FireCheckout brings new powerful features. See 1.26.0 release

FireCheckout brings new powerful features. See 1.26.0 release.

Following the topic of improving the page load time, we’d like to focus on the checkout page today. We added the new features to the FireCheckout module.

Besides speed optimizations, in the 1.26.0 version, you got the functionality that helps users enter the required data faster and easier. This all creates the best possible customer experience in your store. Let's do it.

Checkout page speed optimizations


We reduced checkout page load time for the first-time visitors.

This was made possible because of the new option in FireCheckout configuration.

When Prefetch is implemented, the modul preloads JavaScript resources, so the checkout page gains additional performance.  

Improving loader

We improved a loader when waiting for email address validation. Thus it decreased timeout to wait before email validation.

The next updates for FireCheckout 1.26.0 aim to help users to complete the checkout fields in a convenient and quick manner.

Email step

We separated steps in Magento 2 one-page checkout. With the new feature, you can move the email field to the separate “Email” step. This option is available when using a 1-column Multistep layout only.

With the Email step, you can capture the user’s email address and then use it for shopping cart abandonment campaigns. We have also to remind you about the FireCheckout Analytics feature. It allows for analyzing your customers' behavior patterns at every checkout step.

FireCheckout module updates

The new features for the Address Autocomplete module also make the checkout process faster for your customers.

Since the 1.5.1 release we added:

  • Autocompletion on a postcode or street address field. When using, the module will search for an address by postcode.
  • Geolocation detection feature. When enabled, the module will ask permission to access browser location API and fill the form with a detected address.

With also updated the next modules:

Checkout Cart — 1.5.7 :

  • Fixed errors with Smile_GiftSalesRule module.
  • Display SKU label.

Checkout Fields — 1.5.4

  • Updated de_DE locale.
  • Fixed error on custom grids - improved third-party modules compatibility.

Minor bug fixes in 1.26.0

  • Fixed possible missing agreements above the place order button when the button is moved below the payment section in 1-column layout.
  • Fixed missing place order button below payment section on small tablet devices.
  • Small CSS fixes.

With the new features added, the FireCheckout module increases the effectiveness of checkout flow in your store. Both speed and usability improvements boost conversion rates. Thereby besides happy customers, you have higher revenue.

Stay tuned for more updates. We are still waiting for comments and suggestions from you.

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