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Lightbox Pro

Version 1.3.2 Release notes

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View the fantastic product images in full size. Allow your visitors to enjoy store products showcased in the Magento lightbox window. If you’re aiming to improve the web site usability and increase the conversion growth - Lightbox Pro with Image gallery support is going to be an efficient solution.

Our module provides you with a very simple and customizable lightbox that will ideally fit any Magento store. Replace the default Magento zoom with product lightbox and you’ll see the store offerings look better than ever. Apart from appealing images you can output the ajax based lightbox window with HTML content.

With Lightbox Pro extension you’ve got completely configurable image sizes, overlay and animation style settings. Now your visitors have a nice opportunity to open a few lightbox popups at the same time. This will help them compare product features and make a positive purchase decision faster.

Through the module backend you’re also allowed to change image gallery settings. You can easily add an attractive gallery by using LightboxProGallery widget.

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