Excellent checkout ideas to try in your store. Get them with FireCheckout 1.13.0 release.

Excellent checkout ideas to try in your store. Get them with FireCheckout 1.13.0 release.

What happens when the visitors have to check out at your store? There are two ways. The first one is when your customers go through the checkout process and complete a purchase successfully. The second is when users just leave the page.

The second scenarios is not about us, isn't it? We are so confident with it because we know you use the FireCheckout module in your Magento 2 store. It means you have a foolproof way to prevent checkout page abandonment.

Today we came with excellent checkout ideas provided by new FireCheckout 1.13.0 release. Just keep reading.

New release provides amazing new features, a variety of visual improvements, stability improvements and bug fixes, the updates for FireCheckout built-in modules.

New features

3 new themes added.

For now, the FireCheckout module includes four themes to use: Default, Light, Midnight, Round.

You can select the one you liked to make the checkout match your entire website design. Now everybody's got a choice as to how to style a checkout page in the best way.

Stylish tooltips

The FireCheckout page can't be unmatched for good usability. So in the recent release, we've added one more user-friendly option. Now your customers will see the tooltips if an error happens when filling some address fields.

The module allows switching between awesome Tooltips mode and Magento default notices and errors below the fields. The new feature is a very good point both for UI an UX terms. A hint will explain to a customer what's wrong. That will help to input the correct data and complete filling the checkout fields faster.

Configurable order review section added

Now you can enable Show order review option in the FireCheckout configuration. That allows you to show an information about shipping address and shipping method above the cart items block. The feature will help your customers to review all terms of the order just to be more confident before submitting an order.

Nice CSS spinner

We’ve replaced the default ajax loader image with nice CSS spinner. Now your customers will see an animated loading circle each time the checkout page got updated.

Additional content changes

With FireCheckout module the adding content to the checkout page is very easy. All you need is to choose a position where you want to show your content.

As you know, your favorite Magento 2 checkout module includes "Additional content section". The 1.13.0 release comes with some changes of a section:

  • “Below order summary” section will now appear above “Place Order” button
  • The new content section added: “Below place order button”.

Now let’s look at some release enhancements that give users a visual checkout process.

Visual Improvements

  • Improved credit card form styles for known payment methods: Authorize.Net, Braintree and other methods that use standard CC form markup.
  • Improved “Sticky sidebar” performance, used for 1-column checkout page layout.
  • Added ability to change a background for “chrome-“ autofilled fields with @fc-form-field__autofill__background-color less variable.
  • A FireCheckout 1-column container will inherit its width from theme when the page layout is set to ‘Default’ or ‘Full’. (Previously, 1-column layout always used narrow container.)
  • Tons of tiny perfection improvements like vertical alignment between blocks, equal spacing around the elements and button-set alignments.

Stability improvements and bug fixes

  • Small CSS and JS fixes
  • Fixed js error in IE browser
  • Improved compatibility with third-party payment methods (Tested with SagePaySuite and Braintree)
  • Fixed missing/invalid tax after changing region or postcode
  • Fixed multiple “saveShippingInformation” requests at the same time

When customizing a Magento 2 checkout to help you get a higher conversion rate, we design new solutions to make FireCheckout module the best Magento 2 one step checkout. For now, Fire Checkout includes 11 advanced modules: Address Autocomplete, Address Field Manager, Checkout Cart, Checkout Fields, Customer Field Manager, Delivery Date, GeoIp, Order Attachments, Subscribe at Checkout, Success Page, Checkout VAT.

So what are we talking about here? The new 1.13.0 release brings the updates to some of the modules.

Modules Updates

Checkout Cart:

  • Fixed possible js error at non-checkout pages
  • Allow using HTML entities in the product name (Like these: ® ©)
  • Improved customization abilities.

Subscribe at Checkout

  • Standard markup for checkbox element.

Making the checkout process completely smooth for your customers, you design your website for a better conversion rate. We all know this is a guaranteed way to increase sales.

Hope you like the awesome checkout ideas the new FireCheckout 1.13.0 release comes with. Give us your comments. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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