We enhanced Magento 2 brands and attributes pages module. View more details.

We enhanced Magento 2 brands and attributes pages module. View more details.

Do filters on product listing pages matter? Do you want to let customers use filters on attribute-based pages? How will you like it when users will see even the option description at the product page? Would you like to let visitors choose among multiple values for an attribute's option?

If the answer is yes to all 4 questions, go and read about the new 1.3.0 version for Attributes and Brands Pages extension. But in fact, the last release includes far more than we mentioned at the beginning.

So, first things first.

We added an absolutely new tab "Option pages settings" to the module configuration. You can see it when modifying the Attribute page in the backend. Let us describe the benefits of the new Tab field.

Filtering possibilities on Attribute Based page

Layered navigation is now available on attribute/brands pages. The new option is configurable.


We tested setting filterable values for attributes in the layered navigation on the following modules:

  • Magento_LayeredNavigation
  • Swissup_AjaxlayeredNavigation
  • Amasty_Shopby

With the layered navigation block on Magento 2 brand pages, it will be easier for visitors to choose the required product options. Thus they can enjoy a faster catalog navigation experience.

Expanded product's attribute filters collection

The next new option of the release brings a wider range of attribute filters. What if you offer users to choose between “Red Adidas Shoes”, “Small Burberry Dresses” right on the attribute/brand page.

We added the ability to apply additional filters for product lists on option-based pages. Now you can create a product filters collection with Option Page settings.

Ability to use placeholders for Option-based page title

Let's fasten the adding titles for option-based pages. We added the ability to use placeholders for Option-based page title: “Red {{var option.label}} Shoes”, “Small {{var option.label}} Dresses”, etc.

For instance, you might have wanted to provide customers with 2 Gucci dress pages. Even so, the first one will display the XS Dresses collection and the second one the M Dresses collection. Now there's no need to open an option-based page of the same product attribute. In our case, we should have opened the XS Dresses and M Dresses pages one by one to change the titles.

And now you can specify different titles directly in General settings for the Option-based page. There you'll use the placeholder variables to set the different titles to the options pages.

Short description for the attribute option

Another update helps you to provide customers with a more convenient user experience on the product page. As you may remember, our Magento 2 Brands Pages extension enables the display of a product option block. You can add a widget to the page where you want the block to appear. For instance, customers might see the block to the right of the main product image.

You can use it to show the brand logo, the well-known label or badge for any product attribute, etc.

Generally, with configuration settings you can:

  • show option as a link or as a plain image or text
  • show "View All" link next to the attribute image/text. It will navigate users to a specified Attribute-based page.
  • add the product option block via PHP, layout XML update, or widget.

Since the 1.3.0 release, we added a “Short Description” field to the Content tab in Option page settings. There you can specify a description that will be shown below the corresponding option in the Product Option block.

Then you can enable/disable the description in the “Attributepages: Product Option” widget.

Easier way to group brands on Attribute-based page

Here's the ability to sort brands manually. You can set a sort order now in the Options tab on Attribute page. Previously you could see the attribute options arranged in only an alphabetical order.

Well, how could you use the new update?

For instance, in such a way you may highlight the product collections you need to sell first. Either, you may promote the content unique for your store by putting the relevant products on the top of the attributes list.

At the end of the release news, we'd like to show the list of minor but also important updates for our Attributes and Brands Pages extension for Magento 2. There’re:

  • Performance improvements when rendering options list.
  • Full Page Cache automatically invalidates the corresponding brand page, after you made some changes in the backend.
  • Breadcrumbs are now using the “Title” field. Before it used “Page Title”, which wasn’t intended.
  • Brands slider is now using Swiper library instead of SlickCarousel.
  • “Title” and “Layout” columns in the backend grid are hidden now by default. You can still show them via the “Columns” menu above the grid.
  • Added mass status action to backend grids.
  • Fixed not working search in backend grids.


We hope you are gonna use the new possibilities of the module right now.

You already know there's a nice chance to deliver a better customer experience on your Magento 2 brands and attributes pages.

Please share your comments about the new release. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our products in the future.

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