Hello, Argento Force. We bet the new design will make you exclaim out loud. Test it now.

Hello, Argento Force. We bet the new design will make you exclaim out loud. Test it now.

Looking for inspiration for site remodeling?  Launching a new one? Whatever you've been up to, pay attention to the news today.

We came up with new professional and neat Argento design. New Force theme was created for effective presentation and promoting your online store. But mostly it was designed with a purpose: make your online site content intelligible and pleasing to the eyes.

Argento Force is a creative mix of inspiration, excellent performance and tricks of typography. Continue reading to be astonished.

Typography is an invisible art that still matters

We believe the typography gives a certain character to your website design. The fonts you choose, the way you arrange letters, the entire visual overview of the information you deliver to visitors matters.

Argento Force theme provides the large font size that immediately catches visitors attention. Universally readable and visible.

The same can be said of the buttons. Creative button styling and ample contrast. With Force design, the buttons change the color on hover, that definitely helps users focus on action.

The effective color palette also impacts the user experience. Argento Force color combinations are particularly easy to visually accept. Furthermore, the mix of yellow and black enables powerful contrast and stimulates exciting emotions to make the user be ready to take action.

Argento Force big font sizes and higher-contrast are the #1 Like for web users. The remarkable design will get visitors to remember your website and come back, again and again.

Whitespace is for modeling a smooth user experience 

Wishing to create something elegant and clear while improving user experience, we included more whitespace in Force design. All the elements were organized in a way to build smooth user flow that will guide visitors attention to certain elements needed to purchase a product.

We combined such elements as menus, images, captions, etc. when still leaving more space between them. This will help your customers receive a positive and facile experience in interacting with your website

Unique Force style with rich UX elements

The new Force design has the power to make your website look stylish and beautiful while keeping it totally functional. As we said we've paid a lot of attention to details all over the theme.

Being passionate about images, we placed an additional product image in the product description tab.


Keeping the usability in mind, we improved the search box. You can see the change of bar color when the user is ready to enter a search query. Search bar with dropdown results has got a new neat and tidy look.

Get inspired by pixel-perfect creative labels design. Blurry boundaries within a unique look, make them catch your customer's eye at once.

With Argento Force, you also get custom layered navigation block. With Argento Force, you also get custom layered navigation block. Such design navigation makes a customer's experience easier and more effective.


That's good advice for store owners who wish to build the best Magento 2 layered navigation. We collected tricks on using multi-filters which are used by famous companies worldwide. Look at their experience.

In summary, we would like to say

Check out the new design! We're all, on a personal level, really thrilled to bits by the idea of using Force design. We bet it will help you to engage more clients.

Waiting for your "Awwww" comments.

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