We added Cookie consent feature to M2 GDPR module. See why it's important to use.

We added Cookie consent feature to M2 GDPR module. See why it’s important to use.

The main purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to protect personal data. As much as cookies can identify a person through his device, we consider it as personal data, too.

Cookie consent. That's the article topic we have for today.

In 1.3.0 release our Magento 2 GDPR module received the advanced Cookie consent settings. Dive into the post to know more.

Why are you required to get a cookie consent from a customer?

In case, your company is operating within the EU, your eCommerce site must follow the requirements established in the GDPR rules. In fact, the General Data Protection Regulation law protects personal data and user privacy. And you definitely need to gain consent from customers to use their data.

As a part of personal data collection, your store usually uses cookies to track your visitors. That's why Cookies' consent is an essential part of the GDPR compliance strategy.

Besides the fact you need to follow GDPR rules to lawfully run your site, you would probably want to provide a trustworthy service to all of your customers. And here Cookie consent comes. It is about:

  • users understanding the fact that the IP address might be collected and stored.
  • users right to give consent for gaining data or deny

To comply with GDPR, please note that you have to get sure you received visitors' consent before using any cookies. You still have to allow them to access your store service even if they deny to allow the use of certain cookies. Read more about Cookie compliance.

Get cookie consent feature with our module

Actually, our M2 GDPR module brings compliance with the GDPR rules by providing your website with GDPR-friendly forms.

Since 1.3.0 release, we added advanced Cookie settings to the extension. As a result, you've got an easy-to-use solution to comply with all cookie regulations.

Cookie banner

Let's start with how it looks in practice. You will show a cookie banner to users' at their first visit. Thus you allow them to give consent.

Within the banner functionality, you link customers with your site cookie policy. Our module enables Cookie bar banner in minimalistic and full display modes:

  • You can show users just a consent button to let them accept. There is also the link to the Cookie settings page to help visitors learn more.

  • Or you can show short information about cookie purpose and usage. Then the customers will be able to give consent to all by clicking the button, or accept the preferable cookies by ticking checkboxes and save.

Cookie consent feature settings

Please focus on the other settings the M2 GDPR module comes with:

  • It blocks all optional cookies until the visitor accepts to consent.
  • Ability to regularly check if all cookies that are used on the site are in the consent list. All unknown blocked cookies automatically added to the backend list.
  • Ability to modify the content for Cookie banner and Cookie settings page.

  • Ability to register an unlimited count of additional cookies and groups.
  • Separate Cookie Registry page to control cookie settings.

See some benefits for customers:

  • Cookie settings are available on the customer account page.
  • When the user creates an account, guest cookie consent automatically links with this account.

In summary

We offer you to start using the new Cookie consent feature as soon as possible. Now you understand how you can easily inform users about the purposes of the cookies.

With our M2 GDPR module you get the ability to provide a detailed overview of the cookies in use. You have a tool to allow users to freely give consent without interrupting the entire browsing process. Ultimately, the extension helps you yo make your site compliant with the GDPR and still collect personal data for improving your business strategies.

If you would like to share your comments and suggestions on the functioning of new feature, please drop us a line.

We appreciate your feedback.

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