Get the address verification feature within FireCheckout 1.30.0 release

Get the address verification feature within FireCheckout 1.30.0 release.

Our clients highly value a simple and quick checkout page as it leads to boosted conversion. The FireCheckout features guide the users during the entry process, so they are less likely to abandon the page because of issues.

Just because someone doesn’t offer this feature doesn’t mean your customers don't need it. We mean by this that the FireCheckout module adds new options with every new version. By the way, our module is fully compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.5 version. Read the post about the 1.30.0 release.

Address verification feature

Our developers understand what helps users complete the purchase faster. And here is the new module added to the Firecheckout bundle.

The Address Validation module provides shipping address validation. Let's see why it is important.

When you run an eCommerce business and sell your products worldwide, you’ve probably met the issues with incorrect shipping addresses. First, the undelivered shipments can make a big difference in realizing customer satisfaction and hinder the growth of your business. Second, it takes time to contact customers to confirm the correct address and fix the delivery mess.

Validation of the user’s address during the checkout flow can help avoid these issues. Address verification performs a real-time check. Thus your customers may amend typos in time.

For address verification, the Address Validation leverages the USPS API. Look at the module options:

  • Works with the US addresses only.
  • Works only at the checkout page and validates shipping address only.
  • Works with standard and firecheckout pages.

Other help in the data entry validation process

Here we'd like to remind you about other FireCheckout features helpful in the data entry validation process.

Address autocomplete module helps with filling address forms, using google maps API features. Your customers get already ready autocompletion based on the street address and postcode values.  

GeoIP module automatically detects the clients' Country, Postal Code, Region, and City on checkout and customer account pages.

Checkout VAT extension allows you to validate the VAT field in checkout shipping and billing address forms using VIES validation service.

This article told you how to easily guide the users through the data entry process with the FireCheckout features. With simple yet effective options to simplify your checkout page, you will definitely optimize your online business and add more revenue.

Keep us updated if you have more suggestions for improving the checkout page.

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