October 2016 module updates that will make your website succeed

October 2016 module updates that will make your website succeed

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”, said Anne of Green Gables by L. Montgomery. We are also so glad to release good updates to help your website succeed from October.

We believe you’ve got great results using our September monthly updates rollup. October improvements ensure that you will see new features and modules you can expect to. As usual, the underlying theme of monthly release is improved usability of a store, streamlined checkout process and awesome customer experience.

Sometimes all you need to launch a successful online business is a well done template. The main goal of Argento theme is to be reusable for all business purposes.

Take a look at 18 exciting updates for the best Magento responsive theme.

Argento 1.8.3

The carousel is always good idea to show either nice product image or promotional content. Now you can easily add a nice responsive and mobile optimized carousel to the Argento’s homepage.  

Slick Carousel module comes with 2 carousel types:

  • slick wrapper type can be used with dynamically generated content, such as magento widgets.
  • slick type is calling a carousel on a static content.

With a module you can also transform any product list widget (Magento built-in widgets, Highlight widgets, etc.) into Slick Carousel, use Slick lazy loading feature for static content carousels and set different slider options for different screen sizes.

Furthermore, the version 1.8.3 comes with custom styles for Slick product carousels. Change the carousel look for each Argento design. 

Argento has become the best selling theme thanks to its feature-rich functionality. In October our theme becomes must-have for large websites, indeed. Let's create mega menu like Amazon and help visitors find desired products much faster. Now you can easily group categories into a single drop down menu with Navigation Pro module. Overall, the extension supports a display of:

  • large dropdown with Daily Deals widget and advertising banners
  • simple stacked dropdowns
  • multi column layout with promotional banner

Argento is keeping up with the latest Magento trends. So, the Argento 1.8.3 is compatible with Magento now.

Look at other fixes and improvements in Argento 1.8.3 version.

  • easyslider box-shadow was removed in Flat theme
  • horizontal scrollbar was removed in Chrome between 980px and 990px
  • missing Font Awesome icons after homepage save were fixed
  • products count limit for sidebar related block in Argento Flat and Pure2 themes was added
  • small css and js fixes

Talking about Argento modules updates

  • Easy Color Swatches module comes with improved image swapping method and added Magento 1.9.3 support.
  • Easy Catalog Images - ‘more in
’ translation added in csv.
  • Highlight has got integration with Slick Carousel module.
  • Easy Tabs: fixed scroll to review form; JS file now loaded and executed with defer attribute; no inline javascript.
  • Ajax Pro: catalog category view js script improvements; improved third-party theme’s integration; improved logic to activate current_page in toolbar; updated translations.
  • Navigation Pro: added ability to create Amazon-style menu; added status exception rules into cache key to fix invalid menu on different devices; small css fixes.

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Argento 0.9.4 for Magento 2

When customizing a website, you could really use the built-in theme editor. Now you have good opportunity to change Argento styles easily with Argento Flat theme editor .

You can also see small css fixes to improve css customization in product listing widgets, footer links styles and Argento Flat jumbotrons.

What’s about Argento 2 modules updates?

  • Prolabels: fixed possible duplicate label in widgets listings; improved label loading method.
  • Font Awesome has got added ability to use font-awesome icons for backend modules.

It’s time to discover our Magento modules fresh updates.

Firecheckout 3.8.0

What is the most important thing during a checkout on website? This might actually sound weird, but 67% customers say they really appreciate a variety of payment options. That is why we always focus our attention on adding third-party modules integration to Magento one step checkout extension.

Firecheckout 3.8.0 version allows you to use the additional payment services providers in your store:

  • Dhl_Magentolws integration added
  • Emja_Taxrelief integration updated
  • Gene_Braintree compatibility with step-by-step one column mode
  • Shipperhq_Pickup integration added
  • Shipperhq_Freight integration added

Take a look at one page checkout changes and improvements...

