Bring your site up to date with Magento, 2.2.7, 2.3 compatibility news

Improve Magento store performance with Argento theme. New M1 1.12 & M2 1.7.1 versions are up for it.

Magento's watching us! We're watching your website. All we have to do is just meet your requirements and Magento news halfway.

So, where were we? Magento team announced the latest version to help your business grow the success in 2019. Magento 2.3.0 came up with new tools, features, and benefits.  

We indeed support the innovations. That is why we updated all our Magento 2 extensions to ensure those are compatible with the recent release. The post will be also about Magento Open Source and Magento Open Source 2.2.7 compatibility. Keep reading to learn more about important things.

Magento 2.2.7 news

The Magento Open Source 2.2.7 release comes with 30 critical enhancements to product security, over 150 core code fixes and enhancements, and over 350 community-submitted pull requests.

Let us focus on a few important points:

  • The display of a success message when a user successfully updates a wishlist.
  • The display of the wishlist icon on the shopping cart page on mobile devices.
  • Sorting bundle summaries according to the criteria set in the Admin.
  • An improved and correct width for the welcome email when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Customers can no longer place orders for out-of-stock products.
  • An improved general usability of the core code.

Visit the Magento docs to learn more about all release notes. You can be sure our modules work well with the Magento 2.2.7 compatibility.

Magento 2.3 news

The latest Magento 2.3 version delivers the following enhancements:

  • Page Builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. In short, the tool allows creating new pages, improving products and categories, and launching content updates quickly without the help of a front-end web developer.
  • Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) provides improved operational efficiency when managing inventory across multiple physical locations from the Magento admin.
  • PWA(Progressive Web App) Studio project is changing the way of building mobile experiences. It provides the tools that will help you to deliver fast and reliable app-like mobile commerce.

Among additional updates you can see:

  • Support for new fulfillment shipping services and expanded global availability.
  • A flexible and performant storefront API - GraphQL was integrated into the Magento API ecosystem.
  • New scalable APIs enable better control over the timing and execution visibility of API calls.
  • A declarative schema for easier upgrading and installation process.
  • Improved indexing performance.
  • New security tools as Google ReCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication.

A more detailed description of the improvements used is given on the official Magento website. But the main thing you need to know is that we updated our flexible Magento 2 extensions to be bundled with great features. We ensure the full compatibility with Magento 2.3 release.

When it comes to PWA tools support, we state the following:

"We are very thankful for that. In any event, we roll up our sleeves and start putting into action the Magento PWA support in future releases. The main goal is to help our customers deliver a superior mobile experience that boosts conversion rates."

Magento news

We have also updated our Magento extensions and customizations to avoid possible compatibility issues with Magento Open Source  We ensure all components are also compatible with PHP 7.2. As you probably know PHP 7.2 has been released to bring better security and code handling.

All the modules are compatible with Magento Open Source

In the end, we'd like to say that we believe in Magento powerful functionality. It helps us make your websites better. We are sure it is for the success of your business. Do you agree?

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