate phases, we tackle the most important challenge nowadays for the Magento community - performance issues.

We all would benefit from faster stores, wouldn’t we? Well-performing website means better visitor engagement and increased sales.

Many companies decided to create their own Magento 2 frontends. We think that this will lead to the atomization of the community. Let’s connect and collaborate efforts!

Using Breeze to reveal new opportunities and advance a store

Now we come to the stage where you can be interested in partnering with us. We created the new FREE frontend for Magento 2 - Breeze. It is 100% free. And we think Breeze's performance is terrific. The results were overwhelming. Breeze frontend is our solution for the easier development of a faster Magento 2 site.

So, what about your involvement in building fast and powerful Magento 2 stores? Using the Breeze solution, you will reveal new opportunities and advance a platform for the Magento 2 community.

We offer to make your modules work with our Breeze front. We guarantee that the integration is easy for any developer who's experienced in Luma. Here are the benefits for you:

  • Effortless process of creating the new child theme
  • Easier development of faster Magento 2 frontend
  • Expanded opportunities in Magento 2 environment

The proven success of our partnership is improving online presence within a few years.

Welcome to use Breeze for your projects. Our developers will be glad to answer any breeze-related questions.

Well, how to start?

If you are an extension developer

Start integrating your modules with the Breeze frontend. Here you can see how our fast and effective Magento 2 frontend works.

So, you can integrate your popular extensions or do integration based on your customers' requests. You can accept ready integration for your extensions from web studios and other developers.

We are proud to announce that first extension developer already decided to partner with Breeze.


This Magento development company comes with 200+ Magento extensions. With their wish to exceed e-commerce excellence, the company continues to provide customers with feature-rich modules and services. Metanshee will offer Breeze integration as part of their standard support. So if you are interested to use Breeze and Meetanshi extensions you should open support ticket at Meetanshi and simply request integration.

If you are a web studio

We invite Web Designers and Web Studios for collaboration. Start using Breeze frontend for your projects. It’s free!

Here you can see more about the Breeze Evolution theme and Breeze Blank theme. We would appreciate it if you contribute integration with third-party modules to the Breeze project.

When making Breeze accessible for everyone, it is now publicly available at github.com/breezefront/. Feel free to contribute or make your branch.

Breeze theme is about not only increased performance but the reduced development cost. As your potential partners, we deliver a smooth development experience to you when creating Magento 2 websites.

See the examples of Breeze-powered stores at https://breezefront.com/showcase.

Just one great collaboration with the right company can have an incredible impact on your business success. Partner with us!

Do you have any idea how we can improve our partnership? Feel free to let us know.

2 thoughts on “Optimize the possibilities of Magento 2 with Breeze frontend. Let's collaborate!”

  • Nirav Gohel

    I would really like to coloration with swissup and really love to work together to achieve and new implementation in Breeze revolution
    Let me ask with my HOD and my Management team regarding this but I really love to start contribution with swissup Breeze front-end
    Let me know how I stand alone can start this

    • Roman B.

      Thank you very much for your interest!

      As individual developer you can really help us.

      First of all you can start participating at Breeze development https://github.com/breezefront/. Right now most critical issue is compatability with third party modules. So if you already done any then you submit your integration to https://github.com/breezefront/module-breeze-integrations

      Also if you have ready projects using Breeze we will be glad to share it with our community.

      And last one we will be glad to see you at our Breeze discussion https://github.com/breezefront/community/discussions

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