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M2 Full Page Cache Warmer

Version 1.0.21 Release notes

Website speed matters. Day by day there are new solutions created to boost the performance of your store. And caching is basic help for improving. However, along using the default Magento 2 cache you still need cache pre-loading. We suggest warming up a store cache with our module.

In that way, every newly created page or the updated page will be crawled immediately, so both Googlebot and store visitors see the page content faster.

The Full Page Cache Warmer extension timely warms up a store cache. It results in the fastest store for your customers and not only.

Our module will help you to:

  • Get better server resource usage
  • Make store pages loading faster
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Satisfy users with quick browser experience
  • Show customers the most relevant content
  • Restores your store cache automatically
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