The new 1.4.0 release of Breeze module is ready to use

The new 1.4.0 release of Breeze module is ready to use

The biggest benefit of having a fast website is how your customers become loyal to your services. So you have constant traffic, satisfied clients and good profits.

To create such a positive experience, we offer you a few extensions to boost your website performance. The modules are required in order to make Magento 2 pages load faster. And our powerful Breeze module is what you may use to enable the fastest frontend for your store.

With each new release, we add to Breeze new features. This aims to expand your website possibilities. Introducing Breeze 1.4.0 release today. Read the post to learn more.

Main highlights of 1.4.0 release

  • Added ability to disable Breeze for specified URLs.
  • Magento_Captcha integration added.
  • Magento_ReCaptcha integration added.
  • Magento_LoginAsCustomer integration added.
  • Swissup_Ajaxpro integration added (Since the shopping cart page is not supported, we use fallback to mini cart content in popup when the shopping cart is selected in configuration).
  • Swissup_ProLabels integration updated (Missing labels on the main product image in third-party themes).
  • Added modal, alert, and confirm components.
  • When debug mode is enabled and ‘?breeze=1’ parameter is set, Breeze will work regardless if the current page is from the excluded URLs list.

You can see we made integration easier. So you may keep using popular Magento 2 features without any effort.

A few fixes

  • Fixed not working ‘Add all to cart’ button on the wishlist page.
  • Fixed js error at customer account page.
  • Fixed not working gallery on wishlist/configure page.
  • Fixed failed form validation when a checkbox with an empty value is required.
  • Prevent layout shift in gallery component when critical CSS is enabled.

With every new release, we are gonna make the Breeze the most required and useful Magento 2 module in 2021.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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