Customize Magento 2 checkout page to show notifications in a popup. A little bit of code.

Customize Magento 2 checkout page to show notifications in a popup. A little bit of code.

Are you wondering, is it possible to implement a custom popup message that appears at the initial checkout page load?

In case you haven't figure out the significance of popup at checkout, we'd like to share some thoughts with you today. In addition, we've come with new additional content type provided by FireCheckout 1.19.0 release.

Stick to the blog post. You will learn about one more way to drive users all the way to a conversion.

Why add popup notification?

Adding website pop-ups to your Magento 2 checkout page is like one more way to target users on specific products or services available in your store. It helps to improve the engagement with your customers when they just one step away from completing a purchase.

By creating popups at Magento 2 checkout, you will get different opportunities as:

  • Easy to interest customers with your website messaging that will boost them to complete the purchase or even double the order summary during the checkout process.
  • Easy to alert customers to any possible delays of holiday shipping hours before they input payment info.
  • Easy to provide important information regarding cross-sales, available payment methods, news for guest users, etc.

How to add a popup to Magento 2 checkout page?

With FireCheckout extension you get the expanding customization for your checkout page. To add any kind of information displayed in the pop-up window, you just need to create a CMS block and add some custom coding.

Since 1.19.0 release the FireCheckout module provides the “Intro Popup” settings in the Additional content section. After creating a static block, you can choose it in drop downs separately for guest and registered customers.

The module is perfectly documented. Using the Intro Popup use cases, you can get a ready-to-use code for the display of the CMS block content:

  • Cross-sell products
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Join our Community (mainly for guest customers)
  • Payment Methods Chooser


We'd like to ask your opinion about the new FireCheckout additional content option. Drop us a line in comments.

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