Introducing Page Speed 1.4 release. Get automating image optimization and little extra functionality

Introducing Page Speed 1.4 release. Get automating image optimization and little extra functionality.

Website speed. Image optimization. These topics are always of current concern for eCommerce sites. That's why we keep searching for solutions to help your store avoid speed issues but to get a high-performance site instead.

Introducing Page Speed 1.4 release. A new way for image optimization. New config option to test page speed score right from the backend. Keep reading to see more.

ANALYZE button

Since 1.4 release you can see added Analyze button in Page Speed module configuration.

It allows for testing Magento 2 page speed score right from the backend.

A new way for image optimization

We updated our module to help you reduce your page speed load times. One of the proven ways is optimizing images.

Basically, there are multiple image size optimization ways included in the M2 Page Speed module. You can read about in the article or on the module page.

In the new release, we added a new additional improvement. Cron jobs will optimize your images automatically once in a week. It saves time because you don't need to do it manually.  

Optimized images improve the speed of loading pictures. It results in reduced page speed load times and consequently in positive user experience at your store.

"Filename/limit filter" settings

We added the filename filter argument and limit filter argument to ‘images: resize’ console command. It means you can execute a command with the limit and filter options by filename.

That way you optimize only the images you need on the homepage, for instance. No need to wait a day or two.

1.4 release fixes

  • Fix (remove) empty data-type=”criticalCss”
  • Move duplicate code in abstract class (custom config fields)
  • Added comments about heavy server load for some features
  • Add ‘data-srcset’ attribute to prepare a list in WebP optimizer

With the latest Page Speed release, you receive new opportunities that contribute to speed up the page load. Thus you enhance the user experience in your store which leads to conversions.

We know you like to share your comments and rate the products you love. Visit the Magento 2 Page Speed module page, or submit your comments below.

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