Here's a monthly report on July updates for Magento 2 extensions. Go and see how they work.

Here’s a monthly report on July updates for Magento 2 extensions. Go and see how they work.

No matter time of the year, you work to improve your business. Our team works as well, to keep your eCommerce store up to date. Accordingly, we like to tell you what new we did for the website usability and performance in July 2020.

In the post, you will learn more about the new Knowledge Base module. You will see the improvements designed within the Argento theme. We will also show you a list of updates for 19 Magento 2 extensions. You're welcome to read.

New Magento 2 module

The new Knowledge Base extension for Magento 2 comes this month. We created it for many purposes:

  • to reduce the workload on your support team
  • to decrease customer requests
  • to speed up getting product answers for clients
  • to boost your store service
  • to improve the user experience at your website

The new tool includes well-organized interfaces that simplify the process of searching FAQs. With M2 Knowledge Base module, you receive easy to use config settings. For more information, please get to Introducing a new Knowledge Base module blog article.

The new Argento 1.18.0 release

We keep improving our premium Magento 2 theme to boost your site usability. The new options, updates, and fixes are gonna help your customers get the most out of your store service.

Here is a shortlist of what we added in July:

  • Favicons in all Argento themes
  • Playing a video in the product tab
  • Ability to Enable/ Disable product tabs functionality
  • Full-page cache working on AMP
  • Quick product view feature on the product listing

We posted an article about a wide variety of added improvements in the new 1.18.0 release. Go over it to read.

The new updates for Magento 2 extensions

We updated all the following modules with improvements and fixes. In the article, we are gonna show you the most important changes. To see all updates, please visit the page of your favorite extension.

Well, let’s start with SEO Suite toolkit.

SEO Suite 1.9.2 - 1.9.3 version includes updates for the next modules:

  • SEO Images 1.3.5 becomes better in reducing the number of DB queries. The module got a smaller number of queries at the listing. We optimized category page rendering. The previously generated image names preload at product listing.
  • SEO Templates 1.5.12 module now loads only current category metadata at category pages. The category and product metadata update only at pages where it is really necessary. Among other improvements you can see improved performance, a reduced number of queries.
  • SEO URLS 1.5.15 gets the improved TTFB.

Page Speed 1.4.6 - 1.4.7

  • Added alternative recommendations.
  • Added comment for enable_js_bundling config option.

Ajax Search 1.9.6 - 1.9.7 version received the auto checking (isTaxIncludingToPrice) for including tax to the product price.

Ajax Pro 1.5.6 - 1.5.8

  • Added force redirect to cart checking
  • Ability to disable quick view by default

PDF Invoice 1.2.0 version comes with  PDF attachment to email feature.

HelpDesk 1.1.8

  • Added custom grid severity style
  • Added ticket preview
  • Added new ticket indicator

Easy Flags 1.3.2 version was updated with easyflags for store switcher on mobile.

Prolables 1.5.6 - 1.5.7

  • Improved labels rendering on the product page for configurable products.
  • The reduced number of DB queries.
  • The manual labels' preload (warm) on categories.
  • The preload (warm) of stock data for labels.

Featured Attributes 1.1.4 version displays all attributes now. Previously the module displayed only attributes from the default attribute set.

Cache Warmer 1.0.6

  • Added redirect_type=0 filter for indexing.
  • Added product visibility checking for url_rewrite entries.

AMP 1.4.1 - 1.4.2

  • Added bigger slider images.
  • Cookie restriction FPC compatibility.
  • Enabled FPC and added minicart FPC compatibility.

The releases of the following Magento 2 modules include functional fixes as well as minor improvements:

Easy Catalog Images 1.4.9, Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.23 - 1.3.24, Abandoned cart 1.0.1,

Sold Together 1.6.10 - 1.6.11, Hover Gallery 1.3.6, Ask it 1.8.1, Easy Slide 1.5.6, SMTP Email 0.3.8 - 0.3.9.


We hope you like the new improvements to your website. We also hope you start using them right now. It will definitely make your store more effective in the eCommerce area.

We love comments from you. Feel free to share with us your ideas or proposals to improve our Magento 2 software.

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