6 ecommerce trends worth stick to in 2019. Become different from competitors.

6 ecommerce trends worth stick to in 2019. Become different from competitors.

What are you waiting for the new 2019? Are you wondering what could influence your eCommerce website? We predict you will be first to leverage new trends in your store. Because we're going to share them with you. To help you experience and win.

Your experience will outperform the competition. Just take advantage of 6 eCommerce practices 2019 and build ways to prepare for the coming year.

Customer Satisfaction

Do I innovate and improve a customers experience? Have you asked that of yourself? We hope yes. A positive customer experience is your competitive advantage as well as a consistent trend towards the website success.

Today the term "customer experience" is used in a very broad sense. Here you see store design, website functionality, online access on mobile devices. Nevertheless, one thing is emphasized more than others. We talk about website design.

First impression matters. Did you know that  38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive?

Web design trends 2019 are about creative use of typography, using different colors and textures, and mobile first design. Whether you stick to flat or minimalism design, it should be striking and engaging. It should provide the eye-catching user experience.

Take Argento website design, for example. Argento template design includes contrasting bright colors and illustration with simple imagery and sans-serif fonts. When selecting Argento for your Magento 2 ecommerce, you can choose up to 6 awesome themes. All Argento designs use creative elements that help you encourage your customers to start shopping at your website.

When it comes to mobile-first design, Argento theme is a trendy. It includes 21 modules must-have for providing awesome experience on mobile devices. Picking Argento theme for your website design you will also benefit from the accelerated mobile pages. AMP is about super fast mobile site. We'll talk about it in more detail a bit later.

Speed is the trend that comes up again and again.

Website Speed

People are impatient. The customers who do shopping are just annoyed to wait for the full page to download. With that in mind, we should do all possible to help users make a purchase in minutes.

And here's an interesting statistic: nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed is one of the most important elements of a positive customer experience. This underscores the twofold benefit of considering website speed as eCommerce trend 2019.

If you don't know how to improve Magento 2 store speed, take a look at some tips. You will learn more about:

  • reducing image download size
  • reducing the size of the above-the-fold
  • adding Expires Headers
  • advantages of enabling DNS-prefetch

All these functions are the part of the Page Speed extension. Give your website a good start.

AMP Speed

2019, we also expect as the year of mobile page speed. We have long been convinced that traffic coming from mobile devices keeps growing up. Thus Statista says that in 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce.

It means if we want to interact with mobile users well, we should get tools in advance.

The mobile site performance will speed up and improve if making it fast using Accelerated Mobile Pages support. To create Magento 2 web pages that load quickly on mobile browsers, start on AMP module. 

If you ever needed convincing that your site will benefit from implementing the AMP project, read some tips about AMP benefits for traffic, speed, and overall user experience. It is certainly the trend that drives e-commerce sales.

There is no doubt that the mobile retail community is growing every day. Just like we don't have doubts that we all entering the era of social media shopping. So we have multi-channel selling.

Multichannel E-commerce

The multi-channel strategy offers customers a choice of ways to search and buy products. Many clients enjoy shopping experience via Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, etc. Users find it convenient to use trustful channels to satisfy their needs.  

There are lots of multi-channel sales approaches worth to invest in today. By adding new channels to your sales process, you will be ahead of your competitors. You get an opportunity:

  • sell the same products across additional sales channels
  • get new customers
  • increase sources of income

For instance, by adding the Facebook sales channel to your Magento 2 website, you deliver the personalized experience that customers really expect.

Do you know how to include channels like social media to your store strategy? Add some Magento 2 modules to your multichannel marketing arsenals like Social Login and Facebook Like Button. Let customers use their favorite channels in 2019.

What else e-commerce trends you can't ignore in 2019? We believe product visualization is an area highly appreciated by modern consumers.

Interactive Product Visualization

Improving product presentation is one of the proven ways to increase sales online. You need a product visualization for presentation purpose. What does it stand for?

The winning color combinations, bestsellers or new products highlights which keep customers at the forefront, the compelling product photos, and of course, the product videos. This at least is our view of the matter.

Wyzowl says that 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. Besides, 99% of e-commerce merchants who already use video, say they'll continue to do so in future. So, ultimately, the product video marketing is a trend you need to keep up with.

When watching a video:

  • customers longer stay engaged with your website
  • customers learn more about website products and service
  • users become more confident in online purchase decisions

When adding videos:

  • you improve product views at your website
  • you create compelling visualization
  • you show products in action

Ultimately, you get increased purchase as well as website traffic and conversion. Isn't that your goal in a highly competitive world?

When using Magento for e-commerce, there is a very nice module that allows adding videos on product pages. The Product Videos extension is extremely helpful for adding video tutorials, reviews, testimonial or any other informative video. Try it out to enhance the online customer experience.

What else makes a great customer experience? A secure online service when using a website.

Website security

Why is website security so important? We're assuming that question was rhetorical.

Indeed most of the people prefer to shop at a secure online store. User trust starts with awareness in protected personal information, secured banking details at the checkout page, and so on.

In 2019, the need to prevent your website from common security attacks is more evident than ever. Here is a quick tour of what you can use to avoid the risk of web security attacks.

The best way of your Magento website defense is provided by different security strategies including modules.

The implementation of GDPR requirements is one more important trend to protect your network and users in 2019.

From May 25, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standardizes legislation on data protection across the EU. But each other company based outside of Europe selling online to EU customers is also a subject to GDPR.

Pay attention to GDPR rules and start on M1 GDPR or M2 GDPR modules. And that's when your clients will enjoy shopping in your Magento store without the fear of information theft.

In sum

Are you prepared for growth in 2019? Now you have good ideas on where to focus your efforts. Now you know whether it’s worth investing more in.

You just have to believe that on competitive market users would expect more attractive content, 100% secure shopping, fast and user-friendly site. And that's why we shared e-commerce trends worth stick to in 2019. Go above and beyond your competitors.

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