Here is an updated list of powerful Magento 2 modules compatible with Breeze front

Here is an updated list of powerful Magento 2 modules compatible with Breeze front.

If we were you, we'd focus on updates that make a difference in the future of your eCommerce store. When striving to bring your website to a higher level, you work on performance first, don't you? The whole Magento 2 community is with you. And our developers keep working to help you, too.

Today we present more modules compatible with the fastest front - Breeze. Famous software companies work on module compatibility to help you expand functionality in Magento 2.

So, don't be ignorant and learn more about powerful Magento 2 extensions that are perfectly compatible with Breeze front.

Powerful Magento 2 extensions compatible with Breeze front

If you've chosen a fast Breeze front to overcome the competition in the market, here is the updated list of modules compatible with our modern and well-performed front.

Luckily Breeze themes have a simplified structure, that makes them a ground to add new features in a short time. Many developers have decided to add compatibility of their Magento 2 extensions with Breeze Themes. Let's mention them step by step.

  • Full Page Cache Warmer module by Mirasvit adds pages to the cache. It supports almost any types of pages and allows for creating lists of specific pages for cache warming. It will decrease server load and speeds up cache warming. The module is Compatible with Varnish Cache, default File Cache, Redis Cache.
  • Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel module by Mirasvit stands for eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics for your store. The extension enables the implementation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for extended reports. You can measure how often products are viewed by users and monitor events for customer groups and product variants. The module allows adding custom dimensions and metrics. It will help you to send to Google Analytics nearly all information available on the page of your store.
  • Sphinx Search Ultimate extension by Mirasvit is a set of 4 modules to enhance a search for products in your online store. It proves to show search results for any language and automatically correct typing errors. With the module, you receive support for category names, custom options, and associated products search. You can also create your vocabulary of stopwords and synonyms.
  • Out of Stock Notification module by Amasty is about informing clients and guest visitors about product stock status and price changes. It makes it possible for you also auto-notify admin of low stock and new subscriptions. Among features, you can see the possibility to enable stock and price subscriptions. You can activate a subscribe pop-up for guest visitors and monitor customers' behavior with an analytics dashboard.
  • Automatic Related Products module by Amasty helps you to show related product offers based on the history of views or purchases. It can be a showcase of bundle packs with fixed or percentage discounts on a specified CMS page. You can display items on the catalog, product, shopping cart pages, and custom positions. You can even monitor related offers with advanced analytics.
  • Shipping Calculator module by Landofcoder helps customers to check the shipping cost for a product. With the extension, you can show the button Estimate shipping on each product detail page. The module enables estimating shipping rates for each product based on postcode. It works well with multiple shipping methods.
  • Blog extension by Magefan is about creating blog posts with perfect navigation through articles. You can easily manage posts, categories, tags, comments, and authors from the Magento admin panel. It is even possible to create a news section on your store. No more need to install WordPress to have a blog in your store.

By the way you can  follow the integration process of this module in practice.

  • Magento 2 installments module by DaviBackendorf enables the display of the installment values and discounts on the front end. With the extension, you can show the lowest parcel in the cart, show all installment options on the product page and configure price templates for the main catalog pages. Support of multiple discounts and a maximum number of installments.
  • Bundle Product Options Image - Popup - Collapse module by Ulmod allows for displaying images in addition to names and prices on each bundled product. So it will be the Name, SKU, image, short description, and description of bundle products items/options in a popup. The extension supports all input types of bundle product options as well as sliders for their images. With the module, you can also expand and collapse bundle product options in the frontend.

You have also to remember that all Magento 2 modules by SwissUpLabs are ready to deliver the greatest performance by being compatible with Breeze. The only exceptions are LightboxPro and Page builder modules.

What about other modules' compatibility with Breeze front?

Well, we’ve already told you the famous companies are willing to integrate its extensions with Breeze on request. In our previous article, we announced the Meetanshi modules' compatibility. Read the post to know more about our great partner in improving store presence in Magento 2 environment.

Is there a module missing in the list? We mean you still need another extension compatibility according to your store requirements.

The question is now: "Is there a module missing from the list?"

That means when you need another extension compatibility, you may always request integration. We understand that the functional demands of your store may vary. So please contact us and we'll make the required module compatible.  

We invite extension developers to submit integrations of your modules with Breeze front. This is essential to ensure the Magento 2 stores' winning strategy in the global competition. To win in performance and therefore in profits, we suggest pulling efforts together.

Expanding the opportunities of eCommerce sites is always a good idea. What are your thoughts on the Breeze front? Any advice on new modules adding?

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