What are the tactics that work for all eCommerce? See how the BIS company established its brand

What are the tactics that work for all eCommerce? See how the BIS company established its brand.

What do we want to discuss today? New feature or module? No. We'd like to share a success story of collaboration with great accomplishments.

Beaver Industrial Supply - is a huge U.S. online seller of machinery, tools, and supplies. Customers worldwide can buy products through the main site and 20 more branded stores! Our company has an amazing experience in maintaining them.  

For now, consumers praise the BIS for affordable prices. Users observe high-quality products and trouble-free website. SwissUpLabs's happy to meet their demands for all-inclusive customer support. We appreciate the Beaver Industrial Supply for collaboration. Today we invite you to read more about our general projects. We worked on custom design. We provided installation of third-party modules, and help in developing new features on demand.

We thank you for engaging with us

Well, our partnership started in 2015. To reach out to customers online, the Beaver Industrial Supply chose the Argento theme, installed on Magento 1.

The choice fell on Argento because of fast loading speed and a robust set of customizable features first. BIS company considered the Argento matches their expectations. So they picked it up to build an e-commerce business model that attracts.

During the entire period, for years, we were happy to help the client with updates and general support. We want to say we appreciate all BIS team members in our successful long-term collaboration.

We told you about how we and BIS started. Let's see what did it expand into.

Migrating to Magento 2: consultancy, guidance, dedicated support.

It is well known that Magento is famous for its constant updates. The team delivers them for better performance and security. With the newest technologies, the Magento 2 version has become a must-have to be migrated to.

We appreciate the BIS company for trusting us. They accepted our help in the smooth migration of the older Magento to the latest. That's how they began cooperating with us. BIS chose our SwissUpLabs company as Magento Consulting And Web Design Services provider.

If you need more information about dedicated customer support, here is a part of possible services:

  • Magento 2 migration
  • Continuous development and upgrades
  • Magento 2 consultation for store managers
  • Security audit and improvements
  • Custom design development
  • UI improvements

Thus the Beaver Industrial Supply saved time and lots of effort. At the same time, the company prevented their team from tasks external to their job.

Enjoy the BIS Magento 2 site. It is up-to-date and is functioning perfectly.

Maximizing opportunities with minimum efforts

As a follow-up to the Magento upgrade service, we took up other support duties. It was a good experience for everyone.

Beaver Industrial Supply site consists of 20 stores. They're hosted on the same Magento installation dedicated to different brands. The company requested help in:

  • Netsuite integration using farapp.com
  • Integration with Sucuri cloud-based security provider
  • Installation and configuration of multiple third-party modules while getting in touch with all those providers.

Dedicated customer support is about fostering the individual likes and wishes of the customer. Every single request matters. Within long-period and comprehensive customer support we' re glad to do what we should do. We tried to keep that effective experience between the company and the customer.

Providing on-demand customer service

Remote customer support becomes even more scalable in case of users' awareness. They should know for sure the features they need for improving their website.

BIS team has been always focused on usability and perfect customer happiness. Much of the credit for what we have achieved in implementing new features and methods go to the company's ideas first. Now you can see the functionality we made first for them for request.

  • The new alternative search algorithm for our Ajax Search extension. The method shows the most relevant and exact suggestion related to a user's search query.

  • Attractive Newsletter popup in Easy Banners
  • ReCaptcha for the newsletter subscription form
  • Sticky product tabs on the product page

  • The brand new module that helps to reduce links. Due to the Magento requirement, the URL path should be no longer than 255 characters. Our Refined Url solution is really helpful for stores with very deep category trees and/or very long product URLs.

All that we implemented in our Magento 2 modules and themes. It has benefited all our customers.

And furthermore, to show the power of Argento theme customization, you may look at the BIS website again. Read more to learn about custom web design experience with our client.

Getting the most for branding with template customization

Website design is one of the primary factors which affect online shopping behavior. The design should combine high-quality imagery and great typography. The powerful color palette and delicate utilizing white space.

The BIS site sells a vast number of tools and accessories. Evidently the company craved to create a high-quality presentation of many product catalogs.

Since Autumn 2019, within the collaboration with our designer’s team, their site has got a new bright experience. Customized icons and illustrations. Fonts that speak stylishly across all pages. Color combinations that cause the right emotions and increase branding.

We found new interesting ways of making the BIS pages engaging and interactive. One of some of the cool design elements is a catchy red element like a drill on the popup banner.

On the whole

In this article, we told you how we’d implemented the Beaver Industrial Supply company's suggestions. For years they have been an invaluable part of our daily plans of growing. When adapting our theme to their changing requirements, we made the Argento theme even more powerful.  

In fact, we want to say thank you to our new and returning customers. You all inspire our team to come up with some exciting solutions that help any e-commerce business grow.

We believe that all these decisions develop customer happiness and loyalty. Do you agree with us? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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