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Magento Community edition CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE
Magento Enterprise edition EE, EE, EE, EE, EE, EE
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Locales English

Helpdesk with built-in Knowledge Base

Version 1.7.5 Release notes

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If you’re looking for a complete help desk solution, you’ve got it. No more lost emails and forgotten answers. Helpmate extension is a next-level support request manager. It comes with completely clear and accessible interfaces which guarantee the quick response to a ticket. The module simplifies the workflow both for admin and for your customers. Now your customers can specify the priority of the issue, attach multiple files to the ticket and assign it to the specific department. The module comes with built-in Knowledgebase that will help your customers find an answer without sending a ticket.

Our help desk Magento extension development was focused on saving both yours and customers time through involving into quick and clear support service. Say No to the support through the e-mailing. Allow users to submit the tickets via the web interface, an email or a customer account. Provide them with helpful knowledge base articles based on already solved issues. Help your customers get quick help and keep in mind the positive user experience only. This way you will considerably reduce the number of support requests.

The Helpmate will also help your service staff to improve an assistance by closing the inactive tickets. Give your admins an additional time to make the support more outstanding for users who really need the support.