Here’s the October monthly report to see the recent updates for Magento 2 modules

Here’s the October monthly report to see the recent updates for Magento 2 modules.

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Interesting to find out, isn't it? The company used our free Breeze Js front. This is one of the powerful Magento 2 solutions for optimizing stores for better performance. SwissUpLabs offers many more modules which we regularly update with new features.

Here is the monthly report to see the recent improvements made in October. Just keep reading.

SwissUpLabs and Meetanshi maximize your website's potential

Since we mentioned Breeze, we'll start with it. In October good news came in the form of Meetanshi's willingness to offer support to Breeze modules. If you buy the Meetanshi product they will offer Breeze integration services for free Check more details in our blog post.

Updates of Argento 1.33.0 release

Here is the new 1.33 release. In addition to the updated 15 built-in modules, we added some improvements.

  • Added Breeze Integrations module to requirements
  • Added Remember me checkbox to sign in popup
  • Fixed broken header links styles after a block was saved in the PageBuilder editor
  • Fixed duplicated photo-in-description image
  • Fixed not working theme editor styles for header links saved with PageBuilder
  • Argento Force: fixed hover image issue when “Image optimization based on query parameters” enabled
  • Argento Stripes: Fixed horizontal scroll at the product page on mobile devices
  • Argento Stripes: Fixed category description position Before all columns after the title in category builder

Look into other updates on modules pages: Ajax Pro — 1.6.13 (was 1.6.8), Ajax Search — 1.13.0 (was 1.11.24), Askit — 1.12.7 (was 1.12.0), Breeze — 1.14.4 (was 1.13.6), Easybanners — 1.9.1 (was 1.8.2), Easytabs — 1.11.0 (was 1.10.4), Fblike — 1.3.7 (was 1.3.6), Highlight — 1.8.3 (was 1.7.30), Hover Gallery — 1.3.11 (was 1.3.10), Navigation Pro — 1.16.16 (was 1.16.14), Pagespeed — 1.5.15 (was 1.5.8), ProLabels — 1.6.21 (was 1.6.20), Review Reminder — 1.1.13 (was 1.1.12), SEO Suite, Sold Together — 1.8.7 (was 1.8.6).

Updates for 7 Magento 2 extensions

Helpdesk 1.2.29 comes with fixes and updated composer requirements.

Review reminder 1.1.13 offers to use now the correct email sender set on store view level.

PDF invoice 1.4.2:

  • Replaced header tag with div to fix broken sales pdf style
  • Fixed missing logo image in PDF templates
  • Displaying order creation date without time by default. Use created_at_formatted_full variable to display it with time.

Ajax Search and Autocomplete 1.13.0:

  • Update breeze theme integration
  • Breeze theme: fix empty space above products list
  • Improved breeze theme integration
  • Update composer requirements

Askit 1.12.7:

  • Prevent string null errors
  • Cleanup messages container before sending new request
  • Cleanup the form after question was sent
  • Update composer requirements

The Page speed 1.5.14 and Ajax Layered navigation 1.3.61 versions got fixes.

In conclusion

It’s apparent that through the last improvements to our Magento 2 extensions you're one step closer to enhancing your store. In addition. the one of leading Magento 2 vendors decided to add compatibility of their modules with Breeze themes for free. So you've got 200+ chances to boost the website for customers.

What was your favorite update on the October report? Tell us in the comments below.

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