Major changes

  • New, cleaner sections and button styles
  • Billing and shipping address sections grouped into single section
  • Discount section moved into payment methods section
  • Additional information section moved into Order Confirmation
  • Cleaner styles for Checkout Review table

Fixes and Improvements

  • page subtitle feature was added
  • fixed section reload, when checkbox triggered ajax request
  • “Undefined index: description” notice was fixed
  • custom.css moved after all built-in styles
  • review block: product image wrapped into link
  • field instant validation was added
  • Css refactoring: single css file splitted into separate files
  • focus button styles were added
  • small css and js fixes
  • OrderAttachment module was updated to 1.1.4
  • AddressAutocomplete module was updated to 1.1.2

Firecheckout updates are your chances of optimizing your website for conversion. Don’t miss any updates.

We hope you will find some great changes for your Magento stores in the following release. Explore what’s new in other Magento extensions. A little bit further we go on with Magento 2 module updates.

Magento 1

Navigation Pro 1.5.0 changes

  • added ability to create Amazon-style menu
  • added status exception rules into cache key to fix invalid menu on different devices
  • small css fixes

Quick Shopping 1.3.0 improvements

  • iCart integration added
  • better compatibility with third-party HTML minifiers
  • fixed missing previous/next link at the product page
  • improved image swapping, when clicking on colorswatch label

Easy Slider 2.4.1 fixes

  • slides overlay fixed (slides stacked one on other during loading than first slide jumps on top)
  • slider rendering fixed when slider name starts with digit

Ajax Pro 3.3.4 changes and improvements

  • integration with ajax product list in Ultimo
  • styles for cart popup after buying product were fixed
  • use core Magento translations for login form
  • improved image swapping, when clicking on colorswatch label
  • improved logic to activate ‘CurrentPage’ in toolbar
  • translation fixes
  • small js fixes and improvements

Lightbox Pro 1.2.1 changes

  • incorrect initial position of thumbnails in Firefox browser was fixed
  • merge highslide.css with the rest of CSS when Magento CSS Merge enabled
  • fixed Js error that occurs from time to time when Magento JS Merge enabled
  • improved image swapping, when clicking on colorswatch label

Rich Snippets 2.0.4 fixes

  • category name and CMS page name for breadcrumbs was fixed

Ajax Search 1.6.1 improvements

  • improved suggestions popup rendering

Sold together 1.4.1 feature, fixes and improvements

  • hide already ordered products as recommendation in email blocks
  • minor style improvements
  • integration with Swiss Up Labs Advanced Checkout Success page 2.0 extension

Easy Tabs 2.3.7 fixes and improvements

  • js error when all tabs disabled was fixed
  • scroll to review bug was fixed
  • disabling extension from Magento admin was fixed
  • JS optimization
  • small css improvements

Ajax Layered Navigation 2.5.7 changes

  • updated ion.rangeSlider to the latest version
  • sliders responsive design was added

Page Speed 1.2.2 improvements

  • Tm/lazyload package was added
  • lazyload js libraries code was updated

Configurable swatches 1.1.0 changes

  • Magento 1.9.3 compatibility
  • improved image swapping, when clicking on colorswatch label
  • a price reload for ‘_clone’ element on product page was added

Keep reading to see what has changed in Magento 2 extensions...

Magento 2

Askit 1.2.1 fixes and improvements

  • recent Answers grid was added
  • tabs integration was added
  • Captcha integration was added
  • styles improvements
  • redirect referer action logic was fixed
  • block widget getCount was added
  • remove questions title or add text below it, when questions are not available
  • backend grids functionality was tested and fixed
  • MassStatus class name typo fix
  • already existing blocks bug for widget childs was fixed

Product Labels 1.0.14 changes

  • duplicate labels in catalog page were fixed
  • removed Swissup tab description
  • optimized load labels with several loaded product collection in one page

Ajax Search 1.2.0 fixes and improvements

  • Css improvements
  • fullscreen search styles added
  • Less variables added
  • Folded Design configuration was added
  • Ajaxsearch is UIComponent now
  • the default direction logic was fixed
  • broken limit for async was fixed
  • css on small tablets was fixed
  • z-index order in Argento Flat theme was fixed

Image Slider 1.1.0 changes

  • a slider height to match image height was fixed
  • added theme support: Default, White, Black

Products Highlight 1.1.0 improvements

  • ability to show ‘View all’ link in a block title (Like in Argento Flat theme) was added
  • 10px gutter between items was added

Well, that’s all for today. All updates are about to be used at your website. Bring them on and enjoy autumn.

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