Get the best Marketplace to sell online. New Argento design is ready!

Get the best Marketplace to sell online. New Argento design is ready!

If you voted for Marketplace, the elections went well. Congrats, new Argento design, on the win.

You love the news, right? Would you like it if we show you now how the Argento Marketplace attracts interest and helps to double revenue?

Then get more information here, in the post. We will explain why the new design has a positive impact on customer engagement and your sales.

The next brand new Argento design

On January 18 we asked you what you expect from the ideal website design.

It seemed important to you to get:

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Easy to use in a store with many catalogs and products.
  • Easy accessibility due to valuable whitespace and clear calls to action.

You might consider the brand new Marketplace theme!

It is a welcome addition to the Argento designs collection. As you remember we offered 8 brilliant templates for Magento 2.

With the new Marketplace theme, we suggest the ninth Argento design. It will definitely help you to find the right website theme for your business.

Marketplace theme menu

We’d like to start with the option that appeared to deliver the greatest user experience right on the homepage. Your visitors will see so many available categories at once.

See how the expanded menu on the homepage looks.

In the Argento Marketplace theme, the “Departments” dropdown will be expanded by default. It is available on the homepage for widescreen devices.

This feature is one of the elements which would help your visitors find the right content right away. They just hover on sub-menu items and click on links. Besides, when expanded, the "Departments" becomes a full-screen menu and still shows all the content on the homepage. Users can keep scrolling the page, and search for more in Argento Highlight blocks or banners.  

The navigation can positively affect your revenue. Argento Marketplace theme is easy to navigate. You might also try the demo to confirm we tell you the truth.

Marketplace appealing design

The website template is a perfect representation of your brand. It should be the best both in function and look. The Marketplace theme appeals to users and has a direct impact on their experience in your store.

Let’s consider a few things why visitors benefit when selecting Marketplace design.

Easy to Use

We keep Argento designs simple. Our Marketplace theme for Magento is designed for eCommerce. It aims to make visitors purchase.

Come see Argento pages. Each section of the template is simple, without elements that take the users away from the call-to-action. Buttons, icons, swatches feature easy-to-use design and give the exact information that the customers are looking for.

Designed for accessibility

There are over a billion users with disabilities or impairments of some type or other worldwide. We want to help our theme get closer to users with low visual acuity or color blindness.

The Marketplace design follows the guidelines of designing templates for accessibility:

  • Titles with big font sizes improve understanding of the order of the content.
  • Sufficient contrast compliance between text and background.
  • Visual cues. Text labels or patterns communicate with a customer better than color.

We state the importance of accessibility in eCommerce themes. Our experience has shown how accessible websites help you to engage a bigger online audience. Argento Marketplace design is about usability and accessibility.

Color palette to encourage interactions

We believe a website template should evoke a particular emotion and influence visitors to make decisions.

The new Argento design impacts users' emotions with its color combination. Marketplace colors get user attention. We used primary colors Blue and Yellow.

The yellow is associated with something hot, joy, and energy. It spurs users into action. The blue represents trustworthiness and loyalty. Visit Argento to feel the mood. You will see how you can boost the desired behaviors of customers with color palettes only.

Along with the color combination, we increased the contrast between colors and the background. Users are much more likely to click a contrasted CTA button. Take a look at our buttons. They make you want to click.

New category list on the homepage

We'd like to pay your attention to the new category/subcategory list on the Marketplace homepage. It is based on Easy Catalog Images module functionality.

The new feature creates a great search and navigation experience in your store. And keep in mind that the Argento Marketplace theme has the same 24 Magento 2 modules in the package.

Find out more benefits of our Magento 2 theme such as Elements Page, Header Editor, Category page editor, Typography page and many others.  

To wrap up

So, you enjoyed Marketplace design? You'd be fascinated by a new theme even more when your website ​takes advantage of ​it.

We showed you the Marketplace theme features that attract interest. Do the colors appeal to you? Does it look simple to move around the pages? Do you like the expanded menu on the homepage?

We've just bombarded you with questions. Of course, but that's normal when we created a new design for you.

We are looking forward to your comments. Start now.

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