Covid-19 is not the end. Get support!

Need help? We are here for you. Get support. We will cope hard times together.

What are we talking about? With growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, we perfectly understand what you're going through. However, in the face of this tough situation, we still remember that modern customer service is multi-channel. And many businesses now faced an urgent need to move towards eCommerce channels in order to survive.

We are committed to giving you support. Let's see how to be on top of your own online business effect while still social distancing.

To all our current clients! We will cope together.

In contrast to the tough situation, many businesses are facing, e-commerce has a minimum risk of being impacted.

And we do see that many store owners build multi-channel e-commerce channels to keep users engagement as well as interest in whatever they’re trying to sell. This is a good idea. After all, if even people know how to stay in shape at home when the gym is closed, and know a lot about boosting your immune system, they still need support in stuff important for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

We are here for you. For support in your eCommerce business.

We help our developers to stay productive while working remotely. So it means the hard times will not affect our service. We continue our support. We do our best to release updates and new solutions.

Boosting up the eCommerce

Is there something else you can consider as a launching? Are you having trouble coming up with new ways to get more customers? Are you about to quickly launch a store based on Magento 2?  We offer 20% discount on 3 month and 1 year plan that also include free Magento 2 installation services.

Whatever you wish, we are ready to:

  • come up with a list of tips that will actually work
  • deliver special offers and service
  • help on each individual case

Furthermore, we have a free special offer for all non-profits organizations in the health industry and organizations that help to fight results of the pandemic. This is a free 1 year package that includes free installation services. Let us know if you need more details.

We are already familiar with your business model, so it would be easier to collaborate. In case you need help, please contact us.

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