Look at Argento 1.16.0 release for Magento 2. So many cool features are ready to use.

Look at Argento 1.16.0 release for Magento 2. So many cool features are ready to use.

For the safety of our developers and their families, our SwissUpLabs team has been working from home for 2 past weeks. While doing so, we have promised that you continue to receive support and timely updates for our products as usual.

Today we share with you cool updates for Magento 2 Argento template. The improvements your eCommerce website needs. Look at all and choose which ones you like the more.

RTL improvements

Nowadays many managers completely reorganized their business process. Some of them have been launching new products through additional sales channels. When selling products online you have to regard the Hebrew and Arabic existing customers.

Our premium Magento 2 theme states the best for RTL support. Since 1.16.0 release you can also see RTL styles for Argento tabs (homepage).

Improved questions/ answers block

During these times, we also know it is important to the site to be fast and friendly for customers. Thus, you can see the new version of the Magento 2 Product Questions module that comes in the Argento package.

Introducing improvements:

  • questions/ answers block based on Magento UI components
  • simpler and more flexible user interface
  • ability to load the questions list with Ajax request

New configuration settings for easy customizing experience

In the latest Argento release, we added the category page configuration section to the Argento Pure2 theme editor.

Look at the features:

  • easy to change the category page layout
  • easy to change page content width
  • ability to set products per page and list mode
  • ability to configure the number of products in a row for different page sizes
  • ability to see all changes immediately in the page layout preview

Other updates coming with 1.16.0 release

We encourage you to take full advantage of the updates in the recent Argento release. We would appreciate your comments. Please share your experience or other ideas with us.

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